BREAKING NEWS: City, Teamsters Reach Agreement to Restore 2-Day Garbage Pick-up

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YonkersCity_SealYONKERS, NY, July 16, 2010 — Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone and Teamsters Local 456 Union President Edward Doyle, Jr. announced a tentative agreement late tonight that will bring back 33 laid off city workers allowing the citywide restoration of two-day per week garbage pick-up for residential customers in Yonkers beginning on Monday, July 19, 2010. 

A $109 million budget deficit exacerbated by state funding cuts, the economic recession, and a lack of forward planning caused the city to institute a broad range of last minute service cuts and layoff of 145 city workers on July 1, the beginning of the city's fiscal year. 

The budget cuts included moving from two-day per week garbage pick-up down to one-day and laying off 44 Teamsters, most of whom were sanitation workers in the Department of Public Works

In the deal announced Friday, 33 of the 44 Teamsters would be rehired immediately. The job restorations would be partially paid for by a contingency fund appropriated in the city's Fiscal Year 2011 budget that was adopted on Wednesday by the Yonkers City Council and approved by the mayor on Thursday. 

Contractual savings proposed by the Teamsters Union including union welfare benefit fund and federal FICA payments would produce enough savings to pay for the rest of the job restorations. 

The agreement must still be ratified by the union's membership. A vote is expected to be held on Tuesday.

"This has been an incredibly trying budget process for everyone, especially for the laid-off workers and their families and for the residents of Yonkers who have had to endure service cuts. Today's agreement will bring back most of the Teamsters jobs that were eliminated with the expectation of bringing back the rest very soon due to the early retirement program. It was a tough negotiation that involved concessions on both sides and asking our taxpayers to pay a little more. But the leadership shown by union President Eddie Doyle, Jr., in his attempt to bring back the jobs of his members helped make this deal possible. I want to thank him for his concerted efforts," Mayor Phil Amicone said. 

"The Teamsters Union realizes the seriousness of the Yonkers' budget crisis and our membership is willing to do their part to help maintain services throughout the city. After all, most of our guys also call Yonkers home. However, our main goal was to bring back the members we lost and I'm glad we were able to reach an agreement with the mayor that will do that," said union President Edward Doyle, Jr.

The practical effect of the deal will be the immediate restoration — beginning Monday, July 19 — of two-day per week garbage pick-up for residential customers. The city does not provide garbage collection for commercial customers. 

The Department of Public Works is working to notify residents with automated phone messages starting this weekend. Residents are advised to visit the city website at or contact the city's 24-hour Action Center at 377-HELP (4357). 

Additional details about the garbage collection schedule will be released and published when they become available.

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eHeziBREAKING NEWS: City, Teamsters Reach Agreement to Restore 2-Day Garbage Pick-up

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  1. the top pay for a trash man in the city of yonkers is 58,ooo a year. I make that in less the 6 months so that would be over a $ 125,000 a year plus if you can count that high. and you live for the xmas tips so you can act like a big shot around xmas and then u are broke again . pick up my trash and for you few hundred dollars a week lose i should but dog shit on the handle so u can pick it up too .

  2. Who covers the city worker if they get hurt during the hours they are supposed to be at work, but are actually some place else because they finished their work early?

  3. Listen people stop you crying. we won and you lost. deal with it. If you don’t want to tip us don’t. we don’t need your money . we already have it. hahahahaha

  4. I can’t wait until January and we’ll see how smart you are then. By the way good job giving up 700.00 a year out of your FICA boys. Om you definately are so much smarter than the mayor I hope you only have one year left to retire LMAO!!!!

  5. First off I didn’t complain when the trucks were out all day I don’t need my garbage picked up 3 days a week 1 day of recycling and 1 day of regular garbage was fine for me I abided by the rules. What’s a joke is the fact that once it went to 1 day a week they suddenly followed all these rules they wouldn’t cross the street they only picked up one side at time drove the truck around the block instead of backing up on one-ways give me a break get your head out of you know where. FULL TIME POSITIONS ARE 40-60 HOURS per weeek and when my desk requires me to work later I get the job done. The only reason all these guys wanted to get on sanitation in the city of Yonkers was for the perks. Obviously your not a tax payer in the City of Yonkers so you move on…..

  6. wow thats so smart to steal someones name and then try and badmouth the people who he works for . The original PLAYA did not write that last blog.

  7. Please do elaborate as to exactly how much time you get for your breaks and how much time you get for lunch OK I’ll tell you you get 2 15 min breaks and 1/2 hour lunch break that leaves you 7 hours remaining to pick up your route and your telling me you can’t do it 7 hours but yet you want me to say it’s OK that you go home early ON MY DIME. I don’t think so. And guess about NYC guess they have a better union than you do and yes i do reiterate what i said before YOU WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO HANDLE A SATURDAY PICKUP SO STOP CRYING AND PICK UP MY GARBAGE….

  8. well u must be a loser trash boy not a man at all were due u live upsate ??? not in yonkers i bet . so here it is what we all due in many job out in real life is much harder the pick up trash on monday for 4 hours tuesday for 4 hours wed for 3 hours ( and a getto route 1 hour ) thurs 2 to 3 hours fri 2 hrs at the most and the guy that brings the truck back to the yard mabe 3 hour on friday . work a full day in the real world and u wont make a secound work for a privet trash company and u my friend wont last one half of a day . so when you pass any sign that say’s the city of yonkers on it you should stop what ever you are duing and kiss it and say to your self wow i would never make it in the real job world and then go back to picking up our trash that smells like shit right were u belong . have a great day mabe when you get done being a fake ass trash man oh i mean boy you should work over at the dog pound cleaning up dog shit

  9. Hey so we paid money from fica and the welfare fund. And we paid last year too. And we probably will pay again in January and maybe next July to. So what if we get treated like the garbage we pick up. We still get paid for 8 hours and only work 3. That makes us smarter than the mayor.

  10. Hey, as long as you guys are happy with whatever the details are, who cares what the ‘outsiders’ think. I just think it’s worth pointing out that not a CENT has been cut from City Hall to my knowledge. Now if I’m wrong, I apologize in advance but throughout everyone’s dealings with this administration all we’ve heard from both them AND the public is that people are suffering and we ALL need to tighten our belts and share the burden. Well, where is the sharing portion from our leadership? We’re all being told to do more with less, have they? Not exactly leading by example, huh? I can almost guarantee there’s laughing going on at 40 South Broadway and I for one don’t want to be the butt of ANYONE’S jokes. By the time this SHELL GAME is over, we all will have done our ‘part’ (what a crock THAT is!). Don’t even THINK about coming my way in January.

  11. And for all of the guys that didnt come to the vote tonight at the hall. dont forget who we did this for.You members should be ashamed of yourselfs.

  12. PLEASE SIMPSON.. the sanitation guys do not want a thank you from the mayor.the thank you goes to the city council and our union for fighting so hard back and forth. We all cant wait to get a new administration and get rid of all the puppets in city hall..Spano for mayor.

  13. Guys,on half of the Mayor I would like to thank you for putting an end to this mess and wholeheartedly look forward to negotiations in Dec. .

  14. Yonkers’ couldnt handle that?…no there’s a nice argument. What is your basis there? NYC does a Saturday shift because they need to. NYC sanitation workers make $67,000+ after their first 5.5 yrs on the job. They get unlimited sick time…Yonkers gets 12 days a year. NYC retires after 25 years….Yonkers after 30 yrs. Yonkers garbage trucks pick up on average 30,000 pounds a day. NYC picks up 20,000 pounds a day. NYC sanitation workers get paid extra for driving to the dump…Yonkers does not. Greenburg and other municipalities get paid extra for picking up recyling, Yonkers does not. Does it really matter that we go home early? If we worked a full day and took our breaks and lunch, do you think we would finish our routes? AGAIN, Yonkers is NOT the only city in this country that allows their garbage men to finish early. If we worked all day, we would still pick up the same weight but it would cost Yonkers more in fuel and workers comp insurance.

  15. Why don’t you people who keep whining on here finally go back to your own life now!How many times does the same topic have to be explained on here??? Your trash is being picked-up, the men get it done, and if they can leave when they are finished then that is the way it is!!!!! Drop it already! You bitch when it isn’t picked up & the trucks are out all day & now it is getting back to normal and still you BITCH!!!Where is it written that everyone has a 50 or 60 hour work week anyway? If you do then that is your problem, I didn’t realize that PICKING UP TRASH WAS SUCH A WANTED JOB? Did any of you complainers ever stop to think that this job is much harder on you than let’s say “sitting at a desk on your computer 40-60 hours a week”? I think that it is horrible that you can sit here behind your computers and bash men that work outside in ALL the weather elements, walk who knows how many miles a day and pick your GROSS trash up! Oh and yes before you say it, They know already, it’s their job & they do it everyday! None of you complainers would last 10 minutes out there with them!!! So please get yourself a life already & move on!!!!

  16. ok good all back but why dont they have to work a full 8 hr like the rest of the world here is why if they could not pick up the trash in 8 hours in a smaller area with less streets to drive and less houses to pick up now they can drive longer to get to all the streets and more houses on their old route and get done in 3 hours by them breaking the same laws they said they had to flow that city hall put in place like bags not to be lose and not over 50lbs and cant back up a one way and pick up only one side of the street and no small shopping bags but the teamsters are ok with this now very funny and and how about this they cant get all the trash in 8 hours but the come in on a saturday for ot and they clean everthing up in 3 hours and they got paid for 8 hours of over time. now that smells worse then the trash did someone please put a stop to this please

  17. Yonkers strongest do you know NYC picks up on Saturday Yonkers DPW would never be able to handle that one. so don’t compare yourself to NYC Strongest…. your a bunch of loafers who want to get paid for 8 hours and only work 4 that’s the bottom line.

  18. I AM A TEAMSTER and all jobs are not coming back……..only DPW will get all of their jobs back in time……ask your shop stedards what happened to the people in parking and code enforcement, they are not in the deal they were left out again….ALL or NOTHING means nothing we aren’t sticking together like we said we would at the meeting…the deal was supposed to be every thats right EVERY job back or no deal… didn’t happen

  19. we are not 11 guys shy we are 15 men and women shy….people in parking and code enforcement, who are also teamsters were not even included in this deal… the all or nothing for all jobs that we spoke about at the meeting last tuesday went out the window when sanitation was given overtime on saturday to start the one seems to give a damn about the forgetten teamsters that need their jobs back too…..what’s happening is sooo wrong..shame on my fellow teamsters, you all sold out your fellow members…ALL OR NOTHING what a lie

  20. Congrats on your win leevin40, you guys showed him! So what if you had to give up $840.00 and so what if your routes are longer. So what if 11 guys are still on the hook and so what if the mayor gave back nothing. So what if your reputation was dragged through the mud and so what if he is going to ask for more from you in January. Eddie said it’s a great deal and that’s good enough for me! You guys showed him! You are truly Yonkers “strongest” because you fought the good fight and won! Stand tall my friend because all the other union members are so, so proud of our Teamsters! 456 rules!

  21. Insulting everyone? Are you kidding me!! You are the biggest insult thrower on here! You met your match & don’t like what I have to say thats what your problem is! YOu have done nothing but insult the working men of the DWP & and the unions,What do you care where I live, It’s none of your business.I was born & raised in Yonkers so I do know what I am talking about!! Your not the only expert on here!!! BY the way I guess you wasted your breath because the union did win, even if people want to think otherwise!!

  22. Hey loudmouth do you own a home in Yonkers & pay property taxes-if you do -how long have you lived in Yonkers ?. You seem to have a habit of insulting everyone.

  23. When are they coming back Jay Eight? In September? Why, because the mayor “promised” he would bring them back? You are as dumb as people say you are if you believe this mayor for one second! He’ll find a reason to break his promise and where will you guys be then? Holding the **cking bag, that’s where! “All or nothing”, remember? See you in January pal and bring more cash!

  24. All Men are coming Back…Get your facts straight..aLL you Civilians who read LoHud and Watch cable News only get what we want you to know…So you are all complaining about shit you know nothing about..

  25. Take that ASSHOLE …. HAHAHAHA Twice a Week is Back Jackass… Why dont you call up and Request that your house stay once a week to save the City Money…I doubt you will do that Loud Mouth…LOL

  26. You guys do bust your ass! You guys do work harder then any other municipality! You guys were made out to be the enemy! Yet you are going to settle! Would it be fair to have an all or nothing attitude during this economic crisis? You bet your ass it would! You didn’t cause this and your giving up $840.00! Does this add up to you? You gave up “all” and the mayor gave up “nothing”!!!!!!!!

  27. Well said Leevin and Playa. We didnt give back anything that would leave us in financial ruin. $840 gross a year was all we gave back to save our members. We work extremely hard for the Yonkers residents. We pick up more garbage than any other city/town in Westchester per truck. During this debacle, we were made out to be the enemy. The garbage couldnt of been picked up because if you erase 11 trucks from your fleet, how can 16 trucks do all of the work of 27 trucks? I think getting the 33 workers back now is far better than waiting until they all come back. That’s 33 lives that were put on hold during this time. Would it be fair to have an all or nothing attitude during this economic crisis? The firefighters will get what they want, as they always do. The fact of the matter is, the fires will always be put out…literally and figuratively no matter how many men are on the job.

  28. BREAKING NEWS: The new Local 456 mantra has been changed from “all or nothing” to “some but that’s o.k.”! Now back to your regular programming….

  29. Hey leevin 40 read today’s Hezitorial and after you finish read it again. Then come back and tell me how DPW is “standing their ground”. This man is a crook and 456 is allowing him to skate. You are not getting all your men back and you are giving up hard earned cash! How is this standing your ground? You folded like a cheap suit! Man, are you guys blind! See you in January….

  30. Well said!! GOOD JOB YONKERS DPW FOR STANDING YOUR GROUND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!! When he streets are all clean they will bitch about something else! Worry about your own time clocks people, The work that these men do in the hours that do it is nobodys business! They work harder in 6 hours than you do in 40hours!! Go to your own jobs and shut up already.I wonder if all the complainers on here even own homes & pay property taxes??

  31. As I look into my crystal ball, I see the mayor munching away on his free lunch, telling the waiter that all the employees are a bunch of suckers. He continues on and says that after this round he is going to wait til January and announce that the city still does not have enough money to pay its bills, and that he will get all the unions to giveback 5% or else he will resort to layoffs again. I hope he chokes on his pickle!

  32. You are going to get “some” of your members back not “all”. Big mistake! You’ll be paying again and again. The reason the fire dept. hasn’t settled is that they have had enough of the bullsh** promises and back door deals. So keep telling yourself that your doing the “right” thing and think about what you want to give up in January because the mayor now has you “by the balls”. Suckers.

  33. And for starting early and leaving early dont you all feel better when you are running late to work that we are not in your way?

  34. For all the people out there that think we are the “stupidest” your crazy. What we did we did for our fellow members who lost there jobs. We did not do it for the city. We care for our fellow workers . why do you think the fire dept has no agreement yet. They are only worring about them selfs.Like everone else says . There will be no osts once the trash is picked up and the streets are clean. So stop the bitchin.

  35. You’re right about cutting city hall first, but much of the resident word on the street was suggested privatization of garbage pickup. Where would that have left the unions, if you are looking at this from their point of view? People are not pro union, not by any stretch. They have had it.

  36. WEAKEST gave in twice now….they should be called Yonkers STUPIDEST.
    Didn’t you guys even hear Mike Edelman on tv this weekend?…..even HE said the DPW had the city by the BALLS…and what do you do?…you cave in and sell out to the mayor.
    Let the guys stay laid off for a few weeks….the city will only continue to smell like shit and before you know it the mayor will start having to worry about the winter coming up before you know it.
    Now is not the time to vote to get “some” of the guys back and give up you welfare fund contributions….AGAIN
    Didn’t you guys learn anything last time? Or are you THAT STUPID?
    The mayor calls you guys thugs and says your on a work slow down job action and you guys sit down with him and work out a deal? How freaking stupid!!!!
    The ‘men’ of 456 should vote this deal down and tell the Mayor to go to hell……….let the city smell the way the mayor turned it into…a pile of shit.

  37. If guys are going to give back anything to get the layed off guys back, have the mayor amend the contract to get it in writing. You will be sorry if you dont.

  38. And filling the vacant spots was guaranteed by who? The mayor? You guys will never learn.
    P.S. If any 456 member is interested, I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. Reasonably priced. Low maintenance. Call 1-800-SUCKERS. If the line is busy please try again.

  39. Carozza, the 11 other guys are supposedly coming back in Sept. There are many guys retiring and once their retirement becomes effective, those 11 guys would fill in the vacant spots

  40. Woe two days a week garbage w longer scedulr. Great jog guys oh 456. You guys should be applause. For tour stupidity. 456 pussy. Can’t wait till dec and Phil rams it up your asses a gain. Done lol morons. Who voues onto get all your guys back.

  41. I’m probably missing something here since no one has answered me but I was under the impression that 44 guys were laid off & 33 are coming back. What about the other 11 guys?

  42. If they are going back to twice weekly pickup, then lenghten the routes. Starting early and finishing early and going home is wrong. Who is going to cover you if you get hurt say going home early, when you are still technically on the citys time?

  43. How many of those jobs went to Yonkers resident’s andin particular how many of those jobs went to returning Afghan & Iragi veteran’s. -your a vet Yonkersstrongest aren’t you.

  44. ANON, enough with the personal attacks. I guess thats all you are capable of. Iam sorry you are on social security and I understand your situation. Believe it or not, most of the residents are with us when it comes to twice a week pickup. To answer the question about us going home early…once we complete our routes, if we finish can go home. Yonkers is NOT the only city that offers that. I can name just about every munincipality around here who has that incentive. Waste Mgmt also allows their workers to leave early if they finish their routes. Its not just a Yonkers thing.

  45. the city of yonkers built x20…probably cost close to 6 / 7 million – total scam that phil got away with.
    he is a liar and a flat out terrible mayor who has ruined this city, but keeps blaming everyone else. what a coward.
    x20 & zuppa have raped yonkers.

  46. Yonkers Dumbo tell that to a senior whose only source of income is social security who barely makes ends meet now & now with a property tax hike of on average 0f $295 & an $8 increase to many thats a lot & you my friend are a clown and an even bigger asshole.

  47. What? Hey! I gotta talk with my squeeze Ray-GUN. This $$$ was for me! I need a(nother) raise! Dammit, where’s my envelope?
    Lorraine Lopez
    PS: Let Terrero pick it up!

  48. With all your sarcastic comments you should do a tour in Afghanistan in a secluded . outpost to smarten your wiseass up .

  49. Back to a 4 hour day. Lets put a video camera at the service center entrance on Nepperhan Ave and see if they still work an 8 hour day.

  50. Anon, water rates?….so if you own your average single family home, you will now be paying $88 per year for water instead of $80. Tremendous increase.

  51. I would like to see a project that has some kind of winning track record, Not a minor league baseball field that has been proven to loose money, Look at bridgeport and newark, These are the people involved both loosing entity’s. Not another cross county with the same old box stores!!

  52. I would prefer to have a fiscally responsible development that will enhance all of our lives, Not just the few family and friends.

  53. Fedup, no need for personal attacks by saying “you people”. Its not your money by the way, its the residents’ money as a whole. Answer this question, would you rather see or lets say “have” a potential development project, or see abondoned factories and a crumbling area? If you dont live in Getty Square, you have no right agreeing to the latter.

  54. Ya thunk wrong, The 80 million dollar library! Now that was worth it! How many have paid us back, Where is the MONEY???? If you offer me SFCs deal I will build as would anybody given that much money take the “ballpark out and just about any developer would take the job. Take him off the table, He is BROKE and said he will not be building! The IDA is just another corrupt agency run by the clown!!!

  55. You people have condemned the whole waterfront the Getty Square area and everything worth developing and given to a big shot developer that is BROKE, Hence the loan to them that will never be paid back! No business will open fix-up rent or sell property because of you morons! This travesty has been going on for over 8 years and you clowns keep tossing more off our good money into a loosing deal!!

  56. Fedup, here are some past IDA projects….Yonkers Raceway, Stew Leonards, Home Depot, Costco, Sarah Lawrence College, St Johns Hospital, iPark, the library, the current waterfront development, Hyatt Senior Living center on Riverdale Ave…the list goes on. I think everyone of these generates some sort of recurring revenue to the city.

  57. The article says they are giving up federal FICA payments. Is that not social security? Does that mean they are not contributing to social security, and wont be able to receive it when they reach that age? Can somebody please explain.

  58. Looks like they are doing a great job! Has any entity that the clown has given our money paid us back??? Why is the money being given to SFC, or a water taxi going out of business?? How did the computers “get stolen” a day before an FBI investigation?? What business did the IDA bring the have brought TAX REVENUE to this city??? SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

  59. Fedup, the IDA is an essential agency in any city. It gives low interest loans and tax breaks to industries and commercial projects. Many developers would go elsewhere if not for these loans/programs. Would you rather see the waterfront filled with vacant industrial buildings, or filled with luxury highrises? Regardless, if the project brings in sales tax revenue and jobs, who cares how much the owner is paying in taxes. They are not permanent tax breaks, but rather a tax break for a specified period of time. Stew Leonards was an empty, overgrown lot before they built it. Doesnt it look better now?

  60. Anon, you obviously live in a more well-heeled part of Yonkers than I do. There are huge piles of trash on our street twice a week, and with this union thuggery, they turned into festering mountains covered in roaches, rats, and stray animals, not to mention maggots. If you live in a high-density neighborhood, frequent collection is a necessity.
    Union thuggery has got to end.

  61. yonkersstrongest, You are a delusional fool. No taxes do not have to go up every year. No the clown did not cut back at all he keeps giving OUR money to his friends has any of his “projects ” paid back any of the loans??? IDA??? You and all the asses who think like you are the problem!! “if you don’t like it leave” STOP GIVING OUR MONEY AWAY!!!!!

  62. It is a shame that you have to post links for these stupid people, they will read the links & STILL not get it!! I wouldn’t waste my breath on them anylonger, they won’t be writing shit on here after the streets are back to normal. Then maybe they will see that you need twice a week pick-up.I would like to know why if so many people were offended by the trash piling up, then why didn’t they load up the cars and take it to the dump themselves? Because NOBODY WANTS TOO DO IT, THEY WOULD RATHER BITCH ABOUT IT!!Good for you Yonkers Sanitation workers & since my husband is one of you I know what is written on here is BULLSHIT!! I wonder who feeds the taxpayers all the lies? One guess????

  63. So let me get this straight, if you call in sick enmass, slow down your work duties and release rats in your city council chamber you will be rewarded by the mayor (if you give a modest kick-back). Fantastic!!! I hope local 628 is paying attention because the mayor has just laid out the steps necessary to get all your members back (or at least most of them huh, Eddie).

  64. You must not have any garbage to put out then? Since you are a nasty old jackass you must live alone! Haha on you, UNIONS DO WORK!! Now stop posting and find something else to cry about !!

  65. Yonkers residents get the best services for their tax dollars around… They pay one of the lowest water rates in the state of NY. Garbage collection twice a week, busing, firefighters, etc. Many places, you pay more in taxes, have volunteer firefighters, pay much more for water, and pay for a private carting service. Taxes have to go up every year no matter where you live. Everything goes up…if you dont like it, then move. Its that simple.

  66. Way too much mis-information here. If you click this link and plug in an address, you will see that NYC has 3x a week pickup in Manhattan and twice everywhere else. So who is telling you what “said”? Greenburgh has pickup twice a week and that encompasses part of White Plains, Hastings, Elmsford and Tarrytown. Here is the link… White Plains picks up garbage twice a week as well…here is their link Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Rye, Port Chester, Ossining…this list goes on and on. I could copy and paste their links all day long. Whoever is telling you that all over Westchester it’s once a week pickup, they are so f****n wrong. People just dont get it here. And to the person that says Yonkers hasnt picked up since July 2, thats total nonsense. When we were given our routes, you had a list of streets to do from #1-whatever. If you completed lets say 1-9 and didnt pickup 9-15, then those streets were left out. Well the next time around (the following week) you were given the same route, and once again completed streets 1-9, those same streets were left out. This had nothing to do with a slow down or no garabge being picked up. This was how we were told to do our job, directly from the commissioners.

  67. STOP blaming the unions! This mayor has been kicking the can down the road since September 2008 when the financial crises started. The man is a head case.

  68. It’s not about 2 or 3 day pick-up, it’s about manpower & union dues. Who the hell is running the City’s labor relations? If the union gave back, they gave back nothing. City Hall has lost all control. Who has the upper hand? What penalties will be paid for all the missed pick-ups? What unions in the private sector tell their employers how to run their business.
    An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay – no phones-no cars-no offices-no guaranteed overtime! You work, you get paid!

  69. I knew it. This was all one big scam to soak the taxpayers, and the pols, just *uck us over and over again. We don’t need garbage 2 times a week. Never have needed it. The Mayor has the backbone of a squid.
    There is no 3 days of pick up in NYC. Once a week for garbage and once a week for recycling. So shut up you $ucking trough feeding mofo, and get your info right.

  70. Really,then it should work here if true.After all if they can do it in a hamlet/town/village, then it should work in a city of 200,000 +. I don’t work for the DPW ,but you have to be jackass to think picking up refuse in this city is something to be taken lightly (no pun intended).

  71. Heah fed up I live in Hawthorne and I just moved from tuckahoe 3 years ago we have 3 days of pick up just like all of new York. Really some of u people should be taken out back and shot for all your stupid misinformation u post here.

  72. I agree with your post, except for the last sentence. I don’t think it is fair to lump Gonowski in with the other pack of chiseling weasels. She is an honest, ethical woman who has fought for the taxpayers from day one. I know she has taken a tone of abuse from this mayor and his motley crew of parasites for standing up to him. It certainly would be a lot easier for her to simply go along to get along.

  73. yeah
    ain’t it amazing what you can do with taxpayer money.
    nothing changed except the taxpayer pays and pays and pays
    and the union lost.
    some seriously stupid leadership we have in Yonkers and its time to get rid of them from the mayor right down to the council.
    crooks everyone of them.

  74. All over Westchester, the garbage pick up is ONE day a week an you don’t have this dance with the unions. Here in Yonkers, we had THREE pick ups a week – one for recycling and two for everything else. And the Unions played the residents to get their two day a week back, so they can continue to work a few hours and hang the rest of the pick up days but get paid a full day’s work. Residents got played – worked them all up with chaos and got your “agreement.” Does that look like extortion?

  75. As a union man I demand that 456 stop calling themselves the strongest and realize they are the stupidest. Does Doyle even know what the word union means. It means to stand together as ONE. This is the second yeAr in a row you morons gave back and u didn’t even get all your guys back. 456 if you vote this in you might as well as go down to the water front at night and give *low jobs to all the gays down their for 10 bucks a pop because we know you already took it in the ass yesterday. Yonkers strongest. Now that’s really funny.

  76. this agreement is nothing to be happy/proud of. it never should have happend in the 1st place. phil and his staff have completely mismanaged the city of yonkers for the past 7 years and blame everyone else for their mistakes.
    hey doyle did phil tell you before you left “wait don’t go, reagan wants sloppy seconds?”

  77. I dont think so. The difference this year compared to last year may be the real estate trasfer tax. Home sales are up about 40% in Yonkers this year compared to last year. The 1.5% transfer tax will generate more money for the city. Not millions more but it may lead to a pattern of other revenue. It may happen, but I dont think so.

  78. The Mayor does not have the Teamsters in his pocket. Times are tough out there and our goal was to save jobs and restore twice weekly pickup. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to take two steps forward.

  79. Great idea to balance the city budget. Fire everyone in the city who is related in any way to the Spanos. Savings in excess of 2.5 million dollars. None are essential and we save an entire % in property taxes!

  80. I’m so happy to have them back. I love the DPW guys on my route. They are the best. This is the only service we get for our tax $$. We don’t fight with our neighbors and then burn their houses down, we don’t shoot each other, we just pay and pay, and pay.

  81. Big Mistake,2nd year in a row. .. Amicone has the teamsters in his pocket. Hey Eddie ,as you were leaving, did Phil say “see you in January!”.

  82. There is still negative feedback on this. Take a drive around any part of Yonkers and you will see garbage everywhere. This was a great deal for the city. Thank you to all of those who supported us.

  83. This whole budget deal is a shell game concocted by the mayor, in the end nobody will be laid off, the unions will give back, and the taxpayers will pay, pay, and pay. The mayor never lost any of his people, no cars were returned, the BOE is still scamming money, wait till January. The city will be looking for layoffs then. How did they close a 109 million dollar defecit? Creative accounting?

  84. Ridiculous. We don’t need twice weekly residential pickups. And the businesses in Yonkers all have to use private carters anyway. If you want your trash picked up several times a week, pay for it yourselves.
    What a waste of taxpayer money.

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