Response to Murtagh’s Letter BY JOSÉ A. CARABALLO

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Yonkers_Fire_local_628As the President of The Yonkers Firefighters of Local 628 I DEMAND an immediate apology from Councilman Murtagh to the members of The Yonkers Fire Department for the comment made in his letter (The budget 2010-2011). Speaking on behalf of Local 628 and its union members, that is not only a bold face lie but very insulting as well.

“Continuing their job action" are the words he used to describe yet another one of his outlandish LIES. Public sector Unions are prohibited from engaging in job actions under The Taylor Law.  By asserting that Local 628 is engaged in a "job action", he has defamed Local 628 and has damaged its reputation.

Local 628 and its members continue to fight fires and respond to many thousand of emergencies and still serve the public with  less fire fighters ( 36 layoffs, 34 demotions) and equipment. We have also made an offer to give up compensation in the millions of dollars to ensure that the public continues to be served and is protected.

Local 628 proposed fiscal year savings of over $2 million which would have been guaranteed and backed up by collateral. In return, even with this proposed savings, the City would not guarantee that there would not be additional cuts in the current fiscal year.  Additionally, Local 628 proposed several other cost-savings measures that could total $700,000 and have the City apply these dollars also to the current Yonkers Fire Department deficit of $4.3 million.

It was was not until Sunday July 11, 2010 (two days after closing Station #8 and two weeks after disbanding Ladder 70 and relocating Tower ladder 75 to Ladder Company 70's former location) that the Mayor agreed to enter into  serious  discussions with Local 628.  It should be noted that it took numerous calls to the Mayor  which went unanswered, and the prodding of several Council members, to get the Mayor to meet with Local 628 on Sunday night July 11, 2010.

Prior to the meeting with the Mayor on Sunday July 11, 2010, myself and several Executive Board members of Local 628 met with the City Council President and a couple of City Council members the night before, on Saturday July 10th  from approximately 10:00 pm until well past midnight. At that meeting, Local 628 said it was prepared to discuss several cost-saving and deferral items with the Mayor, but only if it resulted in bringing back the laid-off firefighters, restoring the demoted officers to their prior ranks, and the reinstatement of Engine 308 and Ladder 70.

In closing Local 628 has been at the negotiating table several times. It’s obvious the Mayor is looking for something else so he continues to 'hold the gun' to Local 628 Union while keeping the citizens hostage to the essential services they so deserve.

José  A. Caraballo is the president Yonkers Fire fighters Local 628  I.A.F.F – A.F.L.-C.I.O.

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eHeziResponse to Murtagh’s Letter BY JOSÉ A. CARABALLO

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  1. Piggy and Fatzy are two bozos who have taken a once proud department and have taken it down to the levels that it is today. 13/7/1 to 10/5/1 in 30 years is pretty bad management.

  2. sorry FDNY this is the persona that Piggy has perpetuated since he took over. Create chaos amongst the membership so his lack of mgmt skills are over looked. It has created many bad days

  3. and to the “retired chief” why do alot of FDNY guys leave there to come to the YFD…it is never the other way around….
    and Chief Fitzpatrick would never want to go to the FDNY he would have to take a paycut

  4. Fellas stop and think for one minute… You are not talking to anyone from the FDNY. It is just the wannabee volley from the posts above. Look at the icon. It is the same every time. You can claim to be any one you want, but the last thing he is, is a professional firefighter. He’s probably hard just thinking about a feud between the YFD and FDNY. Don’t get baited by this worthless piece of garbage! Same thing for the “retired chief”, just another volley! Don’t fall into their childish game. Use your heads and stick to the topic.

  5. The point was not all, but perhaps some of the fallen FDNY guys could have been saved if the message the police had that the buildings were in serious danger was even communicated to the FDNY, but due to the macho power struggle between the two the message A) was most likely never received or B) not heeded
    and when was the last time Yonkers needed FDNY they have as many if not more firehouses across all 5 boroughs that are slower than the slowest in Yonkers…and thats a fact.

  6. Sure John. Jim certainly knows allot about the inner workings of the YFD. So who is kidding who. Jim is indeed a member of the YFD, as are others on here such as Hey Hayward, Ambualance Chaser, Carozza, Vollys R Us, Limp Lesnick AND JIM. So when you start bashing the FDNY you guys in Yonkers are in big trouble

  7. Most people posting on this (forum) are not firefighters. The YFD respects all other fire depts. This is my 1st and last post on this board.

  8. Oh !!! Now the YFD is blaming us for the deaths of our brothers. WOW! Just wait when you need us next time up in Yonkers. Our BC will just tell you all and your fat chief to stick it. How dare you.

  9. FDNY guys are so overrated they ride with more guys and do less of a job with those guys….its amazing the jealousy that people have for the YFD and the CHief
    and talk about pissing matches and egos if they had any relationship with the cops 343 men would not be dead because they did not communicate during that disaster…GOD REST THEIR SOULS

  10. I am appauled by the behavior and comments made on this forum related to our Fire Service. Comments made by both citizens of our city as well as comments made from members of the Yonkers Fire Department are childish and totally unprofessional. Especially coming from those fire fighters who help protect our city, this is real sad. Fire Fighters are supposed to be role models to our youth and not act like children, which apparently they are, based upon what I have been reading. Sad, really sad.

  11. To Haywood Jablomi – Talk about wannabees, you could not even roll up a hose here in FDNY. The Yonkers Guys think that because they are so close to us that they are just like us and then they have the balls to rip us concerning that Bronx River Road job 8 years ago. Hey, we worked our butts off at that job helping you guys out. We had to take orders from Fitzpatrick who was more concerned about the press time he was getting from the local media than fighting the fire. And for Pagano, he is just a former Union Guy who now thinks he’s a commissioner. Hey YFD Boys, enough with the egos and have them checked at your fire house door

  12. One thing is for certain
    With all the posting from YFF about 911 responces Fdny at Bronx River road.What we are capable of responding to with less resources.Who we are and what we are capable of with the proper equiptment at 911 type incident( just ask FDNY that question). What we do without any one in admin. Fitz knowledge, yet inlarged ego.Lack of fires why, Journal news reports spark burns house in Bedford.Stove fire destroys peekskill apt complex. Manpower by proffessionals stops this from occuring every day in YO. The Question that needs to be asked is what is missing.The answer is PIGANO, No body mentions him because he does nothing administrative at all. His sole objective is to cause mayhem. Avg day- wake up -poof hair- steal newspaper- go to 460- read stolen paper- go to 3 hour lunch-and most importantly call Mayor and tellHim it is all 628’s fault-wait for responce from Mayor which is always I know.Do it again tomorrow. 628 isn’t perfect but this union has been trying to hold this job together since the incarnation of the consumate EGo maniac Pagano.Wake up boys.To everyone else out there 628 will hold job together and hopefully someday we will all just get along.

  13. You spoke to your fellow wannabees in Valhalla while you watched Ladder 49 for the 200th time. Who are you kidding? Stick to your weekend warrior activities and telling each other how “cool” it would be if we were in charge. Not gonna happen.

  14. Carozza: Some very good points made and i will give you kudos for well raised points. As far as Chief Fitzpatrick is concerned, he is one of the most knowledgable and well versed Fire Fighting Administrators in the area. His knowledge and leadership cannot be questiond as it relates to the Fire Service. Yes, as someone pointed out, he would certainly be an asset to Westchester County, should a County Run Fire Service be established and run by Chief Fitzpatrick. However, I have also spoken with several Chiefs in FDNY as well within Westchester County, within the State, and some of the leaders of the Valhalla Training Facility and they all say to a person that while they all respect Chief Fitzpatrick’s experience, he comes off as being a very pompus individual who does not like being told what to do. He rather lead than be led, and that they all say he needs to understand that there are others out there who are just as knowledgable and experienced as he is. So that appears to be a major issue with Chief Fitzpatrick and why many consider the YFD as the “Red Headed Step Child” Maybe if the Chief would be willing to let his ego go and allow both the Profesional Ranks and Civilian Ranks talk to him, he might be better received.

  15. If that Fat Ass Fitzy is so good at what he does why did he lose lead agency of that UASI (or is it Ufatassi) federal grant to the cops. Didn’t he screw up and forget to file the proper paperwork?

  16. There have been about 25 or so comments posted between yours & my response so forgive me if I come off as somewhat repetitive. As has already been mentioned, inflation & the rising costs of healthcare (of which we pay a portion) have cut into the bottom line as compared to the 70’s as far as bang for your buck is concerned. I also think it’s worth mentioning the “politics as usual” that our fair city is known for. The old saying of Yonkers being the ‘city of hills’, where nothing is on the level certainly comes to mind when one asks where & why as far as funding is concerned. Again, at the risk of sounding repetitive, the YFD is the most efficient outfit in this city. We have NO FAT (please refrain from Chief Fitzpatrick jokes, they’re getting played out). Our current economic state has been brought on by gross negligence & mismanagement by the people who’s jobs it is to prevent JUST THAT. I can’t speak (write) intelligently about the people who ran this city in 1974 but I’d be surprised if they were anywhere near as incompetent as the leadership we find ourselves under presently. I MUST give them credit for diverting everyone’s attention from the real culprits & demonizing people who’ve done nothing wrong.
    I’d also like to address the issue of federal grant money & equipment. Yonkers is the 4th largest city in the state. If anyone in this area was going to get a greater amount by proportion, it would be us. Yonkers DOES train with other municipalities in the event that specialized equipment is needed outside of the city boundaries. These grants are applied for on a regular basis. They’re funded by the FEDERAL government. I understand it’s ultimately our tax dollars that fund these ‘toys’ but follow me with this: if the grants aren’t applied for, no equipment comes. If you think that’s going to lower your FEDERAL taxes, you may as well attempt to reverse the earth’s rotation. So, as citizen’s of Yonkers, wouldn’t you rather HAVE the toys since your paying for them anyway? If we don’t apply for the grants, someone else does & THEY get the ‘toys’. What you’re seeing at 460 Nepperhan Ave. is your tax dollars at work. Probably better than any other municipality in the immediate area which brings me to my next point.
    Because Chief Fitzpatrick has developed relationships with the federal government, he has rubbed others jealous of that very relationship the wrong way. Whatever their bug is, it’s damaging to the safety & security of EVERYONE the YFD can help because these people REFUSE to work with Chief Fitz. Some have power ego issues, others are intimidated, the bottom line is: Westchester County training academy treats Yonkers like a red-headed step child. I ran a class there 10 years ago & their conduct was reprehensible. Help from Valhalla WON’T be as expedient as it needs to be. Besides, the majority of the population in Westchester County is concentrated in this neck of the woods. The YFD has the manpower (we DON’T close a firehouse if a certain number of members are sick), the facilities to store the equipment, and, to a man, the capability. The idea that we’re all ‘FDNY wannabees’ is childish. We’ve done a pretty good job with less men per rig for quite some time now. With all due respect to the retired chief who posted earlier, I saw the FDNY march onto the scene on Bronx River Road approximately 8 years ago & promptly did an about face when our chief asked if they could stretch a line. They were truckmen & didn’t stretch lines. When asked to cut some roof, they were engine guys & didn’t cut roofs. Maybe it was that particular battalion chief on duty that night, but I think it best that WE exercise some control over what equipment is available to us when we or one of our neighbors may need it. Thanks anyway. I probably missed some questions/challenges but I think I’ve taken up enough space for one post! Don’t hesitate to write again if I did miss one or two.

  17. Actually you sleep alot, do nothing, rubbish fire fighting, number inflating, cry baby, city milking moron… I was commenting on what your genius union leader said and you were too stupid to pick up on it.
    Your jose or pablo carawhatever said that you morons have continued to fight fires since this conflict started and my comment was that THERE HAVEN’T BEEN ANY FIRES SINCE THEN !!!! Thats the truth but spoken like a true mindless follower you come at me for telling the truth.
    I don’t argue that a fire can happen anytime, the only thing i’m saying is that jose lied when he said you have continued to put out fires because you haven’t.
    No go have another beer before the chief says it’s bed time and comes to tuck you guys in.

  18. Truth hurts doesn’t it Hey Jim or Egos Inc., whatever you want to call yourself. Stop by sometime and I’ll let you smell my turnouts. Now go kneel before your Dennis Leary poster and repeat after me “I am not a loser, I am not a loser…..

  19. Thank you retired FDNY Chief. A voice of logic and reason. If you listened to all of the YFD members on here, who really only are “FDNY Wannabees” at heart and know deep down inside that they could not even wipe the shoes of those who are members of the FDNY, you would know that they are all jealous of the men and women who work in the FDNY. Trust me folks, if a Terrorist Group was going to BOMB a location or set off one of those Gas Bombs, they are NOT going to throw it on Yonkers. They would target NYC. If Yonkers needs the equipment, all they need to do is to pick up the phone and call FDNY. They are only a phone call away (but that may be too hard to do as FITZY is a FDNY Chief Wannabee at heart [He could not pass the physical to get into the FDNY, so thats a mute point]

  20. Give all the equipment to the FDNY, they already have the knowlege, manpower and money needed to utilize them. If needed, they are only a phone call away and could be here faster than if yonkers had to recall men.

  21. Ahhh, the truth at last. Hidden behind a thin veil of self-servence lies the pitter patter of a wannabee firefighter. Let’s throw out the professionals and let the weekend warriors run the show! Won’t happen Jack, so go back into your little fantasy woven life of what if’s and if only’s and leave the firefighting to the big boys!

  22. Ok, I agree that Bill Fitzpatrick is very good at what he does, so why doesn’t some knucklehead in Westchester County (Hey Rob Asterino are you listening) appoint Bill Fitzpatrick as the HEAD of EMERGENCY SERVICES for the County of Westchester. I’d bet that if he were to serve in the position and manage this function, you would not have all of the waste that others are indiciating exists, not only within the Yonkers Fire Department, but also in New Rochelle, Eastchester, Greenville, White Plains, Mount Vernon, etc, etc, etc. I’d bet if he would be assigned to this position and the Fire Services were consolidated and regionalized throughout the county, he would make a County Run Operation even better than what Baltimore County has as well as Los Angeles County out in California. But, allas, we have the issue of the UNIONS and the Territorial Battles that exists between our cities and of course even worse, the issues between those Cities, Towns and Villages to which their Fire Services are supported by “Professionals” and those that are serviced by “Volunteers”. If Bill Fitzpatrick were to be assigned this position within Westchester County, I would almost guarantee that EVERY firefighter that currently exists in Westchester County would be MANDATED to complete the required training that would certify EVERYONE in the Fire Service under one Federal Controlled Standard, and if one would not complete the courses needed, then they would be OUT. Shared Services is the way of the future for ALL OF WESTCHESTER COUNTY. It saves money, takes advantage of all of the available equipment, apparatus and manpower throughout the county, and would provide a World Class Fire Service available for everyone in Westchester County. Its not a “Pie in the Sky” concept. It has been successfully put in place in other LARGE municipal disricts in our country (ie: Baltimore County, etc), so it is not impossible. But, allot would have to change and its starts at the top. Don’t allow the unions to have any say or control into it. Allow a Firefighting professional such as Bill Fitzpatrcik the opportunity to develop it, organize it and run it. Lets hear what each of the City Mayors, City/Town/Village Fire Officials, County Executive (Asterino), the Fire Fighters alike (both Professional and Volunteer) and the Citizens of this county (not just here in Yonkers) think of this concept.

  23. Jim, there has been talk over the past couple of years to regionalize the fire service throughout Westchester County, in similiar manner that other large municipal areas within the United States have successfully done over the years (ie: Baltimore County, etc). Now, while I think that there are certainly pros and cons to this, I do agree that as it relates to Specialized Services, such as what the YFD-SOD has, that has allot of merit. You could have a COUNTY RUN Special Operations Division, spread out into SECTORS throughout the county. You could say have a Southern Regional County Special Operations Division located say in either Mount Vernon (which would make sense given its Central Location in Southern Westchester County) or Yonkers or New Rochelle. If, in the case of a Disaster, SPECIALIZED TRAINED personnel from each of the municipalities covered by this “Southern Regional SOD” would go and pick up this equipment and travel to the site of the incident. This is called SHARING OF SERVICES (more than the standard Mutual Aid, which is a sore subject already throughout the county, ex; Yonkers refusing to just simply cover fire departments in Mount Vernon “in case” there might be a fire, while Mount Vernon is out battling a fire with the full contigent of personnel that they have, simply because Yonkers feels that Mount Vernon is not properly staffed and equiped as in Yonkers case, to support its city’s fire services and ONLY if Yonkers were needed to actually fight the fire, they don’t want to come. This is partly fueled by Chief Fitzpatrick as well as the Unions). What is Southern County Shared SOD service would do would be to allow this specialed service to be used throughout the county. However the BIGGEST hurdle to overcome is the TERRITORIAL BATTLES that already exist between various municipalities, who, in a case of the need of Shared Services, is actually IN CHARGE (now the huge egos play into this, such as in the case of Chief Fitzpatrick, who wants to play Chief of EVERYTHING (one does not know, but when the FLOODS up in BINGHAMTON NEW YORK happened several years back, almost every service in Westchester County were deployed and sent, but Yonkers refused to go simply because Chief Fitzpatrick did not want to take orders from someone from another jurisdiction. And that is FACT not FICTION). So, in order to make this work, the TERRITORIAL and EGO issues needs to be thrown out the door. And then you also have the Unions who must approve of utilizing and sharin of ANY of their Personnel on a Countywide Basis, without some concessions before it could happen. So, all of us here in the City of Yonkers need to learn the POLITICAL MESS that exists that prevents cost saving measures to be implemented, so we could all save money. Yes, the Mayor and City Council have allot of blame to take on this, but as others have mentioned, the UNIONS and the Senior Officials within the Yonkers Fire Department have some of the blame to take on as well.

  24. Hey Jose, want to get all your men back (or at least most of them)? Have your guys call in sick enmass, slow down their response times and let small rodents loose in the council chambers. Then you offer a modest kick-back (uniform allowance, night diff. etc..) to the mayor. He is sure to reward you and bring back your guys. It’s fool-proof!!! But you should use caution in what you give him because he’ll be asking for it again in January. All the best.

  25. Yonkers does many multi-agency drills with county towns, cities and villages….but someone has to be the leader of the show…..who should it be someone in Valhalla dont think so….if there was another Godforesaken “9/11” type of situation Yonkers is the main staging area for these deployments…so it is alot easier to have manpower respond than to have manpower take time in each jurisdiction to travel to whereever their respective “special Ops Divisions ” are and then transport down…and the only point that anyone has made with any sense is someone mentioning the upkeep..but ALL these items did not cost the taxpayers a single penny they were federal/homeland security funds given for this strict reason if Yonkers wanted to use this money for something else..THEY WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN THE MONEY….or even if they do not use the alloted amount..the balance would have to be returned to whatever agency gave it. Why all the jealousy/personal vendettas against Chief Fitzpatrick ?? maybe because he gets things done he brings fire companies back, he trains the members and actually does what he goes out and says he will do unlike alot of other “people” in all aspects of the Yonkers political and union landscape..this city and this county is VERY lucky to have him in charge.

  26. In response to JIM said in reply to Response to Apples and Oranges…
    Say, god forbid, these is a disaster related to the Hillview Reservoir or say a major explosion at one of the Con Ed Sub Stations, you could have the YFD respond initially as part of its standard response and then have a COUNTY RUN specialized operations division, with its needed specialized equipment and appartus respond “within minutes” to the scene. Yes, the equipment is needed, but not just needed and “maintained” exclusively by the City of Yonkers and speicifically by Chief Fitzpatrick and the YFD

  27. I’d bet if a group of concerned citizens were to be given access down at the YFD “Toy Store” (aka – 460 Nep) everyone would be very suprized of what is in there. You have 3 Spare Tower Ladders, 4 Spare Ladder Truck, 5 Spare Engines, 1 Spare Rescue Truck, 1 Spare Squad, A Water Tender, A Track Trailer, 1 Burn Training Unit, 1 Fire Education Trailer, 2 Emergency Services Trailers, 1 Mobile Command Center, 1 Bus, at least 4 or 5 Ford F450 YFD/SOD Trucks, and other YFD/SOD Apparatus that if “Shared” as part of a County Run Fire Special Operations Division, that could be utilized by ALL fire districts within Westchester County, we could save on TAX PAYER DOLLARS (Yonkers Tax Payer Dollars) that is needed to maintain this Specialized Equipment that is GREATLY NEEDED by ALL OF WESTCHESTER COUNTY in case of a Disaster BUT NOT SOLELY NEEDED by the City of Yonkers. But of course, the Toy Store Manager (aka: Chief Fitzpatrick) would NEVER allow a “Citizen” access to his toy store. Excuses like Homeland Secuity Issues, etc, would spew out of his mouth, because he does not want ANYONE outside of his chosen few to see what his has stored down at his 460 Nep Toy Store. Wake Up Citizens of Yonkers, these toys have to have upkeep given to them in order that they just don’t sit and rust down at the 460 Nep Toy Store (such as Fuel and Daily Maintenence). Who pays for that? WE DO, thats WHO.

  28. Hey Dopey YFD Members and Supporters (and these people are in the minority within the YFD as the majority of YFD members are intelligent and care about our city), DON’T FORGET that these so called Fitzpatrick Toys are appropriated thru OUR TAX MONIES. Do you think that the funding for these TOYS grow on trees. Maybe if the Feds diverted this funding to our cities to help MAINTAIN the Fire Services that we depend on each and every day, rather than using it for cities such as Yonkers and Chief Fitzpatrick, who as other have said could EITHER get support in such disasters from FDNY or if it was run by the COUNTY and not by YONKERS ALONE, we all could have saved TAX PAYER DOLLARS that could have been used to SAVE FIREFIGHTER JOBS, rather than for YONKERS ALONE FD Special Operations Apparatus and Equipment that would be much better served as part of the County of Westchester Department of Emergency Services. But, as others have said before, the person who is in charge of the YFD – SOD has an ego as large as Mount Rushmore, and would not even consider it.

  29. Sell all the “toys” and do what with the money ??
    give it to the mayor so he can waste and give to his cronies no shot TOYS ARE HERE TO STAY

  30. Hey should the YFD or Chief Fitzpatrick have to give money appropriated to THEM for special services give that money to the Yonkers City Hall coifers??
    so they can hire more bullshit people in bullshit jobs….the money the Special Operations division gets is appropriated for one reason and one reason alone..that money has NOTHING to do with Yonkers or whoever..those so called “toys” that you call them have not cost the city one penny…there will be a major emergency response incident in Yonkers with in the next couple of years due to its proximity to the city etc, whether an airplane crash, a Hillview reservoir chlorine incident or a major CON ED fire off Fullerton ave (that station is the main link for electricity in all of Manhattan, and most of Brooklyn and Long Island, and when it will be thanking that these “toys” are here…

  31. Yes, it is called “Fiscal Responsibility” and yes, blame needs to be placed on the City Administration (Mayor, Controller, Councilpeople) BUT also members of the Fire Department, like Chief Fitzpatrick also needs to be held accountible for over spending. Chief Fitzpatrick has OVER SPENT “tax payer dollars” in the form of Federal Grant Funds for Equipment that could have been mutually purchased and shared by neighboring communities within Westchester County rather than hording them only for Yonkers. Now was Chief Fitzpatrick looking at saving Tax Payer Dollars for a “rainy day” too? I don’t think so.

  32. Lesnick hasn’t chimed in about the YFD’s contract and OT issues because during his campaign he promissed us a new firehouse and companies for Ridge Hill. Lets wait and see how that plays out once they get around to completing that project. Knowing Chuck he will say it was a different chief he made the promise to.
    No balls means no trust.

  33. It’s called “fiscal responsibility”, Einstein. It’s easy to spend money when the times are good, but did you ever hear the adage “save some for a rainy day”? This administration nor the previous one did. They spent and spent like drunken sailors and now that the money is gone they’re looking at the each other saying “what happened?” So the easy answer is to blame the unions. “If we divert attention from all the lousy decisions and investments that failed, we might not look the fools”.
    As to your foolish comment comparing apples to oranges (70’s to 2010), just a few observations: How much did you pay for a slice of pizza in 1970 and how much do you pay now? Are the pizza guys bleeding us dry? No they have just adjusted their prices accordingly. How much did you pay for your house in 1970? How much is it worth now? Do you still pay the same taxes? Why not? It’s all relative. Have a nice night!

  34. Hey, I have a novel way to raise some money for charity. Let’s have members of the YFD face off in a Charity Pro Wrestling Match with members of the DPW. Since these 2 city agencies have come on this forum and have totally bashed each other, it might be a real hoot to see them battle it out in the ring. Hey, if the fans throw garbage into the ring, you have the DPW already there to pick it up (unless they are tanking the match, therefore you might not get your trash picked up) OR maybe you might have a member of the YFD flicking lit cigarettes into the eyes of a DPW member. How novel.

  35. Come on please and give us all a break. What has not been mentioned is the fact that members of the YFD, thru the negotiations with the City of Yonkers, over the past 30 years, have given its members BENEFITS (Wage, Salary, Retirement, and OT Benefits) that those members of the YFD back in the early 1970’s did not have and never complained that they needed. The YFD and its union got greedy and threatened the city over the past 30 years and thru some “POLITICAL” wrantling (yes, I mean, we will support the MAYORIAL CANDIDATE for some CUSHY BENEFITS that the new mayor will give us once appointed) and now because of this, it has crippled the city to a point where we have significantly less than what we had back in 1974. No one from the YFD has really come on here and have made a logical response to why we have gone from 13 Engine Companies, 7 Ladder Companies and 1 rescue company to what we have today. Sorry, but Health Care and Fuel Costs rising is far less porportiate to the rise in our Property Taxes. So, Carozza, HMMM to that and let’s here your logical FULL WRITEEN RESPONSE TO THAT

  36. Carozza….
    You’re apology is both happily and respectfully accepted. You are truly a gentleman and I can only hope that you emerge as one of the leaders in this City in that I think we would all be better off if you did.
    I agree with you about the union leaders. They ARE just doing their jobs, trying to gain more benefits for their members. I even understand the DPW job action.
    But I do think that the pension system has to be changed. The practice, which is currently fair and totally legal, of opening OT to the senior people who are in the final/bonus years to add to their package really cannot continue. And please understand that I am not alluding to any false records here…I’m not questioning whether the work is being done. Thats why I don’t blame the unions or the members. That’s the system.
    But this is why companies have failed and pensions are no longer affordable perks in the private sector.
    And I realize it is different. Police and Fire put their lives on the line and you deserve a pension…and a good one. But a fair one. Not a $125K or $150K pension for a job that pays $100K.
    So good luck to you sir…and I’m going to read the post about how we’re going to go back to 2 day per week garbage pickup.
    Although I doubt it, maybe our idiot Mayor is learning how to cope.

  37. I’d like to try to answer that.
    I would guess healthcare costs have escalated , fuel costs are higher than ever, taxes are probably the same % wise or more compared to circa mid 70’s, inflation figures into the mix as well. The mid 70’s were a tough time for many municipalities so Im not sure if this is a good example of what you are trying to infer.
    If you remember, in the mid 70’s , there were more many more fires burning in most urban areas. Once can only think of the 77 World Series as the Yankees were playing, there were fires burning in the South Bx.
    Bottom line is we, as taxpayers and homeowners, need an effective emergency response. My mother is 80 years old and lives alone. Do I want the firefighters/ EMT’s there immediately if she cant reach me and needs help.
    You bet I do. How much is that worth?
    Just my 2cents

  38. Hmmm – OK Carossa and Jose, let’s look at this logically. Why, for example, was the City of Yonkers able to support 13 Engine Companies, 7 Ladder Companies and a Rescue Company back in 1974, where the cost to the tax payers were relevent to the expenses incurred to run this city service? Now, in 2010, the City has a serious problem just maintaining 11 Engine Companies, 6 Ladder Companies and 1 Rescue Company (Now 10 Engine Companies, 5 Ladder Companies, and 1 Rescue Company)?????? Is it because the salaries and pensions given during the past 30 years have caught up with the City of Yonkers, thus forcing the city to cut such services so drastically? Taxes have risen since 1974 but City Services are reduced. EXPLAIN THIS TO ALL OF US MR. CARABALLO and CAROZZA.

  39. ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ stole some of my thunder but I wanted to add that Westchester County DOES receive federal grant monies of their own. For that matter I believe almost every municipality is privy to federal funding if someone within that particular department applies for it. The application process is no cakewalk & the equipment that Yonkers has amassed over the years is kept at the ready with training that includes surrounding departments. True, some of the equipment is considered specialty equipment but I feel we’re LUCKY that some of that stuff ISN’T used day to day. It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be at the ready & those equipped to use it shouldn’t be proficient in it’s use. I’ve said it before; we need a police presence regardless of the situation, there will ALWAYS be garbage, but the fire department is akin to an insurance policy; you hope you never need to cash in on it but if you DO, boy, it’s good to have. I can’t defend goon tactics from ANY one. All I’ll say is when things degrade to the level it has presently, it’s ugly.

  40. No, he hasn’t, and as usual Chuck’s camp wanted Joan to ask the hard questions. She must be awfully tired of carrying Chuck’s testicles around. You have to be a hermaphrodite on the Yonkers City Council to watch Chuck’s back.

  41. You’re right and I apologize. I DID paint everyone here with a broad brush & that was wrong. Thank you for your HONEST & UNBIASED opinion. It is certainly one of the less inflammatory ones I’ve read since I started defending myself here. However, there IS a problem with one of your points that I’d like to discuss further. The assertion that people are getting pensions they ‘didn’t earn’. Make no mistake, those hours are being worked by whomever it is that’s retiring. I’ve addressed this issue before regarding politicians endorsed by the unions that allow a percentage increase above one’s base. How else can one retire & continue to live in or around this area? By no means am I happy with every aspect of the ‘system’ either but this particular portion of it is legislated & agreed upon in Albany. The contention that it’s some kind of scam or ‘padding’ is inaccurate at best. And the system IS being scaled back. The most recent class hired has to work longer career-wise & there are other differences I’m not fully aware of that addresses those very concerns. What the future brings only time will tell but I can’t fault ANY union leaders fighting to get the most they can for their members. They’d be remiss in their duties otherwise. Thanks again for your adult response. It’s refreshing to air differences in opinion without getting personal. I hope this damned recession ends soon for EVERYONE out here so we can go back to being invisible!

  42. From what I see, Jose is not the only one with a lot of time on his hands. Every time there is ribbon cutting for a candy store a coffee shop a new gym opening Murtagh is there. I guess his reputation as a barrister is no better than his reputation as a councilman.

  43. If a member calls in sick he is replaced by another, this much is true. But, if the manning for the day/night exceeds 57 the sick member is replaced by the “extra” at no cost to the city. If the manning drops below 57, an off-duty member will be called in from home on overtime. Why is this so hard to understand? How is this a scam?

  44. This city is a JOKE. Murtagh is a DOPE, Amicone is a CLOWN, City Officials LOVE their city paid cars, Caraballo is a RAT, Fitzpatrick is just FAT, Pagano is a PIG, the teachers union have been selfish for YEARS, the cops milk the OT and the DPW are just plain DUMB.
    What’s Not To Love

  45. Anon why don’t you just man up and state who you are….It is hysterical how someone can have all these insulting comments and act like he is tough but hiding behind a computer afraid to even state who he is….Victoria’s Secret is having a sale this weekend, you should go….

  46. I dont understand why in murtaghs posting he says the budget just passed will restore essential services. I have not heard of any garbage men, firemen, or police being rehired. So what essential services being restored is murtagh talking about?

  47. Yes I have but umlike the YFD I do not have unlimited sick time. The scam of calling in sick so that your union brother can get overtime has got to end.

  48. Clear winner of the idiot post of the night! Will there be a fire tonight in your house? In your neighbor’s house? In your mother’s house? How about tomorrow? The fact is you have no idea when or where or how many fires will occur at any given time. Stating that because there have been limited fires in a certain time period has any connection to the future is assinine. When you need us we will be there, tonight, tomorrow and every day. Appreciate the protection you have. What if you called 911 and nobody came?

  49. Although responsible fiscal management may have a beef with the Chief of SOD, but if one would look at some of the duplicate apparatus throughout the county, intended to do the same job, just because of territorial egos, then I would agree that some of this Emergency Preparidenss Apparatus could be shared and be more efficient. It is true that Yonkers does have to foot the bill for the maintenence and upkeep of this equipment, which is something that could be offset if shared with other communities in the area. As for “Rat-Gate” and “Cigarette-Gate” one can pass the blame all they want, but if one looks at the situations and see that heated agruments caused these actions to happen and people who were acting in a non-professional manner with a group that have claimed to be nothing more than professional has got to tell you something. It is sad that finger pointing has esculated to a new art (and one that smells as well)

  50. sorry,if you can’t understand the complexity of how a fire department functions Leevin but really I couldn’t give a shit. the reputation is damaged where?? in your eyes ?? Looking at some of your questions ,it really doesn’t matter.

  51. Has Murtagh explained why he walked out of Council chambers during one of the most important meetings in recent history? Has he explained why he refused to hear from the people he serves? Until we get an explanation he should keep his inflammatory press releases to himself.

  52. Why wont the city administration go after the members of 456? All the garbage trucks are equipped with GPS systems,isnt anyybody monitoring truck movements? How about sending out investigatore to videotape the men working or not working. Could it be that the mayor simply doesnt care, and that this whole situation was a setup by the mayor to try and destroy the union?

  53. Murtagh is a scumbag, don’t get me wrong … but the things that defamed 628 and damaged your reputation was :
    1. you morons laying down in front of a fire truck, what is this tienamen square ?
    2. For years you guys have driven around in your brand new toys that EVERYONE knows – YOU DON’T NEED !!!!!!
    3. You say you continue to fight fires ??? WHERE ???
    there hasn’t been one structure fire since this nonsense has happened …. Maybe try baseball instead of fire fighting …. You and your cousin terrero can be team mates

  54. Delusional Management ,lets take you line by line.
    1)The city,in the plush days as you say,had no
    problem halting their contributions to the pension
    system while the market was good all the while
    giving tax incentives to everyone and their mother
    instead of looking ahead and planning for the future
    (wasn’t this supposed to be Amicone’s strong point).
    I believe there was a old term for this but I won’t
    print it here.
    2)The Chief of SOC is one of the knowledgable in the
    region and has a little clue about what he is doing.You,
    don’t need to know everything that goes on and I really
    don’t care if that pisses you off.It could be possible that
    maybe the feds have suggested to step up preparedness
    but guys like you wouldn’t get that.To set this up in the county would be a waste for a number of reasons 1 being they wouldn’t be able
    to provide manpower n a timely manner and 2 chances are if
    this equipment is needed it would be at the first stop out of the
    city.You don’t need to to know that Yonkers,New Rochelle,Mt.Vernon,White Plains,Eastchester and Greenburgh have and are presently cross training in the event of a situation.This training has also included FDNY companies from the Bronx.But go
    ahead ,I’m sure you have much better ideas.
    3)Mr Caraballo (to you) simply stated that Murtagh’s umbrella statement regarding slowdowns and the YFD were eronious and Libel.
    The YFD continues to respond with the utmost professionalism with less manpower than ever and the lowest morale ever and make no mistake,stronger than ever.People like scum Murtagh have no concept of our job and never will.We will get our guys back and we will not be broken.
    4)The rats were not released by members of 628,and you don’t need to be sherlock holmes to know that.The incident between a board member and Murtagh was 100% instigated by Murtagh and was handled poorly.The member involved regrets his actions and resigned in the following days.What has Murtagh done since then,slither around and lie some more. Typical.
    Point is the men of the YFD are some of the most professional and giving around who won’t hesitate to help.Amicone and Murtagh have taken the opportunity to try to break the job apart,but like i said ,YFD will prevail.Funny thing ,the guys will continue to give the utmost.Sorry thing is there is now a generation of FF that won’t forget what this Administration has done.
    Enough said.

  55. It is clear that you have a personal problem with Chief Fitzpatrick. Why? Be honest. What’s in it for you? Your demand that the Chief share the responsibility with the county smells of a self-serving agenda. What might that be? And as for the alleged “rat-gate”, you were obviously not there and only listening to those who were also not there. If you were there you would know exactly what went on and your finger pointing would be incorrect. Get facts before you open your mouth. O.K. have a nice day!

    1) The city, during its plush funding days, negotiated and agreed to contracts with the city unions (The Fire Department included) that were politically motivated and are now coming back to bit the butts of our City’s Administration (Mayor and Council) today. Shame on our Mayor and Councilmen/women for allowing these cushy contracts to be signed and SHAME on the Unions (YFD Union Included) for pushing for it.
    2) There have been wasteful spending of City Taxpayer Dollars as well as Tax Dollars used in the form of Federal Grant monies, for the Fire Department to use to fund and support its Special Operations Division. While I agree that such a “Task Force” is needed, it should be managed and funded thru Westchester County and not the Yonkers Fire Department solely. Yonkers has the responsibility of maintaining, equiping and fueling these large expensive vehicles that are needed in a Crisis, but rarely used during the normal day to day services of the Fire Department. The Chief of Operations within the Yonkers Fire Department is solely responsbile for this and his ego will not allow any of these services to be controlled and managed by the county, where such services and equipment belong, to which the costs and benefits could be equally shared among each City, Town and Village within Westchester County. This is just 1 example of WASTEFUL SPENDING of TAX PAYER DOLLARS here in Yonkers. WE NEED A FISCAL CONTROL BOARD TO OVERSEE EVERYTHING THAT CHIEF FITZPATRICK DOES.
    3) Sorry, Jose, but you may be right on paper, but wrong in reality. Yes, you have the Taylor Law, but let’s be real, look at the DPW and how “Slowly” they are taking to pick up the trash. Are they doing their job? Well, not to the levels that we are all used to. Why is this? Because simply they are slowing down the pace to make a point. It is much much harder, if not impossible to do this within the YFD. But, to say that a Public Union is prohibited from conducting a slow down? Yes, but give us a break, because we are all seeing it in front of our eyes.
    4) Throwing lit cigarettes at city officials is just another example, like letting loose rats in city hall, of “some” of the UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR from “SOME” of the members of the YFD and its union. Again, I would say that 80% of the rank n’file within the YFD are TRUE PROFESSIONALS. However, there are a few YFD GOONS in both the membership and administration that used “Goon Tatics” to get their points across.

  57. the budget passed by the city council was a suckers
    gambit..they passed a balanced budget because they
    wanted to avoid bankruptcy…and for no other reason
    they bailed..they were intimidated by the unions
    and they raised taxes to boot 4% of your property
    taxes and 50% of your income tax that
    rate 50% a year you will be paying more to yonkers
    than to new york state…they have no permanent spending cuts in place.they did not come to an agreement to have your garbage picked up..theyh did
    not trim the outrageous amounts going to fund pensions
    based on overtime…this is a joke..the council is
    a joke..just look across the river at gov chris
    christie a republican and mayor corey booker a democrat
    they know how to reign in runaway governement..these
    guys just want to get re elected

  58. Carozza…
    Let me begin with …I’m not against unions.
    I don’t want your job.
    I don’t blame you or your fellow firefighters for the City’s fiscal problems.
    I’m not a lawyer and don’t want to be one of those either.
    I am a businessman who has a business here in Westchester with 15 employees.
    I live in Yonkers.
    I’m fed up with the Administration and Council in Yonkers and will be contributing to candidates in the next election.
    Here’s my problem:
    My taxes are going up and my services have gone down. I will not accuse a single firefighter of any job action because I don’t know the truth. I will, however, accuse the DPW of a job action as they continue to call out sick…and that is a job action.
    So, I do not want to paint you guys with a broad brush because that’s not fair. But, I am angry that my garbage is sitting in front of my house for 2 weeks and the idiots who run this City are not running the City.
    I ama also upset with a public pension system that enables anyone to retire at a higher rate of pay than they earned when they worked. But, I’m not mad at you or any other individual who goes to work and does what they are paid to do.
    I’m mad at the system because I have to continue to pay higher taxes for pensions to people who retire at more pay than they earned…and I will continue to stay mad at that system until it changes.
    Which, I believe it will because now too many people are aware of it and we really cannot afford it.
    So, being that I am part of John Q Public, I do know that there are many things that go on behind the microphones. But don’t paint all of us with a broad brush as you don’t want to be characterized with the DPW.
    Do you?

  59. geez, does Murtagh have ANY shame? Always crying foul . Remember when he was running for Senate and someone challenged the signatures his mother got for him and he called in the media? His poor wife. Not the kind of guy I want watching my back in the thick of it. Ugh

  60. Wow! Law degree! THERE’S an accomplishment! We don’t have enough lawyers around. Who are we, the lowly civil servant, to talk back to or argue with anyone with a high and mighty law degree? What is WRONG with you people?! Just because someone MAY be better educated means you can’t stand up for yourself or question their motives? Christ, people, if we all just laid down the second someone with a higher education flexed their muscles we’d still be ruled by the English for crying out loud! What’s thuggish about telling someone to act accountable for their actions whether it’s posting biased opinions or demonizing union workers? Murtagh has been antagonizing & instigating confrontations for weeks now. I’m surprised something hadn’t happened sooner. The ALLEGED cigarette flicking incident (NOT done by President Caraballo, by he way)resulted in the WILLFUL resignation of a board member. Should we have had him hung in Getty Square? Lighten up, John Q. Public. You have no idea what exchanges take place after the cameras stop rolling & the microphones are turned off. You’d be pretty impressed how ‘thuggish’ your esteemed LAWYERS can become when the situation calls for it! All that’s happening here is hardball. Thrown high & tight to see who backs off the plate first. To be continued….

  61. Hey JOSE, did you go out and get a law degree over night? Well I would imagine you would have time to do that seeing as you work 1 day a week and have the rest free to do whatever you want, but in my opinion I think you’re too lazy for it. I think you’re happy just sitting back, fat dumb and happy.
    Mr. Murtagh has a law degree, I don’t think you’re getting an apology and I don’t think he was wrong.
    More union thug mentality tactics. Worst MOB around. Wannabee gangsters.

  62. ANON:
    Your comments are so god damn stupid & you clearly show your hate for UNION WORKERS!! Why are you so bitter? Don’t have a pension, or benefits in your RETIREMENT YEARS? Why don’t you just keep your one sided remarks to yourself! Or I am sorry, ARE YOU A SAINT???? Don’t worry about who talks for who, remember you don’t belong to either of these unions so butt out!!!!!

  63. These obvious YFD poster are a scary mob. and angry too. Does anyone know the outcome of the cigarette flicking incident?

  64. I can say this much, Jose Caraballo speaks for me. At least I can be sure he’s speaking the truth unlike the politicians we’ve been dealing with and anonymous posters. Who do ANY of you think you are questioning our contracts & working conditions? Do you expect to be consulted anytime a contract is negotiated or a decision is made by someone YOU put in office? And don’t start with the typical, “I didn’t vote for that bum!” response. Again, it’s called the democratic process. If you voted for the other guy and he lost, tough cookies. This is the one calling the shots now & if he ‘gave away the store’ to these ‘horrible unions’, more people would feel the way you do & vote him out next time. But unfortunately for you, you’re in the minority. The HANDFUL of people posting here have an agenda of their own & everyone sees it for what it is. Either you’re looking to maintain your OWN standard of living or you’re just a vindictive person who either wasn’t able to get one of the many jobs you’re complaining about here or are simply UNABLE. Again, tough cookies. Stop whining & go after the ones responsible for this mess: the politicics-as-usual in this armpit of Westchester. While I’m at, why WOULD anyone live in Yonkers anyway? This is a city that defied a FEDERAL COURT ORDER knowing FULL WELL the cost to the city but could’ve cared less since it wasn’t their money, but OURS, footing the contempt of court fines. Ever since, the schools have been crap & non-residents STILL pay a non-resident tax (WTF?). What is ANYONE getting for their money? Your comments about ‘suffering pain’ like the rest of us… indicates exactly what I’ve been saying all along about misery just loving company. This has NOTHING to do with outrageous contracts, it has everything to do with jealousy & vindictiveness. Sorry your standard of living has been compromised but what is compromising MINE going to do for YOU? Pay your mortgage? Lower your taxes? I don’t think so. I am not interested in taking a hit so you can simply FEEL better. I’d rather you said thank you & went on your way (Jack Nicholsen- “A Few Good Men”, I know). Now grow a pair & either put a name behind your comments or lead the charge to ousting the ones responsible. I’d LOVE some federal oversight. Believe me when I tell you as one of the more EFFICIENT outfits in this city, the YFD would do pretty well after the house cleaning elsewhere.

  65. Actually anon,the measures presented ARE legal and were just recently enacted in the town of harrison to stave off tax increases.Do your homework before you spew your anti union venom.

  66. Is this the same guy threatening Murtagh and Murtagh’s Mom and then throwing lit cigarette at Murtagh? If it is I think all y-tribbers know what should be done to him. Hard to believe he is the head of the FF union. Scary indeed.

  67. Things are so bad in New York state that it’s even catching the attention of that nitwit, Shelly Silver stooge, DiNapoli.

  68. “Continuing their job action” are the words he used to describe yet another one of his outlandish LIES. Public sector Unions are prohibited from engaging in job actions under The Taylor Law. By asserting that Local 628 is engaged in a “job action”, he has defamed Local 628 and has damaged its reputation.”
    Carabollo give me a break. Arent you a SAINT. I also love hou you decide tat you speak for all your ‘brothers’ without asking them. Most might agree, but i doubt all do. You put words in their mouths.
    The millions of givebacks that you talk about have already been debunked as illegal under the law. You have to open you big fat piggish contract and suffer pain like every other working stiff in Yonkers. You are not better than anyone else.
    Your holier than thou, unions workers are better than you and we deserve to get paid more than you attitude is DISGUSTING. PEOPLE HATE IT.
    And no job actions because of the taylor law? Just ask the Teamsters.
    The only good union is a defeated union.

  69. Question for No Way, what a**hole negotiated these “ludicrous” contracts? Could it possible be the one who is running this place at the moment or his partner in crime John $pender.
    In the words of Billy Joel, “we didn’t start this fire.”
    The only good incumbent is a defeated incumbent.

  70. The money is there to re-open the closed firehouse, then why isn’t it open. If you open it then you will have to pay more overtime because you geniuses never added any demoted officers back. Oh by the way explain how Station 8 was closed against the advice of the Chief of Operations. That’s right, it was pure politics. You gave the mayor your vote in return for not closing Station 11. People on Bronxville Rd must be more important than people on Warburton Ave. Stop the lies.

  71. An apology from Murtagh ??? Don’t hold your breath. John (say anything) Murtagh has the scruples of a slug. As a matter of fact he is probably stamping a postcard for a fundraiser (get this ,he wants to be mayor Ha ha ha ) with all of the unions addresses on the front.Save the stamp ,Johnny boy,and understand this ,You’ve burnt all of your bridges and your political career is toast. p.s. Hey John, what have you or you staff given back to the taxpayers ?

  72. The so called “savings” are simply delayed pay. There are no real givebacks. The fire union did not want to open up their contract as they know that the “benefits” and work rules are rediculous.
    They do nopt want t o negotiate a new contract as they are Far better off riding the ludicrous contract that was negotiated in flush times.
    I say bring them to the arbitration table and make them give back.
    Please Jose, tell the ACTUAL number of firemen that live in Yonkers. This many of us live here is pire bullsh*t

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