Klein Puts Pedestrians First

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Fights for Safer Cross Walk at McLean Ave and Bronx River Road

YONKERS, NY, July 6, 2010 — Yonkers residents now have eight additional seconds to cross the street at McLean Ave and Bronx River Road thanks to the quick efforts of State Senator Jeff Klein.

Last month, Klein’s office received a call from Yonkers resident Mary Ludwig. Ludwig expressed her extreme concern over the limited time the automated walk signs allowed for pedestrians to cross at the traffic intersection of McLean Avenue and Bronx River Road. Ludwig stated that she did not feel that the light allowed sufficient time for residents, particularly seniors, to make it safely across.

Klein’s office immediately contacted the Yonkers Traffic Division and was directed to contact the New York City Department of Transportation, as the intersection falls under their jurisdiction. Klein's office followed up with the NYC Department of Transportation and requested an inquiry into the situation. NYC DOT agreed to look at the issue to determine what could be done.

Less than a week after the inquiry from Klein's office, NYC DOT informed the office that they added a full eight additional seconds to the walk signs, dramatically increasing pedestrian safety at the intersection.

Traffic safety is vital in ensuring our communities remain pedestrian friendly and more importantly, safe. I applaud the New York City Department of Transportation for taking quick action on the matter and believe by working together we've saved residents from potential injury or accident,” said State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester).

“This intersection is terrible. There are a lot of erratic drivers, it’s very dangerous. People get cutesy with their driving at the city-county line, and I’ve had more than my share of dodging traffic here,” said Mary Ludwig.

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eHeziKlein Puts Pedestrians First

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  1. Another example of Sen Klein’s useless campaign rhetoric-was it not Sen Klein who for a mere $50,000 would lead you around the inner sanctums of Albany?.

  2. Wow, eight additional seconds! That’s about two extra steps for an elderly person. Great job Klein! You should run for Governor.

  3. The real hypocracy is catholic clerics supporting Democrats, who are not only for abortion, but attack Catholic candidates for being against abortion.And that is the case because of the tax money that Schumer,Klein and Lowey steer to the church and catholic schools.Heads the Democrats win,tails the Democrats win.

  4. Isn’t this the same Senator who a while ago gave over $75,000 of tax payer money (pork) to organizations which prmote the killing of the unborn and the breakup of the family???? I guess you have a little more time to cross the street only if you survive coming out of the womb…KLEIN you are a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Three months without a budget and this state senator puts out this rinky dink press release.Out with all of them.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

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