Councilwoman Gronowski Questions City Council Bonding to Pay Parking Authority Settlement

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Gronowski_JoanYONKERS, NY, July 6, 2010 — Yonkers Third District Councilmember Joan Gronowski is criticizing a plan that calls for the Yonkers City Council to bond an $800,000 settlement facing the Yonkers Parking Authority stemming from its 2001 seizure of property through Eminent Domain.   The property is a parking lot at 310 Saw Mill River Road.  According to Deputy Mayor William Regan, also Chair of the Parking Authority Board, the agency doesn’t have enough money to pay for the settlement.  The City Council CIP bonding was an alternative financing option suggested by Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr, which includes annual repayments of approximately $85,000 by the Authority to the City of Yonkers until 2024.  

In April 2009, Gronowski issued a statement calling upon the city administration to require all Yonkers employees using the Government Center Garage at City Hall to pay for parking.  Gronowski stated, “there are scores of employees – including Commissioners and elected officials and their staffs, who do not pay for parking at the facility”, further noting that she first highlighted this fact during her campaign for city council.   The Administration suggested city council legislation might be entertained,  but Gronowski had no support for her proposal. 

However, Gronowski states,  “The Yonkers Parking Authority, at any time, could have implemented this policy which would have demonstrated good business sense and fair and equitable parking fee collection. 

Perhaps if these procedures had been put in place in past years, the Authority would have had the necessary means to pay their own legal fees”.  Gronowski further noted that free parking, city cars, gas and cell phones all contribute to the sense of entitlement by city officials which have greatly contributed toward the fiscal problems facing us today. 

Read "The Hezitorial: Yonkers City Hall Deceives City Agencies to Cover Up Mayor’s $800,000 Blunder BY HEZI ARIS" dated June 28, 2010 for additional background information.

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eHeziCouncilwoman Gronowski Questions City Council Bonding to Pay Parking Authority Settlement

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  1. Joan you seem to be the only one on the Yonkers City Council who seems to care how the Yonkers taxpayer’s tax dollar is spent. D. Shepherd is merely a suck boy and mouthpiece for Amicone.

  2. Who was in charge when this deal was made and why was it not paid at the time? Seems the same incompetance back then was run by the same ones as today.

  3. What is happening here is pretty simple. The taxpayer is being asked to borrow $3.5 million to settled an $800,000 debt caused by the YPA. Inquiring minds would like to know what the other $2.7 million is for? What other shit will it be used to cover up. Would also love to know how much more our property taxes are going to rise to pay for this “ERROR”.?
    This is like when Pierozzio was down at the city council. He gave a hand out to the members. He was looking for $23.5 million, but was asking for an extra $1.5 million. He spent 45 minutes and was not able to explain what the EXTRA was for.
    This may explain the process whereby the City and it’s agencies STASH away extra money, for that rainy day or in Yonkers to use to cover up whatever shit they are up to. We cannot afford YFD and YPD but we can raise property taxes 1-1.5% to pay for this crap. Please.
    I say to Joan smoke ’em out. Don’t give them one dollar and lets see the shit they are trying to cover up rise to the surface.
    On a final note, does anyone know who are the attorneys for the YPA and how much do we pay them?

  4. Speaking of YFD and equipment, I saw Fitz waddling around No. Yks in a pair of shorts. I’ll tell this guy could put out a fire just by pouncing on it.

  5. Joan;
    You should be telling the taxpayers of your district that the mayor took 20% of the cops off the beat in the 4th pct. to have a car in front of his house 24 hrs a day. So now you only have 4 cars patroling north yonkers instead of 5.

  6. Maybe the YPA should fire all amiconee’s friends and family they hired in the last 7 yrs, probably about $400,000 a year, then the YPA can pay the tab in 2 years!

  7. Joan,
    you are right again
    think about asking the city why it gives away garbage collection in the form of the BID.
    the city gives away services it should be paid for all to support a BID which does nothing but further blight.
    it must be worth 5 million (?) a year
    I’m pretty sure this would save DPW jobs.
    thanks for your hard work.
    why don’t the unions attack this corrupt nonsense?

  8. Better yet, sell them all for a couple million, the YFD doesnt know how to use them and doesnt have the manpower to STAFF THEM.

  9. Build a garage to house all the YFD vehicles currently being stored at 460 Nepperhan Avenue and you will not have to pay any rent to Amicone’s buddy every month! $20,000/month goes to some shell corporation for rent on this property unneccessarily. There you go Mr. Mayor, I just saved you and the citizens of Yonkers $240,000/year! What say you?

  10. While we have all this criminal behavior going on, there is a police car sitting in front of the mutt Amicone’s house. I guess he’s afraid people are going to start throwing their garbage in his front yard.

  11. Joan, you should send this matter to both the AG and the Comptrollers office. This is the usual Yonkers shuffle and if Regan and co. did not provide full information to the city council the vote should be null and void. I doubt if the Mayors poodle Chuck would go for a revote, the same goes for the ”
    los tres Amigos.
    Anyhoo keep up the good work.

  12. Speaking of parking issues has there been anything on the McDow car? Has it been towed out of there? Has she been sent a bill or is this a little present in anticipation of a budget vote.

  13. OT, but the “envelope lady” is out on medical leave and therefore can’t be fired. She shows up when she feels “well enough”, collects full pay and perks, yells some, plays on facebook some, and then leaves to go to a Yankee game. You people call her stupid, but she is really brilliant at the Patronage Game. She will play this game for the next year at least and probably dip into a sickbank to do it. This is a prime example of why the union members are so against giving back.

  14. Joan,
    Speaking of city hall parking issues, jurors should be provided with free parking as done in the County courthouse and elsewhere. How can we expect citizens to do their civic duty and have to pay to park???
    If that Lockwood parking lot goes back to private ownership, then the McDonald’s originally planned for that site could come to fruition and then that transitional neighborhood goes down the tubes fast. Originally, this was the one and only time I favored eminent domain. McDonald’s opens, bye bye to that area.
    No happy meals for the residents.
    Arch Stanton

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