DiNapoli Releases City of Yonkers Budget Review

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Amicone-Phil-postulatingstance DiNapoli_Thomas Albany, NY, August 18, 2010 — New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli today announced that his office completed its review of the 2010-11 City of Yonkers adopted budget.

Read the DiNapoli Review of Yonkers FY2010-2011 Budget.

Please be patient as it may take about 30 seconds for the document to be displayed onto your computer screen. You will need Adobe Reader to view the document. Get the latest, fully functioning  Adobe Reader Pro software at no cost and free of virus by clicking onto the Adobe Reader link. Thank you.

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eHeziDiNapoli Releases City of Yonkers Budget Review

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  1. Why is there a police car (#426) directly across from Amicone’s house almost every day? Who has he pissed off now? Or is this another entitlement that he has given to himself? House sitting while he’s on vacation.

  2. Well smarty pants, it just so happens that Yonkers PD has a Pilot and a Miller on our job, so your argument doesn’t hold water!

  3. Who was the one that said that Phil and Bill are “retiring” early to get their pensions because when THEY ARE CONVICTED OF THE FELONIES THEY WILL BE INDICTED ON…wink wink… the federal government legally can’t touch their pension funds…
    You’re not as smart as you think fellas… Sandy is singing, Jareis is on Bass and Mangone is on the drums… and what a fine tune they are humming to the feds about you guys…
    The Ridge Hill trio featuring:
    Phil Bill and the Jailbirds!

  4. “Appreciate what you have and hope you never need it….” OooooH what a great response!
    Tell the rapist thank you for not killing me. Tell the invading army thanks for not killing the kids just blowing up the buildings.
    Tell the city thanks for not taking every last dime I have and for leaving me just enough to pay my mortgage without going on food stamps.
    Thank you sir may I have another. I DON’T THINK SO
    Begs the question why the union cheifs keep saying how very dangerous the professions are and why we all need to give up these rediculous salaries and pensions.
    Gravy train is over boys
    Time to roll back the pension train!

  5. O.K. I’ll bite. How many of the above noble professionals are going to respond to your call when you are being assaulted or your house is on fire? Exactly. Appreciate what you have and hope you never need it….

  6. Hey Yonkers Police and Fire
    Your profession is NOT in the top 10 most dangerous so stop whining.
    LESS FATALITIES THAN but far greater pensions than
    Iron workers
    Sanitation workers
    Coal Miners
    Merchant Mariners
    See the article
    Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs 2007 – 2010

  7. It really is amazing what the politicians in this town will do to further their agendas. It is criminal that our Mayor is the #1 scumbag in the city pretending to care. Like someone said, He was supposed to be a conservative when in reality he is a tax & spend liberal and he has dove off the deep end in his ideaology. I think this guy is a bananna!

  8. Amicone has ruined the school district. Just let him go our children will be better for it. The YPS is upside down. I have never seen such a mess in the past 35 years. Trustees are your eyes open. It seems everyone is asleep.

  9. Amicone claimed to be conservative. He was a wild spender. A complete phony. Not a Republican at all. Reckless, unethical taker of our $$ with one idea: Development. Take a look at the beautiful downtown. How did that work out for us? Good job Philly boy. Enjoy you’re $150,000 pension and your $100,000 job for Harris Beach. Way to cash in.

  10. And I quote…”Further, the city’s LONG TERM FISCAL HEALTH is THREATENED BY ITS GROWING DEBT BURDEN>>(which) has increased SUBSTANTIALLY over the past 10 YEARS!”
    Thanks Phil, Bankrupt us and bounce! Way to give it the ol’ ammikassan try!

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