Petrone’s Clones Return to the Yonkers Board of Education with Petrone Soon to Follow BY HEZI ARIS

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Exclusive to the Yonkers Tribune

Bernard Pierorazio succeeded Angelo Petrone as Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent.

YONKERS, NY — July 9, 2010 — Psst, psst! It’s all hush, hush; don’t anyone say a word. did you hear that Camille Wieland, secretary to disgraced former Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Angelo Petrone and prior to that at Yonkers High School has returned to take a position in the Personnel Department of the Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE). 

Acid-tongued bloggers advise she will soon be joined by her former daughter-in-law Donna Wieland, now divorced from her son, in the Personnel Department.

This personnel change has been made to accommodate Angelo Petrone’s control over personnel hires at the Board of Education. Expect Mr Petrone on the scene sooner than later. 

Mr Petrone will serve at the pleasure of Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone.

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eHeziPetrone’s Clones Return to the Yonkers Board of Education with Petrone Soon to Follow BY HEZI ARIS

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  1. BRAVO!!!!!!! This is the sentiment of the entire district. When have fallen to this chaotic state because Pierorazio is a wimp. The workers are just as incompetent as Constantino who Pierorazio chose. Camille is an excellent come back for central office but I doubt Pierorazio asked for her. She’s too competent it’s not his style. He surrounds himself with stupid people so they won’t realize how stupid he really is. It’s safe for him.

  2. OK now I have had enough of this nonsense. I have a few things that will not go unsaid:
    First of all, we all know that Camille Wieland is probably the most qualified person in this district to take the job in personnel. All the haters who have
    complained about her being there are useless. Like Sheila Mueller, who all she knows how to do is chat with various co-workers at their cubicles. Then there is Ruth Leech, who all she knows how to do is flood outlook mailboxes with junk mail e-mails. Then there is Connie DiMaggio, who is dumber than dumb but continues to thrive. Then there is Joan Sivulich,
    who is just an all around nasty person. All you haters, grow the heck up. I hope you get back alot of this negative energy you waste on hating other people.
    Now moving on to Donna Boss and who SHE had to bend over for. Let’s speak about Christina Jarufe. She has bent over for Jim Henderson, Joe Bracchita and who knows who else. Someone needs to research all of her non exempt positions that she has held to find out more about how she has obtained them.
    Never judge a man before you have walked a mile in his shoes. Oh and Mr. Pierorazio, you need to grow some balls.

  3. it is unfortunate that anyone had to be laid off b/c of the terrrible management of this city but to talk about others in the manner that you did speaks volumes about your character. negatvie things come to negative people. think about now we are all supposed to feel sorry over your sob story as you insult others? sounds like you are behaving in the same manner that you just complained about. you know nothing of other struggles and hardships and you should take your frustration out on the people who put you on the unemployment line. and remember you dont have to listen to anyone say anything…walk away and worry about your own life and if you have such a problem with someone maybe you should address it rather than anonymously posting hurtful comments about another. how much better are you complaining on the internet that you had to listen to someone complain while you were being laid off? you are not the only one in that boat…

  4. I typed a whole long paragraph about how I was laid off and had to listen to Donna complain about how hard it will be and how horrible everything is, (when she was bumped and I was laid off) but it didn’t post…..

  5. Do you realize you are talking about another human being. You just have no soul and you will suffer pains in your life far beyond what Donna has.People like you, vicious people, always get what they deserve. And furthermore, I hope that there are fake people all around you that smile in your face every day, that are there to witness and mock you when you are down.
    I bet you know all about having a sad miserable life. Its obvious from your post. I also expect that you will probably respond with something even more rude, hurtful and ignorant than your original post. Dont expect to hear back from me, as I am not nterested in a war of words. I just wanted you to know that guaranteed, your pathetic self is far more hated than anyone you hate on.
    FYI this is NOT DONNA BOSS

  6. The YPS website is used as a spinning tool to lie to the public. It claims the children will have to pay for trips. There hasn’t been a free trip in 8 years for our students. He’s claiming the schools won’t have a support team (guidance and pychologist). Which elementary prek-6 schools had full time support services in Yonkers…….zero. His cuts are bogus. You will need to ask prek parents to pay for prek. Nothing is free in the burbs

  7. If his pension was based on achievements he would be doing much better and so would the BOE. How about no pension unless you fix the system. That would make him work.

  8. @abc… you must NOT work in central office and if you do you ARE DONNA BOSS. She walks around all day talking about her poor sad hard life and accomplishes nothing. She isn’t needed. She’s a waste of a grade 10 (now grade 8) position.
    There is so much wasted in yonkers, BP should think about what he is doing and try to get rid of the dead weight, NOT the hard working people he did.

  9. Union Members can not walkout. We have to abide my the Taylor Law we can not strike nor take any job action if we do the City will hit us for 2 days pay for every day we are out. The unions have tried to help the City and we have given back but the Mayor has to start taking responsibilty for his mismanagement of this City.

  10. I work in central office and I can tell you that Donna is one of the best workers. The problem here is that she makes many of her colleagues look incompetent. Before she took over inventory, it was a mess.Remember the missing skeletons???? She has coordinated all the YPS inventory. Kudos to Donna Boss the rest of the workers are retired on the job.

  11. We wont get a control board until sometime after the new governor is installed, the current governor doesnt give a crap about yonkers because of their past spending practices. The city may go bankrupt before that happens. If you think this budget is bad, you better hang onto your jock straps because next year is going to be worse.

  12. Amicone can not continue to support the worst graduation rates in the county. Yonkers High School their flagship school, Pierorazio has dumped all the failing programs in that once called academic high school. They ranked 31 this year they dropped to 132 in the country. Buffalo has better schools posting in the 10th position nationwide. The preK-8 concept is a failure.The concept has given us overcrowded elementary schools and an abundance of high schools. You just have to look at the educational leaders and you can see why this district has failed since Pierorazio. The man is clueless and Mr. Constantino his chief academic officer is clueless.

  13. as a taxpayer i agree
    the unions should stand their ground and force this stupid mayor and city council to open an honest and clear discussion.
    and then all the unions need to be willing to negotiate.
    i would support-and i bet many would support a union walkout if this were to happen.
    but by their inaction – it looks like Amicone and the Council are doing everything they can to force a control board on the city and escape responsibility for this mess.
    as always in Yonkers, fingers will be pointing in all directions but this time– thankfully– several political careers will come to an end.
    so… do what you all do best: grab all you can boys and girls. this train has run out of track. a control board will be here.

  14. If I were a union worker in Yonkers, I would tell the city to scratch my you know what! With all the corruption and giveaways to developers and hiring of friends and family why would anybody give back anything. Sorry if it would affect the taxpayer, but if givebacks were approved by the unions, this imbecile of a mayor would only find a way to add more friends to the club.

  15. Mr. Doey,
    Everyone has jumped ship at the BOE. Camille is an exceptional worker and Mr Petrone ran a tight ship. It was Petrone who was able to get 2 years of zero percent raises for all 3 unions. Pierorazio is a wimp when it comes to unions. He has lost control of administrators, teachers and central office. I guess it’s called chaos at the BOE. If this is Amicone’s doing, he’s finally on the right track.

  16. they still don’t get the fact we are in a fiscal crisis…how would you expect these geniuses to teach kids anything
    corruption central

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