Bronx Assemblymembers Endorse Richard Brodsky for Attorney General

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Brodsky_Richard-headshot-looking leftTHE BRONX, NEW YORK, NY, July 15, 2010 — Today Richard Brodsky received impassioned endorsements from Bronx Assemblymembers Carmen Arroyo, Michael Benjamin, Michael Benedetto, Marcos Crespo, Jose Rivera, Naomi Rivera and Peter Rivera.

This coalition of Bronx leaders add to his already strong list of Bronx support, including the endorsements of Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. and State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.

The members offered the following statements in support of Brodsky’s race to be the next Attorney General of New York:

Carmen Arroyo stated, “Richard has stood up for the Bronx repeatedly during his distinguished career in public service. He will be a talented and fair Attorney General. It is my pleasure to endorse him.”

Michael Benjamin stated, “Assemblyman Richard Brodsky is a tenacious champion of homeowners, tenants and ratepayers. I have seen him take on the New York Yankees, Con Edison, the MTA and City Hall on behalf of taxpayers. He is an effective legislator whose temperament, energy and integrity make him well suited to be our next state Attorney General. He has earned my support and that of Bronx voters.”

Michael Benedetto stated,  “Richard Brodsky is one of the giants in the Assembly chamber. He will bring an intensity and drive to the office of Attorney General that will benefit all New Yorkers.”

Marcos Crespo stated, “Few members of the Assembly are as dedicated to the needs of The Bronx as Richard. Whether it’s air quality, MTA student fares, congestion pricing or immigration services, Richard has proven himself to be a real reformer and a friend of the Bronx.”

José Rivera stated, “Richard stands up for what matters to residents of The Bronx and to all New Yorkers. I have seen him fight for issues no other legislator or lawyer has taken on; he fights the good fights and wins important battles. He has Naomi Rivera stated, “I’ve worked with Richard for the past six years and I’ve seen his courage and integrity; I know he will apply these qualities to the office of Attorney General. He has been a voice for the people of the Bronx on issues like air quality, student metro cards and problems our seniors and working families face daily. Richard will truly be the peoples lawyer and I am proud to endorse him.”

Peter Rivera stated, “Having known Richard for 28 years, I can say with total confidence that he is the Attorney General that New York State needs. I have seen him dedicating himself to the issues and have always been impressed with his passion and skill as a litigator and legislator.”

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eHeziBronx Assemblymembers Endorse Richard Brodsky for Attorney General

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  1. Arroyo & Peter Rivera are under criminal investigation by several law-enforcement agencies along with several other corrupt Bronx pols-what an endorsement.

  2. Having the endorsement of the Bronx Democratic leaders is not a plus,its a minus! The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

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