Yonkers Police Department Blotter – July 26, 2010 BY Det. Sgt. Patrick Mccormack

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YPD_patch  YONKERS, NY, July 26, 2010 — On 07-25-10 at 3:04 a.m., numerous units including Police Officer Del Caraballo from the 2nd Precinct responded to 205 South Waverly Street on a report of a dispute.  At scene, officers were advised that a 25 year old male area resident had been stabbed two times, once in the groin and once on the left hand.  Officers also located a 19 year old female who sustained a stab wound to her thigh.  Investigation revealed that the male suspect had been in a verbal dispute with the male victim over a previous fight on 07-24-10, and the suspect subsequently stabbed the two victims.  Officers developed information on the suspect’s location and they responded to 205 South Waverly Street (Apartment #33).  The suspect, 18 year old Robert Rodriguez was found at that location and he was placed under arrest and subsequently booked for two counts of Assault 2nd degree.  Both victims were treated and released from a local trauma center.  He will be arraigned in Yonkers Criminal Court on 07-26-10.   NO PHOTOGRAPH OF THE ABOVE SUSPECT WILL BE RELEASED AT THIS TIME.

On 07-25-10 at approximately 3:01 a.m., a homicide occurred at 16 Lawrence Street.  A 22 year old male, identified as Stephen Calhoun of 22 Arthur Street, was located in a lifeless state inside of a second floor landing at 37 Lawrence Street.  The victim had been shot three times and he was pronounced dead at the scene.  Officers located a crime scene and subsequently took possession of numerous spent shell casings from two different weapons.  The Detective Division is actively investigating this homicide and anyone with information can contact the investigators at 914-377-7724.  All calls will remain confidential.   

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eHeziYonkers Police Department Blotter – July 26, 2010 BY Det. Sgt. Patrick Mccormack

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  1. j money u seriously have nothing else better to do than look up his report about what happened.. whoever u are u need to hop off and get a life. Marcos has no life and started for no reason if you know marcos well enough u would know that he starts WITH EVERYONE for no reason for the simple fact that he is just bored. Rob was minding his buisness so get facts straight low life! and stop sucking marcos non existant dick !

  2. Kathy why are you proud of your brother. He is a piece of shit and you do yourself nor your family any justice by correcting the facts of his violent felony. Noone gets jumped for no reason.

  3. hey you so called ”policemen” if your gana get facts or information you should get it right beacuase that iss soo not what happend and just so you people know i happen to be his sister and he only did it for self protection because the so called “victem Marcos joerge” and other poeple were beating him up so he had to do it there you go so you should of got you facts right
    ps that about my brother stabing marcos in the you know where is pretty funny but reallt it was in the leg

  4. You skipped my point genius. How about getting more cops out from behind the desk and back on the street. And also genius, it has been statistically proven that crime increases dramatically after dark. Use some common sense or is it possible that you are one of the “many” hiding behind a desk?

  5. Fair enough. But I can tell you for certain that this shootout happened in the street. The “victim” just crawled to the 2nd floor of the building.

  6. People are getting shot during the day also genius. There was another shootout at 1pm on South Broadway yesterday. Any more bright ideas.

  7. We don’t need more cops hired. We need more cops on the night shift. Reduce the manpower during the day through tranfer to night shift or getting more out from behind desks. Let them get paid to do what they are paid to do.

  8. Why doesn’t fat Phil Amicone go walk around South Broadway after 10pm maybe if he gets robbed or shot he’ll see the need for more cops

  9. The report states he was found in a 2nd floor hallway landing. It says nothing about the street. It is possible that it did occur on the street, and the victim was able to get to the 2nd floor of #16, but thats not how it was reported.

  10. To the anonymous moron at 7:52pm, the kid got killed in a gunfight in the middle of Lawrence St. How was that not “visible to patrol forces?”

  11. How is the east side doing lately? I have not lived in yonkers for a while but I remember east yonkers was always considered desirable for the most part. hope still the same. Unfortunately, the south broadway area has gotten worse.

  12. So Arch, what your saying is when the Police Union gets what they want and we have plenty of cops and more overtime, there’ll be no more crime in Yonkers? What you should say is the taxpayers won’t hear about the crime anymore.

  13. Blood on the streets is up to my ankles,
    Blood on the streets is up to my knees,
    Blood on the rise, its following me.
    Blood on the streets in the City of Yonkers
    Blood on the streets its up to my thigh,
    The city is crumbling all around us
    and the mayor in his office
    bleeding us dry.

  14. Note that the under manned YPD had to call in east side assistance for this incident. A potential disaster is just waiting to occur with our short staffed PD.
    Arch Stanton

  15. I heard Hartnett just went on vacation after one of the most chaotic nights in Yonkers… Is that appropriate behavior for the head of an organization to do during a time like this? The CEO for BP did this too and he is being fired. Just some food for thought.

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