Assemblyman Spano: MTA Audit a Step in the Right Direction

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Spano_Mike-August 2010Yonkers, NY, August 31, 2010 — NYS Assemblyman Mike Spano today said, “Comptroller DiNapoli’s announcement that he will be conducting a forensic audit onMTA overtime payments is welcome news to riders across the region. The MTA cannotcontinue to operate in the dark while passing the burden of its financial mismanagementdown to riders with increased fares. While the Comptroller’s audit is a step in the right direction, I continue to call for a full, comprehensive forensic audit of the entire MTA tobring further transparency and accountability to its operations.”

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eHeziAssemblyman Spano: MTA Audit a Step in the Right Direction

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  1. morons—– wow hezi you should make everyone post their real names!!! mike has been fighting to get a forensic audit of the mta good for him- as far as liam and the republicans —lets see about that…

  2. Where R the debates.
    Love to see the thoughtful answers Spano gives. Oops, no teleprompter.
    He is as bright as a tar bog.
    Should be a real beauty.

  3. local state senators are far more vulnerable
    because their districts are larger and their
    personal contact with voters is less personal..
    but you may be right this year..its just that it
    doesn’t make a lot of difference for the assembly
    I can’t imagine that liberal democratic sheldon
    silver dominated body becomming republican..however
    it does matter in the senate where a switch of two
    seats gives control to the republicans

  4. For Mike Edelman:
    Mike, today’s Quinnipiac Poll clearly shows that Assemblymembers are just as in trouble as senators. I know that doesn’t fit your “all incumbents are vulnerable except for Mike Spano” narrative, but please see below:
    “Voters say 55 – 31 percent that their local state senator should be voted out of office as part of an overall house-cleaning in Albany, the highest anti-incumbent score ever.
    Their State Assembly member should go, too, voters say 53 – 33 percent, the highest anti- incumbent score for Assembly members as well.”
    The difference is within the margin of error.
    Mike Spano and Amy Paulin and the other tax and spenders in the Assembly better be on notice! They are rubber stamps for Sheldon Silver and the voters will not accept it.

  5. actually the recent quiniipiac poll had 70% of voters
    saying they would vote against theire incumbant state
    senator..that means andrea looses..liam may just be
    in the right place at the right time…same for
    bob cohen running against suzi oppenheimer in the
    sound shore area..but assemblyman are not in jeopardy
    most probably

  6. Rumor has it that the NY State Republicans have pulled the plug on the Mclaughlin campaign. They know it is a sure loser.
    Sorry, Mikey, your boy Liam is dead.

  7. one thing you can bet on is that harry wilson will
    handily defeat tom dinapoli…wilson is a financial
    genius who owes nothing to anyone particularly
    the public employee unions…di napoli on the other
    hand has zero financial backround and owes everthing
    to alan hevasi’s crew of crooks no newspaper editorial
    page and anything good to day when dinapoli was selected by hank morris in a back room deal…and since
    it appears andy cuomo will win it is even more important that someone from the opposing party watch
    the money

  8. This is great news !! I am sick and tired of my train fare rising and I hope there is something found with this audit and maybe you can do something with that Yonkers tax that gets taken out of my paycheck to.

  9. Word is Sheldon Silver has given orders to all of his members to help prop up Tom DiNapoli. Mike Spano, who is now used to taking his orders from Sheldon Silver, is of course among the first to oblige.
    Say what you will about Mike Spano, but he’s been a profile in courage by standing shoulder to shoulder with Sheldon Silver, no matter how politically unpopular it may be perceived.
    Some say Mike Spano is a rubber stamp for being such a close ally to Speaker Silver. I say Mike Spano is loyal and a profile in courage.

  10. a legitimate lawyer that practices in the personal
    injury field..? you are suggesting by your prior comments that they do not exist..and you are admitting
    by your last post that you would seek damages if injured that is an oxymoron..tort law goes back
    to english common are negligent and cause
    injury to others you are liable financially..that;s
    what the world trade center case is all about…but
    the city denied liability for the foul toxic air
    and they paid their defense attorneys two hundred and
    eleven million dollars to stall and stall and deny
    and deny .and then the settled…so let me ask you
    if the worby law firm didn’t take the case and
    no other firm was intersted how do these heroes
    get can’t possibly have an answer
    because you don’t know a thing about it..transparency
    is a great word the retainer agreement everything is disclosed and it is filed with the OCA
    know what that is….a court has to approve
    all charges ..that means you cannot overcharge even
    if you want to..hellerstein has modified the retainer
    agreements…there is no precedent and no legal authority for doing so..but since the case has emotional value as well as legal and monetary value
    the plaintiffs are not challenging his decision to
    modify their fees which by the way they could do and
    would probably think all of this happens
    magically…but the city refused to pay a dime..and
    the congress did the the remedy was to get
    a lawfirm that had the balls to take the case and
    yes they will get 140 million dollars..which is
    70 million less than has already been paid to defend
    the suit..

  11. And if God forbid any member of my family is struck by a Mercedes (you tipped your hand there, fella), I will hire a legitimate lawyer (if I can find one) and demand complete transparency for both my relative and the law. Kind of makes you cringe, huh Edelman?

  12. And as for having a thing for “personal injury lawyers”, you are right. They are crooks, as much as, if not more then the people illegally submitting claims for OT that they have not worked. As I posted earlier, an audit is necessary for the MTA and if illegalities are found, punish those to the fullest extent of the law. The same goes for the law firms in our state that overcharge clients and think they are above the law. If you are caught overcharging, you lose your share of the settlement and it reverts immediately to the state. Problem solved….

  13. Anon, could you be one of these “slip and fall” lawyers? My point was that if you want to fill the State coiffers you should penalize any law firm that is proven to have overcharged and they should be forced to forfeit their cut of the settlement money. Easy. If you pad the bill to bilk your client or the taxpayers of our fine state and you are caught, you forfeit your share. This will eliminate the “slip and fall” lawyers who are known for this and will save/make the state millions!! Doth I offend thee?

  14. anti incumbant doesnt know the difference between
    taxpayer dollars and private business…clearly he
    has a thing for personal injury lawyers..until of
    course he or a member of his family gets hit in the rear by a mercedes and has 4 herniated discs…I’m
    sure then his view will change..just like you turn
    a liberal into a conservative by mugging him


  16. And slip and fall law firms should not over charge clients just because a warranted settlement went their way. This is stealing. There must be a comprehensive forensic audit of the entire “slip and fall” system. These bottom dwellers are costing the taxpayers of NY millions in padded bills.

  17. baby Nick
    You are pandering again Mikee..
    It has taken you all of 24 hours to latch onto DiNapoli’s weak coatails calling for an audit that should have been done eons ago. EVERYONE knows that the MTA is rife with corruption, yet nothing is done until, well, right before an election! I am surprised you didnt “call on your friend DiNapoli to audit the MTA.” Of course that would have taken thought.
    Mike everyone sees this for what it is. You are doing nothing, giving us nothing original, no new ideas. It is two months to election so you will suddenly become Batman and want to fight crime and waste that has been there all along ignored by you.
    You are a pathetic waste of a politician.
    Why dont you get Cousins to try her luck with a pandertorial, if she can pull herslf away from the Labor Day scarf sale at Lord and Taylors.
    The lot of you are not even Democrats, you are from the Winken Blinken and Nod Party

  18. I totally agree with you on this mike,the MTA has been running up OT and raising fares to the public. but why stop at the MTA,,I think a full, comprehensive forensic audit of the entire OT system in New York State would be Beneficial to the state budget. …Pensions should NOT be base on OT…..

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