Assemblyman Mike Spano‘s Statement Over Arrest of Campaign Worker

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YPD_sophia,julio,c Spano_Mike NYS Assemblyman Mike Spano (left); Julio Sofia* (right)

Yonkers, NY, August 17, 2010 — “This is now in the hands of the appropriate law enforcement authorities. Whatever the outcome, I want to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated by me or my campaign. I have taken steps to ensure that this individual will not be permitted to associate with my campaign in the future. As your Assemblyman, I am committed to running a clean and fair race. My focus will continue to be on the issues that affect the residents of Yonkers”, said Assemblyman Mike Spano.
[Reference:  Yonkers Police Department Blotter – August 17, 2010 BY Det. Sgt. Patrick McCormack]

* Editor's Note: Julio Sofia, the arrested and arraigned former campaign worker is a friend of  Steve Wilgermein, Assemblyman Mike Spano’s nephew.

(Reference: Ramondelli Campaign Alleges Aides Assaulted by Assemblyman Spano’s Nephew and Friend BY Hezi Aris)

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eHeziAssemblyman Mike Spano‘s Statement Over Arrest of Campaign Worker

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  1. Mike Spano: “I want to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated by me or my campaign.”
    Mr. Spano – does that mean that you will not allow your family to work on your campaign?

  2. Hey stupid, it took no time or effort to solve this case because the suspect is a complete fu%&ing idiot. I’m guessing if you commit a crime it will take about as much effort dumbass.

  3. Hey! Guesse you don’t get it! We have to be vigilant in protecting our democratic process in EVERY step it takes, from registrations to petitions for a candidate to qualify for a ballot, and most especially voting itself. If this open system gets corrupted, we fail as a society. The shootings could be traced back to the possibility the wrong people are in office to make a positive difference in troubled neighborhoods. Maybe this time such tactics won’t work anymore, and our local elections will reap better leaders who fight for us and truly care.

  4. wow…how many unsolved shootings in yonkers this year? but they made a FELONY arrest over someone running away with a clipboard of non-certified or authenticated signatures on a piece of paper. What a waste of Amicone’s Police Department
    And if we catch you taking down your opponents signs we are going to really throw the book at you!!! Good work YPD…oh I;m sorry…was that more gunfire from the south-west side of the city

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