Amicone Resubmits Budget; Asserts Urgent Action Required

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Amicone_Phil  YONKERS, NY, July 12, 2010 — With an urgent deadline looming and the city set to run out of cash, Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone resubmitted the 2011 budget to the City Council late on Monday calling for urgent action on its adoption.

The new budget includes a $36.4 million cut to the Yonkers Public School District caused by Governor David Paterson's veto of critical education monies. News of the cut to education funding was delivered by the district's superintendent on Saturday in special session to the City Council which then voted down the budget, sending it back to the mayor to make adjustments.

At 4:00 p.m. on Monday, the city's finance commissioner resubmitted the budget to the City Council with the necessary changes and informed the Council that it must adopt a final budget or else the city will soon run out of cash.

The city's fiscal year began on July 1 but no budget is yet in place because of severe delays in the final adoption of the state budget in Albany.

"As you know, the 2011 Fiscal Year has already begun; therefore this budget is already late, although due to circumstances beyond our control. …Please be advised that that the City's cash position is dangerously low and a budget must be adopted soon so the City can continue to operate," Finance Commissioner James LaPerche wrote in a budget memo to the City Council.

Late on Monday Mayor Amicone continued negotiations with several municipal unions including the Teamsters Union that represents public works and parks workers and both fire department unions in a last minute effort to bring back workers that were laid off nearly two weeks ago.

"I am still hopeful that we can come to agreements with the remaining unions that will realize enough savings to bring workers back and restore some of the services we had to cut. The agreement we were able to reach with both police unions shows that it can be done. But time is running out. Even so, I will be working until the last minute and I hope the union leadership will do the same," Mayor Amicone said.

Amicone also pressed for action by the City Council. "We have run out of time. Even while we are still talking to the unions, the Council must act so we can send out tax bills and begin to bring in the money we need to operate. Otherwise we'll run out of money and operations will be affected." 

Further updates on the Yonkers budget situation will be issued as they become available. 

SOURCE: David Simpson, Director of Communications, Office of the Mayor.

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eHeziAmicone Resubmits Budget; Asserts Urgent Action Required

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  1. if spano is bent on doing things the way they they have always been done: your idiot better think twice about being mayor.

  2. Atleast we can all agree that anon is a toolbox who doesn’t even live in yonkers. It should also be noted that anon is a slimy ambulance chaser, not a contract lawyer which is why he has no idea what the Taylor law says.

  3. They are pulling people from other departments because your lazy fat asses are calling in sick every day.
    You guys are pathetic and I hope they fire all of you.

  4. Oh yes it will work. It works everywhere else, it’e going to work here and no amount of bully, intimidation, and plain lies will not work. We are all fed up with your crap. It works in NYC, it can and will work here.
    Ask anyone in the neighborhoods and they tell you they only put trash cans out one a week or that they put out 1/4 filled cans 2 times a week. All unnecessary. It’s over grow up.

  5. Listen ANON… The only asshole on here right now is you! IF you had any of your facts straight you would know that they are pulling men from ALL departments too get the trash picked up because ONE DAY PICK-UP WILL NOT WORK!!! Now if you need the services from those departments well you are out of luck!! Now they have more trucks & men out there and they can’t keep up. OH and just for your information these men do not have to RUN through the routes to get done, they are not animals!!! Maybe you should remember that the next time you have a nasty remark!!!!! You don’t even live in Yonkers so why don’t you shut the hell up already with your lies!!!!

  6. Let me first disclose that I am not a member of any union. I am a taxpaying home owner who would like to see all services restored to normal. However, this mayor has flipped the bird not only to the unions, but to the taxpayers by refusing to make any cuts to the F&F club. To accuse the men of some sinister motives for calling in sick takes a lot of gall. How many sick days has Lopez taken? We are told when she chooses to come in, she spends her time on facebook or just takes off for Yankee Stadium. Let’s see a list of all the sick days for the whole crew on the second flr. including the mayor’s time on the golf course.
    Why is that parasite Al DelBello down here preaching to us? Al didn’t you do enough damage to Yonkers? Go back to Pound Ridge.

  7. Why don’t we all take our garbage up to 456’s Elmsford Headquarters and dump it there. Right at their front door.

  8. Whats Up?…. really? I have to check out news 12’s website…. this city is such a mess….. Im BEGGING my husband if we can just move far far away…. North Carolina would be nice…(who happens to be a Teamster, but he works everyday and has nothing to do with the garbage!!!) Anyway, I would just LOVE to know where the heck my daughter is going to school in September….a few months ago, i was pretty sure Pre-k was getting chopped, so I enrolled her in catholic school….. paid for registration, this fee, that fee..on and on…. then I got a letter from the BOE saying she was going to the school I ballotted for (i drive my kids to school, so I dont use bussing) so I called the BOE and asked if Pre-K was on…I was told, YES PRE-K WAS SAVED! ok…so I called the catholic school, told them thank you and Im sorry, she will be going to public.. and they said OK! BUT No Refunds! so i lost ALOT of money… gotta LOOOOOOOVE the church!! oh well… now this! So I called them back again, and the LOVELY woman on the phone at the church rectory told me, “oh your daughter can come here…. but you have to pay registration again” ugh!!!!!!! I just want to know where shes going… this is nuts… its July. I feel bad for the kids who’s parents dont drive…and they cant get to school. I am going to feel terrible if I see kids all over the streets trying to get to school… and also, I can afford catholic school (it will be tough, but i will do it) so my daughter will learn what she needs to in Pre-K….what happens to all the others who dont go to school in September… they will be so far behind in Kindergarten… This is all a mess…. NY in general needs to stop the stupid spending… stop HANDING out Medicaid, and welfare and unemployment… dont make it so easy to sit around and be lazy and pop a baby out every year. And Yonkers wastes and wastes…. how much did they spend on the stupid waterfront? Who needs it! Lets get our garbage picked up and lets take care of the schools….. Yonkers is on a fast track to GHETTO SLUM!

  9. Lots of worthless facts here…the NYS pension system has never changed since the control board was here. Many of us are Tier 4 in the pension system and its been around awhile. The control board wont limit overtime, in fact it will provide all of the essential services that Yonkers needs. The control board will oversee spending and regulate where/how its spent. It will not come in and clean house despite what people think. The control board may decide that taxes are too low and raise them higher since there are no political gains to be made. I am a sanitation worker and I made 62,000 last year. We make very little overtime and the only overtime we do make is during snow removal. If you dont believe it, just look up in Lohud’s database of salaries.

  10. its a disgrace that manzo wants the public to believe
    that all 48 call ins were legit..he is trying to
    cover for his union guys who are the first to complain
    about welfare recipients being on the dole..being
    the recipients of government largess..entitlements..but
    in essence these union deals are exactly the same thing
    a guaranteed amount of money regardless of the work involved..the time the hours ..this nonsense about others not putting in a full day because they are online or at the water fountain is a dullards argument
    they are at work ..and can’t leave while the dpw leaves
    after four hours and has all the time in the world to
    do other jobs for cash…it has to stop and stop it

  11. I was just watching snooze 12 and I see that the little lady eddie doyle was afraid to talk on camera, whats the matter, too busy learning your ABC’s and 123’s you friggen rim shot.
    You guys look like fools right now, they are calling in sick because they have heat exhaustion ?? Are you kidding me, see the way it works is, you get heat exhaustion by doind something in the heat so if they are calling in sick on a tuesday morning that means they would have been doing something monday night to have heat exhaustion.

  12. I realize that the Mayor’s extraordinary lack of leadership has created this situation…believe me I do. I’ve been talking about how ineffective he is for years.
    But I am now a Yonkers taxpayer who has not had his garbage collected in more than 2 weeks and frankly I don’t care what the 456 guys have to say at this point.
    If you want sympathy from people, do what you’re paid to do…just like the rest of us have to at our jobs.
    Stop with the insults…the challenges…the work slowdowns. Nobody said this is fair and there will be an opportunity in the future to continue the fight.
    In the meantime, do what you’re supposed to do…or quit and let us get people who are willing to work.
    You guys are doing more to engender support for Amicone than anything he has done since he took office.

  13. News 12 reported Governor Paterson gives Comptroller okay to include $36 million and City Council will meet tomorrow,time?

  14. personally, as a tax payer, I have no problem with cops or fireman making some decent money to take care of their family in 2010. If they want to have the traditional family they need the income to allow a wife to stay at home with the kids so they dont grow up to be messes in their adult lives. the padding issue is different and needs to be addressed or the state/country goes broke. simple.
    On the other hand i have a huge problem with people in the mayors office taking bullshit “title” jobs that allow them to do nothing 365 days a year and get to run around like they are so busy doing “work” for the city. A GIANT HEAPING TURN OF SHIT DOES MORE WORK THAT THE MAYORS OFFICE!
    I never knew Yonkers had so many worthless people like the Sansones and Pintos…worthless humans with no skill other than being “cousins” or pestering the Mayor for him to buy you off.
    In essense, this is what Yonkers is all about

  15. Never heard one union member not like a development project in Yonkers. Actually these union goons were always there supporting these projects, despite the fact they’ll never bring in a dime in our lifetime to Yonks. But then again they were only looking for more jobs and money, and not the right thing.
    Many of these unions jobs pay scales are way out of wack and just like the stock market, the housing market need a correction, and here it is. Don’t get me wrong the Mayor is where the buck stops, but it’s time you all stopped your whining and helped keep your fellow workers with a salary reduction. Hard working I’d be very careful using that word in a sentence with public unions and municipal workers.

  16. Why is this all being laid at the feet of the unions? The mayor has mismanaged this city from the word go, he gave away deals to developers. These deals were worth pennies on the dollar. The city was taken advantage of by these developers. While it is true the unions were in support of development, we were not in support of irresponsible development. Every city needs to develop or else it will die. The irresponsible dealmaking that the mayor has encouraged under his administration has led to this current state of affairs. The unions look for development, to increase positions within our unions that will come with the increased workload. What is wrong with that, trying for job security for our members. We are trying to keep our current salaries and benefits stable, the mayor on the other hand is looking to raise your taxes and decimate your essential services. The mayor has yet to make any cuts in his administration, actually adding 2 positions in his recent revision of the budget. We all know that any cuts that he could impose in City Hall will not solve the problem. We get it, but wouldn’t it show some real leadership? I think that this city is screaming for REAL LEADERSHIP, this guy just does not have it. I think the citizens should be demanding that the mayor make these necessary cuts to his staff, however symbolic they may be. When the unions actually see that he gets it and starts leading, then we will follow. LEAD BY EXAMPLE, it is just that simple. Please, if you are unwilling or unable, then please step out of the way. I believe the hard working men and women of this fine city would be much better off with actual leadership in City Hall.


  18. The attitude displayed by the union members is shocking it is obvious they only care about themselves. It’s about their contract, their benefits and they are not giving up any of it, Yonkers be dammed.
    The Mayor is an idiot, we get it, now you get over it.
    You are still overpaid and selfish because you won’t take pay cuts like everyone else in the real world. Get off your high union horses.
    By the way as every day goes by and no garbage is picked up..almost two weeks where I live…do you think the people of the city support you?
    Maybe they think you ares selfish and lazy?
    Just sayin?

  19. Maybe calling in sick is what they have to do to get this mutt of a mayor’s attention. The man is a mental case. Just take a look at the eyes. Greed can turn a person into a mad man.

  20. HAY anonymous just because your MOTHER,SISTER,WIFE & KIDS are all on there knees You want 456 on there knees NOT IN YOUR INSIGNIFICANT WORTHLESS LIFE!!!!

  21. News 12 is reporting that 40 DPW workers called in sick today. So much for not taking a job action. Since the union likes to play their little games, and refuses to cooperate, I say fire them all. Contract out with private carting. The garbage will be removed, promptly and at half the cost. Time to bring 456 to their knees, we dont need them.

  22. this time isn’t last time..last time around with
    the control board you didn’t have the pension padding didn’t have the political contracts and
    the public sector wasn’t making more than the private
    sector..the state wasn’t on the verge of bankruptcy
    and you didn’t have the greatest recession since
    the 1930’s…good luck

  23. You are confusing the issues…the mayor’s cuts
    are not going to solve the problem whether or not
    they are significant..but they are necessary in order
    to make the argument that others have to cut as well

  24. I’m glad you wnat a control board too…but don’t be so sure you’ll get raises…
    The last time we had a Control Board, the DPW didn’t make $85K a year and have a rich pension program.
    So I wouldn’t be so smug…
    By the way, what will it take to have our garbage picked up once a week?

  25. Nothing much to say here…
    All this idiot Mayor has to do is read any 10 posts on this board and he will be able to figure out what to do.
    But he won’t.
    Does anyone know if he kept the transportation cuts in today’s budget submission? If he did, it’s probably illegal…so, we’ll have another lawsuit.
    How much did the IDA make from the new low income housing project on Riverdale Ave?

  26. I can damn well read, and you clearly believe that cuts in the mayor’s staff are not significant money wise. They are. Had he made the cuts two yrs. ago when it was clear that the whole country was going into financial crisis, we would a least have some breathing room. Instead he hunkered down in his bunker, held his breath and actually said, “this is MY city and I will do as I please.” Where were you then? We all know, shilling for him and his development schemes on the site.

  27. two years ago that would have been the thing to do. it’s too late to expect this mayor to lift a finger.
    anyone who believes otherwise after 7 years of the same moronic nonsense of one failed policy or scam after another should have their head examined.
    the whole budget issue needs to be taken out of the maypor’s hands. He hasn’t acted responsibly and he isn’t about to start now.
    the council needs to demand the cuts that Joan and others have been putting forward for years now.
    if they dare raise taxes they will have a huge problem on their hands.
    Yonkers needs to rethink it’s strong mayoral government and the council needs to be pressed to act on it. It carefully doesn’t work.

  28. Heah anon just let the mayor come into my union Office and DEMAND I open up my contract. Heah asshole let me tell u for the last time. Read slowly so you understand this ” we welcome the control board. We got raises last time the came down. We having nothing to hide “. Please please please send in the control board. Check your facts you idiot before you post. He’ll they might even say we are understaffed. P.s. They also will raise your taxes again. They also did that. Party in my union office when they come down.

  29. Blah, blah, blah over and over again. As posted above, Lopez, Peterson, Sansone, Pinto’s salaries add up to more than a few rookie cops, fireman and DPW workers. The drops in the proverbial bucket become significant. So please stop with the erroneous mantra that it does not save “a whole hell of a lot of money.” This conduct by the mayor should be investigated by a higher authority. So please stop shilling for this guy. Don’t you have your own problems with Feiner? Would you like us to shill for him? I doubt it.

  30. there are two issues is the tone set by
    the mayor and his ability to provide the necessary
    leadership this city needs in a time of crisis and whether or not the unions recognize that
    it is far better to take across the board salary
    cuts than to play chicken with the mayor and invite
    a control board or worse a municipal bankruptcy.
    first the doubt cutting his own staff
    about 100 strong would not save a whole hell of lot
    of money but it would send a message to the unions
    and more importantly to the general public that
    times are tough and that the mayor is stepping up
    to the plate…he is term limited and from a political
    point of view there is no obligation to protect his
    personal staff..however they should realize and he
    should too that his largess has allowed them to draw
    six figure salaries for a lot of years and that they
    owe it to him to back him up by taking a 5-10%
    salary cut..then the cars have to be jetisoned regardless of whether or not they save any money
    this is no time for perks…now once that is done
    the mayor has clean hands and he can demand that the
    unions do the right fact as a term limited
    mayor he can threaten to ask for a control board with
    the power to open the contracts if they fail to answer
    the call to pitch in…if the mayor does the right
    thing first regarding his own house..he will have
    the moral authority to ask others to do the same..

  31. Sounds like the only way out.
    Rumor has it that John $pender
    is looking to run for mayor again.
    If the idiots in this city buy his
    line of bu** Sh** again, we will
    find ourselves in the same mess.
    He started the fire and Amicone
    threw gasoline on it.

  32. Dozen Do-NUTS Move you are a pice of garbage you have never worked a day in your would like to burn all contracts as the City Garbage piles up fires rage and shots are fired the City is going down fast. WE MUST get a control Board NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Declare Chapter 9 bankruptcy and be done with this. Municipal bankruptcy is the only way out of this mess (and not just for Yonkers). The courts would nullify union contracts and start from a clean slate. In the mean time the city would run pertinent to court order. It’s the only way. A business in this position would not think twice.

  34. Dennis Sheppered is a mummy. Lesnick is some inbred looking hermaphodite, and Mcdow is a lard ass with no brain in her pear shaped body. They need to be removed for a better tommorow in Yonkers

  35. Called MR Shepherd’s office on 07/13/10 several times between 0800 hr and 1000 hrs with no answer. I called again at 1015 hrs and finally got a recording concerning the garbage p/u-despite the fact that FRIDAY,s P/U is still sitting there on TUESDAY-the sad part is that the cowards in his office like their leader refuse to answer the phone yet they rush to p/u their political paycheck.

  36. to those who say cuts to the mayor’s office, phones, cars, etc is only a drop in the bucket…that may be true, but it would: 1) undercut the union argument that the mayor hasn’t cut anything and 2) would make me feel like the mayor is sharing in the pain as i ante up another 4% + property tax increase plus likely 5% income tax increase.
    It is always poo pooed as no big deal, nothing to see here. if that is true, make some cuts…its no big deal.
    If we are truly working under an austerity budget, what exactly has been cut from City Hall, the Mayor’s office, city council office, etc…

  37. NO anon! Morons elect politicians is clearly angry and frustrated like the rest of us who reside in this ” City of Gracious Living” The mental incompetent is on the 2nd. flr. in “city haul.”

  38. Between Lopez and Peterson you have about 200,000. That is more than enough to fund a couple of rookie cops, firemen or DPW workers. Multiply that by the other parasites we know are down at “city haul” and the drops in the bucket become pretty significant. So PUH-LEEZ stop shilling for this MAYOR. OK!
    “A million here and a million there, and pretty soon we’re talking real money.”
    Sen. Everett Dirksen

  39. 1.99 you fool! It takes drops to fill a bucket, If savings of ONLY a few Million is not worth it to you cut me a check! We are about to take another bond (800,000) to pay for this clowns corruption. More of our tax money spent because of corruption. If it was the clowns money do you think this would be going on?? Joan is the one person who has been ligit! Try to think how hard it is standing alone in a roon full of thieves!!!!!

  40. We will never give anything back. Do u really think I care what 1.99 donuts thinks. He has no idea how governments are run. You are the moron that went into the booth not once but twice and elected Amicone, Lesnick, Mcdow, murtagh. Etc. These are the people that YOU choose to represent you. My union leaders represent me and I think they are doing a great job. 800,000 dollar empty parking lot on Lockwood Ave , built shit water front, another empty parking garage down on the water front. What the fuck do the unions have to do w the disaster you call a water front 80% of the stores are empty and 50% of the apartments are empty. We all know the list goes on and on. You see we welcome the control board. We welcome the control board. We welcome the control board You can sit on this website every 10 minutes and blame the Unions but we have nothing to hide. I just can’t wait which jackass you morons vote in next. You see you can blame the politicians all u want but you are the idiots who keep voting them In. Union and proud of it.

  41. After Sept. 2008. Mayor Bloomberg led by example and made significant cuts to the budget. As a result, he was able to retain the staff need to provided the necessary services. That is what a responsible leader does in a time of crisis. Our guy gave his dept. heads retro raises. He continued to feed his dreams & schemes with our money as well as borrowed money. He is playing a game of chicken with the unions. It is an outrage and an insult to the hardworking people of this city.

  42. It looks like everything I was going to say was said except:
    Hey, Mr. Mayor, it’s Tuesday. If your not doing anything today, could you swing by Lockwood Ave & pick up my garbage – thanks.

  43. You the first one making sense. As I read on this blog a long time ago, the entire budget for the Mayor’s office is a couple of million. Add in the cars, the cells, the perks and what do you save- even you were to cut the entire Mayor’s payroll? A couple of million. What do we NEED to save? Scores of millions. Yes, cut back on the patronage, cars and all that- but we still have a huge way to go. And I don’t know where all that money is going to come from.

  44. For your information a-hole,the garbagemen already gave up money ( the raise that they are intitled too)to save the jobs of the men that got layed off anyway!! So why should they give up anything else! The mayor has not shown ANY good faith move by cutting anything in his administation as of yet!! SO screw the mayor,let see him put his own money where his mouth is!!!!!!!And as for fat lazy jerks, Your name is dozen donuts 1.99? Is that YOUR meal of choice??? You must eat your fair share or dont you work, maybe just hang around and eat donuts????

  45. look – amicone should cut staff in his office, get rid of the cars, etc, no question. But at this point, they are symbolic cuts. they are a drop in the bucket. The unions are using them as an “excuse” for not cutting anything.
    Its a bunch of bull. They have no intention of cutting even if the mayor did the cuts that he should. All of you keep getting sucked in by this.
    If the unions really cared about the citizens of Yonkers, and were MEN, they would step up and humiliate the Mayor by offering substantive (and I mean real cuts, not $1 mil), and make him look like a fool. But they have not done that, and they wont. The union bosses have it fat and easy, and they will bring the city to its knees before they give up one dime. What the Mayor does is irrelevant. Its all about their money and power.
    Again, the Mayor should have gotten rid of the cars years ago. He is brain dead on this issue, I dont know why. He should be taking the lead in cuts including his own salary. Its all symbolic, but symbolism in times of crises is important. Nonetheless, the unions are using this as an excuss is totally wrong.
    The longer they hold out and refuse to step up, the more the average Joe in the city hates them. The non-union average guy has suffered layoffs, major paycuts, no pensions, no paid health care, and has little sympathy for the fat garbagemen who were seen eating donuts on Bronx River Rd on Friday when they should have been picking up garbage, or releasing rats in the council chamber in front of little children etc.
    The more the unions refuse to open their contracts the more the average Joe turns against them. I think most union guys get this, but their boses control them because there is too much money and power at stake.
    its time the Citizens of Yonkers take their City back.
    And garbagemen, stop stuffing your faces, its been almost two weeks, pick up my garbage you lazy bums. Your “its a new route and my back hurts” routine is getting old. Your can eat donuts, you can pick up my garbage. Fat lazy jerks.

  46. The only good idea that I heard today is STOPPING THE BUSSING !!!!

  47. The 5% meathead keeps talking about the unions giving back. Not one word from him about reducing the mayor’s patronage mill.

  48. If the City Council approves a budget that does not restore services or raises taxes–their carreers will be finished.
    this city would barely function with all the money in the world. i say let the deadline pass and let Yonkers run out of money. send everyone home and start again.
    its time to dismantle this corrupt place once and for all.

  49. This is the usual slight of hand. Quick you need to pass this or else. It’s like Pierorazio appearing at the council on saturday claiming the sky is falling. It’s always last minute. Hey! Amicone how much in taxbreaks did you give away at last weeks un-noticed IDA meeting? Was that also a quick we’d better vote for this or else.
    This City is one big scam after another. Everything is done last minute as they do this on purpose. It’s part of the scam.

  50. the mayor is tone deaf..cut your political hirees
    salarees..get rid of the cars..and set the bar
    otherwise you are simply a beurocrat in the guise
    of a political leader

  51. How about some urgent action from you Mr. Mayor. You have not woken up since first elected. How about imposing a 10% paycut across the board, starting with yourself.
    Oh! we all know you won’t because you are not a leader, never have been and never will. Your a joke like everything else in this shitty little town.

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