Phil Zisman, Yonkers City Court Judge Candidate Condemns the Challenge to His Petitions by the Yonkers Democratic Party

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Phil Zisman Calls for the Democrats to Withdraw their Meritless Challenge and Let the Voters Decide in the Primary which Judicial Candidates Should Appear on the Democratic Ticket in November.

Yonkers, New York – July 28, 2010. Phil Zisman, the former Inspector General for the City of Yonkers and current candidate for Yonkers City Court Judge, has condemned the Yonkers Democratic Party’s decision to challenge his petitions in an effort to knock him off the ballot.

In a letter to Symra Brandon, the Yonkers Democratic Party Chair, Zisman stated that he is confident that his petitions, which contain more than 1,950 signatures – almost double the required amount to qualify for the ballot – are valid. He called the challenge a waste of time and money and offered to meet with Ms. Brandon and the other candidates for City Court Judge to prove the validity of his signatures.

Zisman called the challenge unjustified and potentially divisive, and believes it may hurt the Democrats’ chances in November. Zisman said

“Democrats should not fight to keep fellow Democrats off of the ballot when it is clear that the requirements to qualify for the election have been met. The challenge will divide Democrats and could alienate the thousands of voters who already support my candidacy and signed my petitions.”

Zisman questioned the credibility of the specific challenges, and note that the Party claimed that even his wife Emily’s signature was invalid. (Emily has been a registered Yonkers Democratic voter in good standing for almost twenty years.)

Zisman stated that he made an affirmative decision not to challenge the other candidates’ petitions, preferring to let the voters decide. However, he advised that he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to assure that his petitions are certified and that his name appears on the ballot for the September 14th primary.

Download Symra Brandon re challenge

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eHeziPhil Zisman, Yonkers City Court Judge Candidate Condemns the Challenge to His Petitions by the Yonkers Democratic Party

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  1. they don’t have to teach grammer..we have bloggers
    like you to criticize and correct because dealing
    with the issue is too tough

  2. sure anyone should be able to run in a democracy
    but this aint a democracy its a republic where
    laws are made governing elections. and zisman
    knew what the requirements of new york state law were
    so he had the obligation to obtain valid signatures
    if he did he is on the ballot.if he could not he will
    be off the ballot

  3. Yeah, right- of course. Why should anybody actually have to get the PERMISSION of the voters in their own party to run. How stupid of me. How undemocratic to have the PEOPLE’S consent to your candidacy before you get onto a ballot.

  4. Look you *ucking morons, anyone should be allowed to run in a democracy. This nonsense with signing petitions is archaic and belongs where a lot of these party people belong with the dodo’s.
    It’s just another way to feed the lawyers who love getting paid.

  5. The petitions were challenged because the guy had people walking up to folks on the street, asking if they were democrat and then asking them to sign. It should come as no surprise that a lot of the signatures were by people who were not registered, didn’t live in the city, etc. There were something like 1200 objections posted to his petitions. You don’t get that many objections to the signatures unless somebody was really playing fast and loose with the rules.

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