Lesnick on Yonkers City Council’s Approval Vote of Mayor Amicone’s FY2110-2011 Budget

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Lesnick_Chuck with Flag  YONKERS, NY,  July 14, 2010 — The Yonkers City Council tonight voted 6-1 to approve the City’s FY 2010-11 Budget and provide the mayor with the necessary financial resources to restore essential services and jobs. Councilmember Joan Gronowski voted against its adoption.

The budget’s passage follows an announcement earlier today by NYS Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, NYS Senator Jeff Klein, NYS Assemblyman Mike Spano and NYS Assemblyman Gary Pretlow that $36.4 million in educational aid was being returned to Yonkers for school funding.  

The Council met last on Saturday, July 10 and voted against Mayor Phil Amicone’s proposed FY 2010-11 Budget that threatened to eliminate Yonkers Public School’s pre-kindergarten, transportation and other programs that 26,000 students rely on.

In addition to adopting the City’s new $894,144,192 million spending plan of which $481, 442, 497 is for the Yonkers Public Schools, the Council also approved an income tax surcharge that increases the state levy from 10 to15%.

The revenue and labor cooperation will be used to retain all uniformed police employees and may be applied towards bringing back laid off public works employees, firefighters and detention officers. The city also hopes to add a new class of police officers in the next training academy in the near future to replace retiring officers. Decisions regarding the re-opening of a fire company and / or firehouse and additional garbage pickup have been deferred until the mayor concludes additional meetings with the city’s labor unions.

Council President Chuck Lesnick remarked, “In the true spirit of bi-partisanship, the mayor and the City Council came together and voted a budget that has the potential to restore important jobs that contribute to our quality of life. However, it is unfortunate that we could not have a greater sense of finality today but it was crucial that we act now before the City runs out of money.”            Majority Leader Patricia D. McDow stated, “I want to first congratulate our state delegation for coming through with the Board of Education funds to provide for our students and teachers. I also want to commend Council President Lesnick and the entire City Council for working diligently to pass a responsible budget, and I hope that the mayor will continue to work with our labor unions to restore all of our city’s essential services.”

SOURCE: Press Release

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eHeziLesnick on Yonkers City Council’s Approval Vote of Mayor Amicone’s FY2110-2011 Budget

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  1. Lesnick proved yet again what he is. A spineless out of touch do nothing waste of taxpayer money.
    There could have been a big difference if we elected Castro-Blanco. My union was one of only 2 unions that supported Castro-Blanco because he is someone we can speak with and who understands what the city’s needs are. He still speaks with union guys and is a thoughtful and decent man. Too bad Yonkers let this idiot Lesnick sneak back in.
    Our loss.

  2. Chuck,
    If you had taken control of that meeting and ordered that asshole Murtagh back into chambers you would have looked great. You blew it.

  3. Chucky baby, dont even consider a run for mayor! Enjoy the kob you now have, cause thats the last political job you will ever have. Oh wait, there is one you might be qualified for………dog kennel cleaner.

  4. that’s cause they don’t care…
    when i called his office, i was actually given some snide remark about how i should go to the budget hearings if i am concerned…basicially trying to dismiss me as some apathetic, uninvolved citizen…

  5. XXXXXOOOO Chuck! You’ll get an envelope from me for sure!!!
    Yours in Theft,
    Lorraine Lopez
    PS: Spinson, Fleming, Moooodugno, Giambruno, the City Hall TV crew (all 5), our new add from the IG’s campaign, Marty, and all the other Special ASSistants send their love.

  6. I called every day from 07/12/10 to 07/15/10 to the City Council President’s office complaining about the garbage piling up in Mr Shepherd’s District and each day I was met with the same response oh they have not picked it up yet-Mr Shepherd the coward and no balls puke that he is put his District phone number on recording for the whole week-the one fellow at last nite’s meeting had Mr Shepherd pegged correctly in that he is nothing more than a water boy for Amicone.

  7. let’s start with your opening line..
    “The Yonkers City Council tonight voted 6-1 to approve the City’s FY 2010-11 Budget and provide the mayor with the necessary financial resources to restore essential services and jobs.
    Councilmember Joan Gronowski voted against its adoption.”
    a 5th grader in our failing school system could find cuts— but the city council and the mayor can’t.
    good for Joan.
    you’re weak attempt to vilify her is going to come back and smack all of you right out of office.
    another moron.

  8. x20 paid for the by the Yonkers tax payer = $10,000,000
    Rent paid since it opened in 2006 = 0
    Zuppa paid for the by the Yonkers tax payer = $1,000,000
    Rent Paid since it opened in 2004 = 0
    Imagine if x20 & Zuppa paid rent back to the CITY for their leases of city property (forget the build out money for now)
    x20 for 30,000 sq ft should be paying @ $30/sq ft approx per year = $900,000 BACK TO YONKERS WITHOUT SECURITY DEPOSITS ETC…
    Zuppa for 20,000 sq ft @ $30/per sq =$600,000 a year BACK TO YONKERS
    ADDED ALL UP SINCE 2004(based on 1st year base rent for both @ $30/sq)
    Zuppa = $3.6mm for 6 year in business
    X20 = $5.4mm for 4 years in business
    TOTAL $9,000,000.
    give or take but thats approx where it should be. Forget about if you added back in the cost to build out X20 that city hall hid inside the renovation of the pier funding.

  9. I have a message for ChuckU and his environmental specialist. We have not had a recycling pick up in almost three weeks. We are drowning in papers and plastic. We should dump them in your office you over educated smuck.

  10. You are all a joke. Raising both income & property tax – yea good move. You, the council & mayor, etc are like the clowns in a circus stuffing yourselves into the small clown. All you guys do is look for photo opps everyday. Good for Joan G but who knows what her motive is.

  11. This has got to be some sort of dark humor. Garbage all over the streets and he has an environment spec. in his office! Well I consider the DPW workers the environment spec.

  12. I am still waiting for Chris Marmelehos (spelling?) to get back to me with a list of things that the City Council President cut from his office in the budget, when i called over two weeks ago, laura, the environmental specialist said that she/he? would get back to me…
    so again, what did the city council president’s office cut? how about the mayor’s office? McDowd?
    responsible budget my a**
    what’s worse, is not only did they raise property taxes, but now income taxes, and there are no firm assurances what if any services will actually be restored. this really is a friggin joke…

  13. Chuck you are not only a big disappointment…you are an out and out fraud.
    “There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny.”
    So far you are guilty of two. Think about it.

  14. Chuck…
    You’re really a fool.
    You think you’re making friends with the unions by increasing the Income tax surcharge? Maybe you are…and you’ll need them as friends when you are out of public office.
    The taxpayers time will come at election time.
    Here’s two questions in advance….
    1. Why didn’t you force the cuts in the mayor’s office?
    2. Why didn’t the Council take some cuts?

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