Council Passes City Budget – FY 2010-11 BY WILSON TERRERO

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Terrero_Wilson  YONKERS, NY, July 15, 2010 — The City Council passed the budget that the Mayor has proposed.  This budget gives the Mayor the necessary resources required to help restore the essential municipal services that the citizens of Yonkers deserve.  This budget includes additional funds for the Yonkers Public Schools that also restores all city school busing and universal Pre-K. The budget was approved with six votes in favor, and one vote against. 

This budget has a contingency plan that will give the Mayor leverage to continue the negotiations with the Unions to restore those essential services.  Some of the services that need to be restored as soon as possible are two fire houses that have been closed, and the two days per week garbage pick up.  Only the Mayor has the power to negotiate with the unions head, not the Council.

I want to thank the CLSA, and the PBA unions for coming together, and putting together a solution to save all of the demotions and jobs in the Police Department.  This budget will allocate approximately $1.2 million for a new class of officers for January 2011.  I  hope the other unions do the same.

I am asking the Mayor and Unions to sit down, and find common ground solutions to restore the services the citizens of the City of Yonkers are paying for.  I am outraged as well as the people in the Second Council District due to the tremendous amount of garbage that has not been picked up in many of the streets for two weeks now. It is shameful that the City of Yonkers is looking like a dumpster ground.

Wilson Terrero is Yonkers City Councilman representing the 2nd District and Education Chair.

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eHeziCouncil Passes City Budget – FY 2010-11 BY WILSON TERRERO

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  1. Great idea to balance the city budget. Fire everyone in the city who is related in any way to the Spanos. Savings in excess of 2.5 million dollars. None are essential and we save an entire % in property taxes!

  2. 1.) We DON’T have to open our contract. It’d be nice but would go unappreciated much like the free day we worked last year and why we find ourselves defending ourselves from people like you. P.S. We ARE entitled to them, they’re in our contract.
    2.) Our benefit payments may be ‘outrageous’ to you, but that’s your opinion.
    3.) We’re NOT better than everyone, we just have better jobs. Better LIFE-THREATENING, ESSENTIAL, jobs. Hence, the benefits.
    4.) ‘Everyone is suffering because you can’t afford to pay for our benefits’? Open a paper or two, pal. We didn’t bust the real estate market or fold the banks.
    5.) If you’re working 80-100 hours a week with no overtime you’re either a business owner or a sucker who needs to find a better job. I’m not shedding any tears for someone who either didn’t sock away money for a rainy day or is too lazy to find a better job.
    6.) What is ‘suffering along with the rest of you’ going to do? Make you FEEL better? I’ll pass. Making you feel better isn’t on my list of priorities.
    7.) If I’m selfish for wanting to maintain my standard of living, then call me selfish. The day ANY municipality opens a contract when times are GOOD to give more to the working guy, I’ll be the first to apologize. Until then, I suggest you spend your newfound time on going after the people truly responsible for your mess. Where’s MY $8000 first home credit?!! I just bought my first home 5 years ago! I didn’t want to buy all those people new cars with cash for clunkers but I did! Wasteful tax dollar spending, NOT tax dollars for ESSENTIAL services is what’s pissing you off. Don’t fall for the shell game.

  3. I also think that the mayor should drive himself around town. Our taxes are high enough without paying more money to his crew.
    I also think that the mayor should speak for himself. Our taxes are high enough with paying more money to his crew.
    I also think the mayor should reach out to all constituents and get rid of all those out reach people. Our taxes are high enough without paying more money to his crew.
    I also think the mayor should get rid of all cars. Let his crew drive their own cars like the rest of us. Our taxes are high enough without paying more money to his crew.
    I also think the mayor just cut staff and salaries. Our taxes are high enough without paying so much money to his crew.
    Get it?

  4. I agree. If you want your garbage picked up more than once a week, pay for it yourself. Our taxes are high enough without paying more money to the unions.


  6. “Keep in mind that no one buys into your usual deflection that they Mayor has not cut. Has he or hasnt he. I dont know and his department is relatively small so any cuts would be more symbolic that anything else.”
    Relatively small? Lets see:
    4 Secretaries
    Chief of “Staff”
    The IG’s Campaign Manager
    That’s 14, just on the second floor. Now add in the others interspersed amongst different departments, and the all-important City Hall TV (5 people), and we are talking about numbers far from “symbolic”.

  7. “It is shameful that the City of Yonkers is looking like a dumpster ground.”
    Then why don’t you ask your girlfriend Lorraine Lopez to go pick up the trash? Or is she giving you envelopes also?

  8. Yes
    1/2 billion dollar budget for the BOE
    and this council raised my taxes, reduced my serices and approved a budget without ever seeing the BOE Books.
    lawsuit anyone?

  9. I got it. Because you do not have a good job with benefits, I must give up mine to be on par with you. Here is a good question: Why don’t you fight to get on par with me.

  10. The score is in, DPW 1, Yonkers 0. The paper dolls called a Council were a joke. Larkin and Shepherd looking like deer caught in the headlights. Lesnick looked like he was going to bite the microphone each time he shouted “yes”. McDow and Terraro looked as dumbfounded as ever, each in a position they cannot handle. Gronowski voted her brain, in a futile attempt at reason. We need a Control Board, if not, let 456 run the City. They could do a better job over the incompentents we now have. If it is all about contracts, let us look closely at the next negotiations. Hey Journal News.. how about a Freedom of Information peek at the present contracts?

  11. Hey terrero,
    You sir are a JOKE !!! A friggen stuffed animal could get elected by the morons in the 1st and 2nd districts’.
    Do me a favor and tell your cousins to give me my tires back, it wasn’t nice that they left my civic up on blocks !

  12. I’ sorry, but this poverty pimp has really pissed me off. 47% of the people in the USA pay no taxes and I am sure in Yonkers most reside in his dist. The first thing on his mind is busing and PreK. Most of the taxpayers in this city do not even use that swamp of a school system.

  13. “I am outraged as well as the people in the Second Council District due to the tremendous amount of garbage that has not been picked up in many of the streets for two weeks now. It is shameful that the City of Yonkers is looking like a dumpster ground.”
    Jesus. You’re the EDUCATION Chair? My God, small wonder our children can’t read…

  14. Take a deep breath Mr. Murtagh and count to ten. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. There, there Murtagh it will be alright.

  15. wilson,
    your nothing but a lowlife dominican scumbag, running a coke bar in the downtown.
    your just a dog for the mayor who is holding your leash…
    don’t kid yourself about being a serious councilman for your district including mcdow’s district. the both of you couldn’t get a pothole filled w/o getting on your knee’s.
    by the way idiot…who wrote this release for you.
    you can’t speak fluent, so i know you cant type…you illiterate bastard…lol

  16. How many times do you need to look at the budget and realize that the Board of Ed sucks up half of all money to provide a so called education for maybe 20,000 students. The other half of the budget goes to run the ENTIRE city of roughly 195,000 citizens. That includes the waste and abusive spending by the mayor. So where is the problem?

  17. Spoken like a true liberal oink. Give the store away and then try to finance the mess on the backs of the working man. Where does it say in any contract that changes must occur when times are bad? What happened to all the money when times were good? It’s called fiscal responsibilty. Don’t be reactive, be proactive. This entire administration went under the assumption that times would always be good and spent like drunken sailors on their “friends and family”, sweetheart tax deals and doomed projects (see: ballpark). We earned every penny in our contracts through givebacks and negotiations. Asking us to give back every year while spending it without regard is unacceptable. Your looking at the wrong side.

  18. Mr.oink,take a look,its not the yfd with the fat pensions,not that has anything to do with this “crisis” anyway.The mayor has drawn his line banking on givebacks using the economy as an excuse(meanwhile its the ineptitude of the administration,Ida, etc.etc. that has gotten the city into the hole.Maybe ,just maybe the other unions may talk when the mayor and council set an example (the cops caved,remember when they shot their mouth off last year,weaklings), then maybe things will be worked out.Fill ,close 6 firehouses,it doesn’t matter its on your head.Your agenda is clear,it has nothing to do with money , so ride your hand pokerface.

  19. We don’t need garbage picked up twice a week. When are you assholes going to get it? You don’t get it Mr Terreo, this is all one big union scam perpertrated by the Mayor and the rest of those that keep increaing our taxes, including Looney Lesnick, and Murthagh the Mouth.
    It didn’t take Larkin and Shepherd long to show us who’s side they are on.
    Thank You Joan, you actually care about fiscal responsibility/

  20. To wakeup
    Thats the HAVE to open your contract. There are millions and MILLIONS of dollars of outrageous benefit payments that may have been nice when times are good, but in bad times you are NOT entitled to.
    I dont get the sense of entitlement that you union people have. You are not better than everyone else. Fire, police, garbage, teachers etc. You are working people. Everyone else in bad economies get laid off, suffer pay cuts, get their benefits slashed, and while it sucks we soldier on becuase we have no choice, and its better than no job.
    You on the other hand, have this God-given “contract” that was written when times were good, but now everyone is sufferring because we cant afford to pay for your benefits and rediculous work rules. Yet you union people make us out to be the bad guys.
    It is flat out offensive. We work hard too. Many work 60, 80, 100 hours a week, no overtime, pay into their health insurance etc. It is what it is. You need to step up and suffer along with us “Brother”
    The whole concept of Unionism has been warped from 100 years ago when it was a good thing. From the days of child labor, to “if you dont come in sunday, dont come in monday, to the Tiangle shirtwaist fire in NYC, unions played a very important role in making the workplace safe and insuring that people were paid fairly.
    But is that what is going on in Yonkers today? I do not think so. All I see is greed and the virulent desire to hold onto contracts and benefits that you know are totally out of sync with the current economic realities. Lets face it, money is power, so the more you keep for yourself the better. The money has blinded you to what is going on and the suffering of the Yonkers citizens around you. Garbage, rats, a dead real estate market, increasing taxes, reduced protections, what have you accomplised?
    Keep in mind that no one buys into your usual deflection that they Mayor has not cut. Has he or hasnt he. I dont know and his department is relatively small so any cuts would be more symbolic that anything else. It is the unions that make up such a huge portion of the budget and that is where the focus must be.
    So let me suggest that you think about your fat pensions and generous work rules and how much you love them. Then look at the unemployed people who are your neighbors, and your non union friends who have endured pay cuts, benefits cuts, or perhaps are losing their homes, and then, hopefully, you will come to the conclusion that

  21. Mr Terrero, the YFD has come to the mayor with substantial savings in the fire dept. but he has turned them down each time. You know and we know this has nothing to do with savings. He has a vendetta against Local 628 and will do anything to make them look bad. He is a child when it comes to negotiating. Contact Jose’ yourself and he will show you how we can save the taxpayers millions without having to open our contract (Amicone’s ultimate goal). In the meantime, rest easy knowing that a large portion of Yonkers is severly lacking fire protection. You have heard of Murphy’s Law haven’t you?

  22. why didn’t you ask the mayor and unions to sit down before you passed this crap?
    why didn’t you demand the mayor and council make cuts?
    No Mr. Terrero the only thing shameful is you are an elected official who has not done his job.

  23. Well written Wilson. Do your self a favor and stay away from murtagh and shepard or u will get your self in trouble. And mr larkin still not sure about him so we will see.

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