Stewart-Cousins, Spano, Klein and Pretlow Advise Yonkers Funding Crisis Averted

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YonkersPublicSchools YONKERS, NY, July 14, 2010 — “Today, we are happy to announce that working with Senator Sampson, Assembly Speaker Silver, State Comptroller DiNapoli, and Governor Paterson, an agreement has been reached which enables the City of Yonkers to adopt and certify its budget to include the $36.4 million in education funding that had been vetoed,” noted the Albany Delegation consisting of Deputy Majority Leader and Senator Jeff Klein, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Assemblyman Mike Spano, and Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow

“Governor Paterson’s recent budget veto of this education funding threatened to eliminate prekindergarten, transportation, and other programs within the Yonkers Public Schools system, which has already laid off 218 teachers, administrators and support staff.  As such, we all worked together to take immediate action to alleviate this situation, which will ensure that we are preventing cuts that would have put 26,000 students in our schools in jeopardy, and deepened the fiscal crisis in the City of Yonkers,” continued the gist of the assembled Albany Delegation.

“The impact of the cuts to the Yonkers Public School System was so great that my colleagues and I immediately responded, and personally appealed to the Governor and the Comptroller to work with us to remedy the situation. The resulting restoration of this vital funding for our students and their families demonstrates our commitment to doing everything possible to ensure that we protect the education of our children and the future of our City as our top priorities,” said Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District – D/WF).

“When the Governor caused this problem, I said that we would reverse it and I am happy that by all of us working together, we did,” stated Assemblymn Spano (D,C,WF-93rd District).

"I am pleased the NYS Senate was able to work with the Governor and Assembly to prevent the unintended financial impact of the Governor’s veto to Yonkers Public Schools.  Sen. Stewart-Cousins and I have worked hard to bring State funding back to Yonkers, and will continue to work with our colleagues in government to ensure our children’s future," Deputy Majority Leader and Senator Jeff Klein stated (D-34th District).

“I am sure that Comptroller DiNapoli saw the hardship that Yonkers was facing. Our next step is to restore as much aid as we can and we will continue to fight hard to get Yonkers through this national recession,” said Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow (D-87th District).

Yonkers City Council President Chuck Lesnick said, "Within an hour of the bombshell from the Yonkers Public Schools superintendent on Saturday regarding the unintended but catastrophic consequences of the Governor's veto, our state delegation met with the Yonkers City Council Democrats and accepted our pleas to fix the problem.  We have worked tirelessly around the clock since then. The legislature may not be in session but our delegation is certainly hard at work for Yonkers."

“The swift action by our representatives maintains Yonkers’ nationally recognized Pre-kindergarten program, transportation for more than 17,000 students and financial security that is critical for the Yonkers Public School District’s ability to manage emergencies. We appreciate their efforts on behalf of our 26,000 students and their families,” stated Bernard P. Pierorazio, Superintendent of Schools.

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eHeziStewart-Cousins, Spano, Klein and Pretlow Advise Yonkers Funding Crisis Averted

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  1. I wont be by tonight for that garbage, or the next day either. I have to get my free meals and drinks in at Zuppas, and X2O. Check back with me on Saturday.

  2. Pierorazio praises the legislators, and Amicone condemns them for screwing up in the first place.
    Do I see some conflict here.

  3. Quote from Mike Spano facebook “On Yks Brd of Ed. When the Governor caused this problem, I said that we would reverse it and I am happy that by all of us working together, we did”. Mike Spano is at it again, padding himself on the back,taken credit for reversing the Gov. Veto? This self-conceited,swollen-headed politician who thinks he can save Yonkers, when he can’t even pass a budget for the State. He & Sen Stewart-Cousins, better start packing their belonging , and ship them back home. for we need REAL Politicians, who will work for the citizens of Yonkers.

  4. How many times have i said in the past few days:
    Its the Nick Spano ploy!
    Galloping down the Thruway on white horses carrying bags of cash.
    This was a SET UP. The Governor did this to boos Sapno and the Scarf. He screwed Yonkers by scaring the citizens into thinking there was no money for busing and pre K.
    Kids as pawns by the Democrats.
    Just Remember This
    Hey Scarf….end of summer sale at Lord & Taylors…better hop on your white horse, scoop up some of that cash and get your ass over to Eastchester..cause your sure not in Albany passing a budget!!!!

  5. That’s bs. Why didn’t get a package to include police & fire. Who’s going to respond when they try to burn down a school or shot a teacher.
    Oh, by the way, Phil, you didn’t come by & pick up my garbage yet.

  6. The Democrats in the Assembly, would sell their own mother. The Democrats in the Senate, would not only sell her but deliver her.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  7. It’s too bad they got the money, I was looking forward to a school bus free year.
    WAKE UP, if you want to save money – CUT THE BUSSING. This city is a city of neighborhoods and EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD has it’s own school, THE CITY WAS DESIGNED THAT WAY !!!
    Let’s all use our God Given intelligence and get this city back on it’s feet .


  9. They are all full of shit! This money may very well had been there all the time. If they had done their jobs a budget would have been completed on April 1st, and everybody would know exactly what kind of aid we would be getting, and nobody would be in panic mode. Time to remember them all in november and start with a fresh slate.

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