Special Yonkers City Council Meeting for July 9, 2010 at 3:00 PM

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Yonkers City HallAPPENDED 2210 hours: Comments by Yonkers City Council president Chuck Lesnick and Yonkers City Counil Minority Leader John Murtagh

YONKERS, NY, July 8, 2010 — Attached is the Agenda and the call for a Special City Council Meeting to be held tomorrow, July 9, 2010 at 3 p.m. 
Click to read the Yonkers City Council Special Agenda for July 9, 2010

Yonkers City Council Minority Leader John Murtagh (District 5) wrote, “This Agenda and attachments were sent without my approval or review.  I note that I am listed as a co-sponsor of legislation that would increase the Income Tax surcharge to 15%. I do not and will not agree to that increase and request that my name be immediately removed from that legislation. In the future please do not list me as a co-sponsor of legislation I have neither seen nor approved.”

Evidently in response to Mr Murtagh’s acrimonious email in reference to the Special Meeting agenda, Yonkers City council President Chuck Lesnick wrote, “The call to the 3:00 pm special meeting of the city council to vote the mayor’s proposed amended budget was premised on the notion that we might be able to restore some service cuts if we got more cooperation from labor. I put forth the public notice for the “worst-case scenario” for the maximum potential income tax surcharge for the purpose of scheduling a meeting NOT because there was any consensus on any specific number.  If the City does not get concessions from the unions by 3:00pm on Friday, we will recess the meeting and defer action until Saturday when we will vote on the Mayor’s amended budget with no restoration of services.”

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eHeziSpecial Yonkers City Council Meeting for July 9, 2010 at 3:00 PM

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  1. No, July 2nd was a work day!! As she clearly stated she was “playing Hookey” on your time!!! I would like to know that answer to your questions also!!!

  2. The mayor has showed real character. Closed a firehose this morning but back two positions for his office in the revised budget. Rev.George was right. Amicone must go. He has no respect for anyone and no leadership whatsoever

  3. sneak through the 50% income tax increase so that you can brag that Prop taxes only went up 4%. Nice try. These pols will give into union pressure, I have no boubt about it. This is outrageous. NO MORE TAXES! Have employees work a full day for a damn change, like everyone else in the world.

  4. She was first elected to the city council as a Dem. Mayor Spencer made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. He wanted the term limit initiative defeated. I guess her job was to work the Hispanic community. Mercifully, term limits passed. She has continued as a liaison to that community ever since…and that’s all she wrote.

  5. Go after the real blood suckers on the 2nd flr. These so-called development projects have turned into nothing more than money laundry schemes. Shame on any of the unions that supported them.

  6. Poster No Way’s cynical comments clearly indicate that he is cleary a mental reject who passed a civil service exam that 4th graders could pass.

  7. Perhaps July 2 was considered “part of the holiday” for the 2nd floor. Also note FB postings on 5/26 @ 9:22, 5/25 @11:25,
    5/21 @9:41, 6/2 spent the day at the Republican Convention probably on our dime.
    6/7@ 10:08, 6/9 @ 1:05 and the list goes on and on. Someone please explain why this woman is allowed to do as she pleases whenever she pleases. Someone in the know please take the time to record her history on this site. How and why did she get her job, why were the shoplifting charges dropped, who from YPD protected her? What happened at YALIS? Be specific, name names. The truth is not slander, but it will force some people to take action.

  8. 15% income tax for the privelege of living in this city and having garbage stink up my streets. You can’t make this up. The only city outside of NYC who charges an income tax because it can never get its house in order. Thanks City Hall.

  9. anon 12:17 For a so-called educated person you are a real failure. Didn’t your wife have to go out to work to save your sorry ass. You are a wannabe. Your head is oversized due to your inflated ego. So go take a walk around Bronxville because your absolutely useless to Yonkers. We are tired of your pompous homilies

  10. Anon. Sorry to tell u murtagh I mean the people of Yonkers are not as stupid as u think they are. The realize u were in office for the past 6 years so u my friend are part of the problem. All they have to do is foil act every bill you have put your x on and they realize that u signed all those give aways to all these so called big developers. You my friend are the issue in Yonkers not the unions. I can’t wait till you get your ass handed to u when u try to run for mayor. Yeah right you or chuck really think u have a chance ??????

  11. The bigger problem is the mayor has given those business millions of our tax dollars that will never be seen again!!! Has ANY money been paid back from any of these entitys?? Has SFC paid back anything?? N-Vally, Tara circle and the list goes on. Patronage jobs up the gazoo 26 illegal employees in city hall, stolen gas, BOE law suits…… WERE ARE THE FEDS!!!!!!!

  12. I cannot believe Lesnick put the councilmen as co sponsors of a 50% tax increase without asking them.
    Or perhaps I can believe it. He is so self absorbed and arrogant anything is possible. I know its a ploy to get a discussion going, but it is a stupid one. The “discussion” is more likely going to be yelling and screaming and a lot of bad feelings. That is the last thing we need right now.
    We are also out of time with no time for games.
    Lesnick as the so-called ‘president’ is supposed to be a concensus builder and the ‘captain” of the process. He has done none of that, and time and time again his inept spineless adrift leadership has hurt this city in so many ways. From the current budget, to the SFC meetings and regular council meetings, his lack of leadership, cute little games and more have helped to lead us to where we are today.
    And this TOAD wants to run for mayor? HA
    If you are not on facebook you have no idea how much time he spends around his birthday advertising for hs birthday parties, and earlier this year his “inauguration/coronation” party. Like we all want to go and “hang with chuck.” NOT
    It is childish behaviour and is indicative of an immature mind.
    And this CHILD want to be Mayor?
    Chuck, stop the games, the pandering, the self-aggrandisement and try and lead for once.
    And do not put 50% tax increases that you pulled out of thin air into other peoples mouths. Especially when the mayor did not request it and likely no one will vote for it. You are not “sly.”

  13. I don’t get why douchebags like you waste bandwidth posting about how much the mayor sucks every time a store closes. Only a nut like you would think every business failure can be laid at the door of the mayor. The economy sucks. Get over it.

  14. You seem to know alot of inside info. Maybe you work for the Mayor? You are the uneducated one on here you ASSWIPE!!!

  15. You say you got a real solution
    Well, you know
    We’d all love to see the plan
    You ask me for a contribution
    Well, you know
    We’re doing what we can
    But when you want money
    for people with minds that hate
    All I can tell you is brother you have to wait

  16. Sorry Anon, I’m sorry for you having lost your job at some bank where you were giving out mortgages to people who could not afford them, or maybe some greedy Wall St trading firm who had a couple of scams going until they were caught. That’s who ruined everything. The people who go to “work” to scam and screw everyone else. Its funny how all these white collar workers who never gave a shit about the salaries and pensions of cops or firefighters all of a sudden care. Its simply called jealousy. Stop crying about it and go get another job, oh wait you cant because you were just another unskilled worker who received a job through a hook yourself after you graduated college. Now you have nothing better to do than be jealous of a 45 year old cop retiring and enjoying the rest of his life after giving 20 plus years to the street while you sit at home miserable. I guess you should of taken a civil service exam or two when you were younger and actually worked a day in your life. BY THE WAY, you would be surprised how many of these thugs have at minimum a bachelors degree. Unlike you they were directed towards the right career path. There really isn’t anything to debate here.

  17. As usual the union thugs are “proud’ of their union and one guy above is ‘proud’ that they have not given back a penny.
    Thats really f’d up people.
    First, and to show how stupid these uneducated union thugs are, the first post stated that Lesnicks budget proposal is to raise the Yonkers Income tax from 10% to 15%. Well thuggies, 10 to 15 is a 50% INCREASE. A 15% increase would be 11.5
    The real problem with the unions is that in reality they have no desire to give back a penny. They use any excuse possible. The most frequest deflection is “the mayor has not cut stff, the cars, the phone, Lorraine Lopez etc.”
    Now I happen to think there SHOULD be cuts in the Mayors office, if for no other reason that it sets an example. The truth is even if he made the cuts there would be little real beneits. But the cuts are symbolic.
    Again, reality: even if the Mayor did all these cuts, the impact on the deficit would be minimal. It will take the unions and management with a 5% across the board cut to make a difference in the deficit.
    But they will not even consider it becuase the union bosses will lose money and power. THATS THE REAL ISSUE.
    So remember when the budget gets vetoed, it will be the fault of the greedy unions. The mayor will be wrong too, but the ultimate fault will be at the feet of the unions.

  18. That’s funny because they say the same thing about Amicone and his “friends and family”! What have they done for Yonkers?

  19. Did you know that just recently the mayor made a new hire to his staff?
    Why hasn’t the opposition party (you know the party of the little guy) spoken out about this abuse (exception Joan)? Lesnick just goes right along with this. Hasn’t said a damn word just wants to raises taxes and go back to business as usual.

  20. Lead by example Mr. Mayor! Come to the table and start by saying that “my staff and I have realized the seriousness of the fiscal situation and have agreed to take a 5% paycut across the board as well as the abolishment of unneccessary cell phones and city cars.” “We are hoping that the unions will join us in our attempt to right this sinking ship.” That would be leading Mr. Mayor, the job that we elected you to do. The ball is in your court.

  21. Please send this Facebook post to the Journal News, The New York Times, and anyone else you can think of. To me, that grounds for immediate dismissal. Storm City Hall Now. People take back your city.

  22. time for a little anarchy. Get them the hell out of city haul and take over. The people need to take back their city.

  23. Lorraine Lopez: so I played hookie this afternoon and went to the Yankee game. thank you my friend for the tickets!
    July 2 at 4:04pm via Facebook for BlackBerry · View Feedback (6)Hide Feedback (6).5 people like this. It’s ok to do that once in a while!!! LOL have fun!!!
    July 2 at 4:30pm

  24. Whay hasn;t the mayor cut anyones salary from his “staff”??He cuts Garbage pick-up that has now created a health hazzard in Yonkers!! And yet people still blame the sanitation workers for this mess?? Why don’t you wake up and smell the trash, the mayor should have cut many of his PERKS that he allows his overpaid staff, cars, phones, free meals, etc…. what a bunch of bullshit!!

  25. Why not dump all the stinking garbage on the Mayor’s front lawn. He can then get his “Staff” to pick it up and bring it to the dump. At least they’d be working for that tax increase that’s probably going straight into their pockets.
    And then when there’s a fire in his neighborhood, he can call in his Race Car Driver to put it out, because the firefighter’s who should be responding to his neighborhood will be down on Warburton putting out those fires.
    And then when the gangs start shooting up Palisade Ave and Kingsley Park, The Mayor can come over himself and stop the violence, because the police from the 4th precinct will be helping the guys in the 3rd precinct.
    Complete failure and the minute his term is up, he’s out of Yonkers and we’re left with his mess. We’ll call it the Clown Legacy.
    Wait and see.

  26. Listen here all you Yonkers cry babys on this site …. I am a blue collar civil servant in Yonkers and my union is not giving back one damn thing. So you are stuck w one day a week garbage gang violence , closed fire houses. Etc. I am union and damn proud of that. We go to WORK everday and provide a service to the people of Yonkers. If you don’t like unions that’s just your jealous behavior. Unions built Yonkers and the rest of this country. Stop complaining about the back bone and work force of Yonkers. Why don’t you go down to Lockwood Ave and take a picture of you and your family in that $800,000 useless parking lot, than take your family down and take a picture w your family at the ballpark that the city has already spent over 50 million dollars on. And than your off to X20 for a lunch in the 8 million dollar restataunt that u paid for. You can park your car in the 2 million dollar parking lot that x20 uses for free. Than after lunch you can show your kids al the empty store fronts on main street that the BID pays 500k in salaries per year. Than since all the stores are closed go to the cross county mall and shop at the mall that was just given a 45 million dollar tax break. Than off you go home up 87 were you tell the kids to look to the left and than can see Stews Costco and the Depot who also pay NO taxes to Yonkers. And than tell the kids to look out their right window and they can see the 10 acres that they gave away also. The kids sure are going to be tired so get them right home and put them to bed in the house that you pay 11k in taxes. Make sure you leave out the kids uniforms for the kids school in the morning because we all know you can’t use the public schools so you pay another 10k per year for Catholic Schools. So sure my union is going to give back. YEAH RIGHT ……They are closing a Firehouse tommorrow morning did the Mayor let anyone know. Of course not.

  27. He’s raising income taxes 15%, if I read the papers correctly, and the first poster put it at 50%. I think it’s 15% right? Check that Hezi, please.
    That’s to be sure that Lorraine Lopez can still be paid 6 figures for doing ________ (what?). And there are others who do WHATEVER, round and round and get 6 figures. Sooooo, let’s raise taxes to keep it going!

  28. I surrender, I have 4 barrels and another 5 bags of trash filled with maggots, waiting at the curb. I want my two day a week garbage pick up back. Sincerely, A home owner!

    The Loft Dance and Fitness is another casualty of Phil Amicone’s crushing demise on all the small businesses and entrepreneurial spirit that USED TO EXIST IN YONKERS.
    Good Job Phil – you manage to kill the human spirit with all your lies and deceit. How bout a cup of coffe with that fat fuck Jim Pinto at Casa De’ Cafe’?????
    naaagghhh – u get everything for free at Zuppa and X2O.
    IMPEACH BLAMICONE. may b he’ll smother himself with his own beard!
    And what happen to the daylighting of the river that you announced at The State of Shitty Phil???
    Go Phuck yourself!

  30. it’s one thing to have a bad mayor who just simply does not hold himself accountable for anything (all he does is blame everyone else), he is also a big time liar.
    he has surrounded himself with terrible, terrible
    co-workers. no leadership and mgm’t skills at all.
    by far the worst mayor/staff this city has ever seen. i have lived in yonkers a long time and i have never seen this city in such bad shape.
    what ashame, he should be embarassed!

  31. I still don’t see Management giving back anything! They are asking the Unions to “give back” and the police and fire are considering (or have already considered) it. The other Unions do not make or get any extras to give anything back. Management however continues to get cell phones, free parking, free benefits, extra sick/vacation time, extremely higher salaries, etc. Why is it the ones who make the most money get to keep theirs and the “little guys”, who are the ones living in Yonkers, not only lose their income, but their taxes, water bills, etc. get increased?

  32. If they raise our taxes one penny in order to cave in to these union thugs they won’t be able to be elected dog catcher next time they run for public office.

  33. So the Mayor waits until TODAY to drop the bomb that he is raising the Yonkers Income Tax by 50%! When was this ever mentioned?
    How much money is this anticipated to bring in?

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