The 2010-2011 Budget BY JOHN MURTAGH

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Murtagh_John YONKERS, NY, July 15, 2010 — After three months of often difficult discussions and negotiations, the City Council last night adopted the City's 2010-2011 Budget. Had the Council not adopted this budget, the City was facing the certain prospect of default and municipal bankruptcy within  the next two weeks.

Among other things, the council's action was delayed by Albany's own three month delay in adopting a budget as we cannot adopt our budget until we know the levels of State aid we will receive for school and municipal services. The council's vote was also delayed by efforts to come to reasonable agreements with our municipal unions for sacrifices on their part necessary to close the City's budget gap without relying solely on the taxpayers.

While I am happy to report that the Council adopted a balanced budget and the City will avoid default, I must report that the budget includes a 4% property tax increase and an increase of the Income Tax Surcharge from 10 to 15%.

My vote for this budget was not lightly or happily taken. Unfortunately, with sales tax, real estate transfer tax and other revenues the City depends upon down dramatically in the recession, the only other option would have been to cut service levels to a point where the City would not function. As it is, the budget included cuts to every department in City Hall and the Schools, cuts that will, unfortunately be felt by school families, seniors and all citizens.

To most of you the lack of proper sanitation service over the last two weeks has been the most obvious sign of the budget problems. 

Please know that the budget which we adopted last night provides the funds necessary to bring back two day a week garbage pick up. It also provides the funds necessary to reopen the firehouse on Warburton Avenue that was closed last week. 

Unfortunately, while the Mayor and the Council were willing to provide the money (from you) necessary to restore these services, the Teamsters Union voted last night to reject the proposal.

The rejection was, apparently, based on the decision by the Mayor and Public Works Commissioner to return to two day a week pick up but to also lengthen each individual truck's daily route. Despite the fact that the number and size of routes is clearly a management decision based on your needs, the Union rejected the City's proposal because it would not let the union leadership determine the number and length of routes.

The money, your money, is now there to restore twice a week sanitation and proper fire protection.  The ball is now squarely in the Union leadership's court. The Unions  now  have to step up and make sacrifices like you are making to get us through this recession.  Continuing their job action and, frankly, punishing you by their refusal to contribute to solving this crisis must not be an option.

I urge you to reach out to the Union leaders, Edward Doyle, Jr. of Teamsters Local 456 (914) 592-9500 and Jose Caraballo of Firefighters Local 628 (914) 476-1200 and urge them to do right by the citizens and taxpayers of Yonkers.  

John Murtagh is the Yonkers City Council Minority Leader (5th District).

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eHeziThe 2010-2011 Budget BY JOHN MURTAGH

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  1. i know amanda…..i heard from someone she was having an affair with the deputy mayor. Maybe thats how she was able to take 6 months off after she broke up with her then cop boyfriend whom she later got in trouble with work. ………….Got nothing but hoes and crack heads working in city hall!!! Good JOB!!!

  2. it seems every position in city hall is essential…….especially amanda modugno…she is an essential part of the team…..when someone needs to get laid she is there to spread her legs……thats how she is able to keep her job…..and gets others jammed up.

  3. Yes, They could have stopped many project all they had to do was vote NO!!!! Report the illegal goings on and work for the PEOPLE not there own agendas. Ex. Joan!!

  4. can I ask a question…anyone can throw an answer out…
    can the council do anything to HALT the Mayor from spending all this money on these pet projects he seems to have or does the Mayor get a blank check from the day he is voted in office?
    after all of this mopney he has thrown around to yet have impact on Yonkers economy or have for a rainy day fund is ludicris. Im tired of seeing this bearded asshole talk all this game yet he spends money like we dont want or need it.
    btw, anyone see rigde hill lately? It looks like it did 2, 5, 7, months ago. Its at a complete standstill.

  5. For a guy with such a huge HEAD he sure isn’t very smart. What was he thinking when he HEADed out of the Council chambers? He damn sure wasn’t thinking with his HEAD. Someone should give him a HEADs up that his career in politics is HEADed down the toilet. I hope we make some HEADway in convincing him of this.

  6. Murtagh,
    Your behavior at the Council meeting last night was unforgivable. You turned your back on the people you serve and it will not be forgotten. I am no huge fan of the unions but you refused to listen to all of us. You are a pompous arrogant jerk and your political future is ruined. Smooth move ace.

  7. “Please know that the budget which we adopted last night provides the funds necessary to bring back two day a week garbage pick up. It also provides the funds necessary to reopen the firehouse on Warburton Avenue that was closed last week.”
    If the budget provides the funds for these things, why aren’t they back. And with a
    $109 million deficit why would you hold onto a $2.8 million contingency fund?
    Yonkers is run by retards.

  8. Something doesnt add up. The city supposedly has a 109 million dollar defecit, yet are looking for maybe 1-2 million in givebacks from each union. They raised property taxes 4% and the income tax 5% is that going to add another roughly 100 million to restore services to like they were before?

  9. murtaugh is allow the city to go into
    bankruptcy would have been irresponsible..however
    i would have allowed it to happen…the unions got
    their way by hook (or by crook) most of these guys
    are not really interested in the fiscal health
    of the city..they crap all over the welfare system
    claiming its an entitlement..but they want theirs
    chris christie has it change the dynamic
    put the unions on the defensive and cut spending..
    unfortunately in yonkers the mayor is not going
    to replicate what the governor of new jersey is doing
    and that is actually understandable..he is just a mayor
    you need leadership at the top and new york has
    a dearth of it

  10. Mr.Murtagh, you are a disgrace to the office that you hold. You should be ashamed of the way you conducted yourself over the last few council meetings. If you run for mayor, rest assured I will actively campaign for your opponent and I will encourage my family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. And yes, we all live and work in Yonkers. You are nothing but an absent seat.

  11. If the Teamsters do not want to do the work, there are thousands of unemployed people in Yonkers whom I am sure would be happy to work for non union wages.
    I suggest these union boss pigs think about the fact that the people of Yonkers are pretty fed up with the piles of crap in front of their houses and the lousy attitudes of the teamsters. Pretty soon don’t be surprised in bags of garbage start appearing in front of union headquarters.

  12. There were ON cuts in city hall. We still don’t know why people are getting paid in one department and working in another. We still do not know why people are working without civil servise test in city hall. We still don’t know were the BOE money goes…..and the list goes on……..But we have a BALANCED Budget!!!!

  13. This is absolutely insulting. What a four flusher this guy is. Not one word about the mayor’s patronage mill on the 2nd. flr. What are you getting out of this John? Certainly not this taxpayers vote.
    Folks we must find away to go back to the two yr. term. We simply can not afford to suffer these fools for 4yrs.
    The only good incumbent is a defeated incumbent.

  14. Does anyone know exactly what or who was cut from City Hall? We know all the police/fire/dpw cuts. How about someone posting exactly what cuts were made to City Hall. This is an open challenge to all you acid tongue bloggers who support this joke of a mayor! Speaking of jokes, Murtagh you can respond too if you even know.

  15. Mr. Murtagh stated that all departments within City Hall were included. Does he stand by the fact that every position remaining in City Hall is an essential position and needed for our city to remain solvent? Firemen and sanitation workers were cut, so this means that they too were included. Why are you coming back to them for more? Shouldn’t you be looking at City Hall for more? Something doesn’t smell right here. We have the money to restore services but haven’t. Wouldn’t want to be in Amicone’s shoes if, God forbid, something goes wrong in the Warburton Avenue neighborhood. How do you sleep at night, Fill?

  16. let’s start with your opening line:
    “After three months of often difficult discussions and negotiations,….”
    absolute horse manure.
    there have been no negotiations.
    you cut services and raised taxes you moron.

  17. x20 paid for the by the Yonkers tax payer = $10,000,000
    Rent paid since it opened in 2006 = 0
    Zuppa paid for the by the Yonkers tax payer = $1,000,000
    Rent Paid since it opened in 2004 = 0
    Imagine if x20 & Zuppa paid rent back to the CITY for their leases of city property (forget the build out money for now)
    x20 for 30,000 sq ft should be paying @ $30/sq ft approx per year = $900,000 BACK TO YONKERS WITHOUT SECURITY DEPOSITS ETC…
    Zuppa for 20,000 sq ft @ $30/per sq =$600,000 a year BACK TO YONKERS
    ADDED ALL UP SINCE 2004(based on 1st year base rent for both @ $30/sq)
    Zuppa = $3.6mm for 6 year in business
    X20 = $5.4mm for 4 years in business
    TOTAL $9,000,000.
    give or take but thats approx where it should be. Forget about if you added back in the cost to build out X20 that city hall hid inside the renovation of the pier funding.
    ***dont forget $300,000 thrown away on the ferry last year.
    How many cops, fireman, dpw, teachers could Well over $9,000,000 save???

  18. John….
    We’re not going to reach out to union leaders…because they don’t represent us.
    You do.
    You reach out.
    I’ll say the same thing to you that I said to them…get to work.
    Your vote on the income tax surcharge shows that you too have no idea as to basic budgeting. The Mayor doesn’t need some extra money to negotiate with. We, the taxpayers, need extra money.
    And you voted to take it.
    So, the DPW doesn’t like the work schedules…Fire them. We’re living through the slowdown, the smelly streets, and the 456 attitudes. But do something about it other than throw them money.
    It’s offensive and so was your vote last night.
    Don’t run for Mayor John. You’re not qualified and now that is exposed.
    The only good incumbent is a defeated incumbent.

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