The World As Neighborhood – Every Monday This Month on Channel 76

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Frances Snedeker's (left) guest this month is Melissa Haley O'Leary (right) of World Neighbors.

YONKERS, NY, July 12, 2010 – "The World As Neighborhood," introduces the viewe to a small but amazingly energetic organization who for the past 60 years has been transforming the lives of people in extremely impoverished, remote villages in AsiaAfrica, theCaribbean, and Latin America. Based in Oklahoma CityWorld Neighbors enables communities to develop strategies to eliminate hunger, poverty and disease in their neighborhood and then to build the requisite skills to carry out these action plans.

This show will air today and every Monday of  the month at 8 pm on Channel 76 (Cablevision) in New Rochelle, Pelham and Yonkers. (Note this is a new schedule for Future Choices.)

Alternatively, you can view most of the show online at your leisure at

Fran Snedeker is the producer of Future Choices.

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eHeziThe World As Neighborhood – Every Monday This Month on Channel 76

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