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IMCob_surveillanceThe first season of “Sleepy Hollow Survivor” is over and it appears that José Quinoy will be named winner.  Tribal members who saw their torches extinguished include Gabe Hayes Jr., Colleen Hayes, Michael Hayes, and the mistress of all deceit, village attorney Janet Gandolfo.  Consolation prizes are awarded to acting Police Chief John Kapica and the members of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department; may they finally be able to heal and move forward with protecting the residents of this village.  A special consolation prize will be awarded to Lt. Frank Hrotkó who has successfully retained his integrity while being publicly humiliated, and professionally stunted  by a power crazed woman who masquerades as not only a village attorney, a private attorney, and the Chair of the Mt. Pleasant Democratic Committee, but in reality is nothing more than a dangerous banshee.  While the details of this case focused on the travails of  José Quinoy and the escapades of the Hayes family, little has been said about the individual who it appears set it all in motion…Janet Gandolfo.

Ms. Gandolfo is by all accounts the only individual who decides which members of the Friends and Family Network are to be hired, promoted, or fired.  She’s been the chief power broker in Sleepy Hollow for decades and its time to call her out on it.    Serving in capacities that have included being elected mayor, to her current position as village attorney, Ms. Gandolfo has earned the not so affectionate nickname of “Big Momma”.   While the above aforementioned may or may not be within the limits of the law, her actions give the words “backroom conspiracy” new meaning.

What makes a person behave in this uncouth and certainly unladylike manner?  One word, “Power”!  It’s more seductive than money or lust and the one vice that seems to befall all career politicians, be they small town potatoes like Gandolfo, or federal bigwigs in Washington, D.C..  Like pitbulls, once they get that taste of blood they continue to come back for more.  Such is the way with backroom deals and threats. It does not matter if it is a police officer, DPW worker, mayor or village trustee. Once you have gone for blood with one of them, you will go for it again and again.  

But a funny thing has been happening across Sleepy Hollow, Westchester, New York andAmerica, people are starting to stand up to political bullying.  In the realm of politics we call it transparent government. We have elected you to serve us; all of us. As the village attorney, you are held in the highest regard to protect our rights and safety .  Ms. Gandolfo is not there to publicly scream at and humiliate a police lieutenant during a haunted hayride which was supposed to spotlight the village’s rich literary history. She is not there to do a favor and cover for the Hayes family in their unending quest to harass former Mayor Zegerelli.  She is not there to have police officers set up and be dismissed at a whim.  Depite it having worked before, it ain’t gonna happen again!  Ms. Gandolfo’s responsibility  is  to indemnify the village from unnecessary law suits not sneakily promote them.

The people of Sleepy Hollow deserve so much more than this sort of behavior.  Perhaps its time for a new set of Feds to come back to the Hollow to investigate her.  Maybe she can explain why the renovation plans for her  home have mysteriously disappeared from the building department.  Then maybe she can explain why she has been issued a certificate of occupancy when code work has clearly not been done.  Maybe she can explain why the good people of Sleepy Hollow must follow protocol, rules and laws but she doesn’t have to.  There are just so many unanswered questions.   

In the end, nothing good came from this case.  The Quinoy and Gomez families have been shredded to pieces.   Ms. Gandolfo’s protégé, Officer Cotalero will never become chief because Detective Quinoy scored first on the test for chief.  Lt.Hrotkó learned the painful lesson about being lied to and then left behind by a politician to whom he was loyal.  Michael Hayes will never be looked at the same way by his colleagues at the police department. He may have been sold a line of “Bull pucky" about halting corruption by wearing a wire but ended up being smack dab in the middle of it.  The prosecution and the FBI looked like the proverbial Keystone Cops and the people of Sleepy Hollow are just plain embarrassed by it all.

Acid-tongued bloggers often wonder what Mayor Ken Wray thinks about his village and the never ending drama within its administration.  We will continue to check back with this fair village from time to time to see how they’re doing.   I guess the only advice I would give all of them comes straight from “Survivor” itself. Outwit, outlast, outplay.

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eHeziAnd The Winner Is…Sleepy Hollow BY I.M. COB

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  1. YonkersJoe. No flag wavin here. Got to be a sad case when the judge tells the jury that Hayes filed false police report (makes him a liar) and judge then says that FBI Pena lied about the missing tape (makes her and the Feds liars). Quinny beat this FBI team 3X. I am enjoyin the summer in peace. Reasonable doubt brought to you by liars. Peace out.

  2. blingster I hear ya dude but wavin the flag for a bad guy is really not the way to go. I mean how do you know who’s lying and tellin the truth I don’t know the politics in that town but i’m sure it’s the same there as it is here in Yonkers it’s not what you know it’s who you know.
    callin people liars is hear say unless you were there and know really happened i’d say hey, whhat really is the truth. The FBI has to handle this on thier own it’s pretty embarring for them this guy Quinn beat them twice. Chill out and peace

  3. Bro YonkersJoe. Know the guy but not really a friend. Just hate seeing liars get away with stuff like this and our government making it worst. Good cops or bad cops but we pay these guys! The Feds let the crazies and corrupt Big Momma run this car off the cliff. Hayes bad people $ucking the Holla dry. AND what about Pena? Time for the good Feds to investigete bad Feds !!! Amen!

  4. Blingster I hear ya my brother but from what i was seeing in the papers the testimony on both side was a little shaky. I hear ya about the reasonable doubt and it’s the crazies that always get these guys in trouble. I understand you seem like you are a good friend to this cop. Loyal friends like you sometimes are hard to find.. keep the faith let’s see what the feds do with the tasered up dude I mean someone beat and tasered that guy way beyond a reasonable doubt.. peace out.

  5. Hey Joey Yonkers ! It’s called “reasonable doubt”. The system works cause you are innocent until found guilty. Reasonable doubt is big time here. Look at the crazies on the stand. Karas had to tell the jury that Hayes and FBI agent Pena lied during all this stuff. Did everyone lie??? who knows. Reasonable doubt tossed the Fed’s cookies on this one. Gomez was had by our own government OUT OF CONTROL !!!

  6. I don’t know how anyone can say that the system worked when everyone is saying this ones lying that ones lying and the other is lying and big momma is behind it all with this Hayes family?
    The system didn’t work. Not if they are all lying.

  7. Love this country. I do too and the system cause the system worked in the face of Fed CORRUPTION and local CORRUPTION. Good cops Bad Cops but the legal system got beat up but did work thanks to Judge Karas. We should be thankful. Only 1 jurer voted to convict out of 3 charges. That is what says a lot. Hayes are liars and takers. Mikey Hayes and Big Momma can now sit and wait for charges to come. Pena? she was seen in northern Alaska patrolling the border for illegal polar bears from Russia. I.M. COB, great job but there is so much more about the axis of evil of the Hayes and Gandolfo administration. Mayor Wray is only the caretaker.

  8. This is truly an amazing story. but what did we learn from this? well the faith in the jury system has to be considered what were these people thinking? and why? It’s ok for cops to to bully retards and set people up to arrest them, cheat on your wife fool around with your neighbors daughter then beat her father and mother. tazer people uncontrolably and smack them around because they didn’t conform to your liking. It’s Ok to do these things and involve innocent bystanders in your follies.
    Be it your brother cops,regular town folks It’s funny to see how a cop out of control now becomes the symbol for the opressed and railroaded. This guy cost a lot of people money grief and pain. the guy admitted on the stand he locked someone up for no real reason other than to cover his ass.
    Friends theres something wrong with the system.

  9. The Feds keep trying but keep striking out … and do you know why ?? Because there is no systemic police brutality in Westchester !!!! The feds were brought here by the NAACP and the ACLU , two groups who wouldn’t know right from wrong if it bit them …… While the crime rate soars, morons in these special interest groups keep trying to blame the cops… you tried and you failed now move on ………

  10. Aces man, aces! this same group controls Gannett and get us knocked off our blogs. Thank G*D you know and wirte what is going on. You hit it on the head. Gandolfo runs the Holla. She got her house done on the “cheap” if you know what I mean. Mayor Kenny and his klowns don’t have a klue cause they all listen to Big Momma. The Hayes are sucking the Holla dry. When will charges come up on Mikey. Someone should challenge the old man’s pension. The ambulance corp is there pet bank account …

  11. The FBI should stop trying to railroad a westchester cop. Their cases are so weak every time. Now I hope this FBI agent who purgered herself and destroyed evidence loses her job and is sent to federal prison. They are so eager to convict a cop, they lie, destroy evidence and make up stories, AND THEY STILL CAN NOT GET A CONVICTION!!. This has got to stop!

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