Assemblyman Spano: Independent Forensic Audit of MTA Needed

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Spano_Mike ALBANY, NY, July 28, 2010 — “Once again the MTA is placing their financial mismanagement on the backs of the hardworking people of Yonkers. The MTA needs to look from within before increasing the tolls and fares. Just last year the MTA not only increased fares and tolls but also reduced services, which placed further burden on all those who use the system. I continue to call for an independent forensic audit of the MTA – which I have introduced legislation to conduct (A.8362) – so that we can bring some accountability and transparency to this process. The MTA is out of control and we can no longer afford it.”

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eHeziAssemblyman Spano: Independent Forensic Audit of MTA Needed

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  1. let’s talk about the poll….more than 50% of
    voters saying they will vote out their public
    officials does not translate into defeat for a
    specific legislator…because the question is
    way too generic..if the poll asked if the election
    were held today and mike spano was your assemblyman
    would you vote to throw him out..that would be
    totally different..its the old I hate the congress
    but i keep voting for my congressman…this year
    mike spano may indeed lose..but considering
    the size of his assemblydistric and considering
    his personal popularity in that district I wouldnt
    bet on it based on the 10 or so people that
    post on this blog…as for stewart cousins that
    would be a totally different story..

  2. Even though he’s pandering he’s right on this. Here’s a few places to start:
    Conductors making more than $100k:
    The MTA trucks and the gas that they use and the amount of “workers” driving all around the metro area. It;s a small fortune.
    Then there’s the “track” workers at the weekend sleeping in these trucks for hours on end. If you look, and it’s not that hard you’ll find this. I have seen it every day.
    The “go slow” on the metro north right now.Passengers paying $200 a month to get treated like crap.
    The garbage at each town should be picked up by their DPW. This would have no effect on these jobs in Yonkers as our garbage workers only work a half day.
    Look at the fleet of trucks. They have more cars and trucks than they do train cars. This is scary.
    The most scary part of all of this is when all of th ewastea and abuses are found nothing will be done about it because they are all in bed together. Scary.

  3. Mike: according to the latest Quinnipiac poll, more then 50% of the voters ask, say they will vote OUT their lawmakers in Albany.(Gee, I wonder why?)Also I don’t know who’s worst, you or Chuck Schumer!, you seem to be following in his footsteps. lately all your post either on Facebook or here, your grabbing headlines. like the MTA, or Education Federal fund. maybe you should hold a weekly press conference! Stop patting yourself on the back!. I agree with one post , maybe there should be a Audit of the Spano’s. maybe you will be the next Charles Rangel!!!!

  4. What we really need is an independent audit of Spano Inc. and its years of profiting at the public trough, while putting out stupid press releases like this one.
    Hopefully, the Feds are nearing the completion of that Audit.
    Hopefully they will hand out the awards at the end of the audit, those awards being known as indictments.

  5. Looks like Mike S. is alive…Just go back to sleep…Mary makes enough for your family to survive..END YOUR 16 YEARS IN ALBANY…

  6. Oh look, spaNO has awoken from his July sleep becuause he had to be in Albany today (all expenses paid of course).
    What do the people get? A Pandertorial. Gee Mikey, no budget – the Senate and Assembly did absolutely nothing tonight as expected, but you have the time to spew the obvious.
    The MTA has been out of control for years. Where have you been in NON ELECTION YEARS? Why is it you only speak when you are up for election BABY NICK?
    Actually BABY NICK is a good name for you, becuase clearly you listen to him as your pandering is JUST LIKE BIG BRO’s.

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