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IMCob_surveillance Westchester County, August 9, 2010 — Ah, the County of Westchester and its municipalities are enjoying some quiet summer vacation time. In the meantime, here are some of the stories  acid-tongued bloggers are working on.A little birdie at Yonkers City Hall is reporting that soon to be ex Mayor Phil Amicone has accepted a position at Harris -Beach.  Hmmmm… it seems that everyone ends up there.   Acid-tongued bloggers wonders if Harris-Beach is sort of like Valhalla where the dead Vikings go or if it’s really the land of opportunity. Anyhow, Phil will be consulting on economic development for that firm.  Sort of like an oxymoron when you compare it to Yonkers, don'tcha think? Speaking of Yonkers, that little tidbit has the usual political hacks scrambling for employment elsewhere. Note to the second floor at Yonkers City Hall…. There are no jobs on the 9th floor in County Executive Astorino’s office.

CE Astorino’s office will be giving the final deliverable to HUD monitor Jim Johnson this week.  Anybody want to take a bet as to whether he’s going to accept it.  We bet he will not.  (Hope Mr. Johnson checks with his separated at birth twin, Westchester County Board Legislator Chairman  Ken Jenkins, so they can both get their stories straight).

CE Astorino is also said to be considering closing down Playland.  Hmmm…. We’re not surprised there. It’s been said that this was his plan all along.

On a final county note, a retired Correction official in Ossining has shared with an acid tongued blogger that the Correction Officers have hired an attorney and are planning on suing the County for retroactive wages.  We’ll keep our eye on that one folks.

This is the week that Judge Karas will be making his final determination of José Quinoy’s future in Sleepy Hollow. Lets see how that goes.  In the meantime, we’re working on a story about Janet Gandolfo’s rise to fame in the former Village of North Tarrytown.  (On a side note, Colleen Hayes was seen picking up her order at Lefteris’ Greek Restaurant in Tarrytown recently.  Hope she wasn’t using Ambulance Corp money to pay for that Gyro).

The Independence Party Chair, Dr. Giulio Cavallo has been handing out his endorsements much to the delight and the chagrin of others.  Love him or hate him, Cavallo is quite a character and we hope to hear more from him later.

Who the heck knows what is going on in Mount Vernon.  Perhaps one other candidate from that fair city will reach out to us and  dish us some dirt.

And so it goes readers.  It may be the dog days of summer but never forget that it’s really nothing more than Angry August.

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eHeziGood Monday Everyone BY I.M. Cob

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  1. say hey! Mother Hen Kolleen Hayes at Lefteris? I didn’t think she eats minority food. She’s more into stock piling eats from Sam’s using the Holla’s Ambulance Corp funds. But got a lot of Hayes to feed and needs to bulk up for the winter or before our so called village fathers figure this one out. Aren’t Sleepy paychecks and pensions enough for them???

  2. If the door hits her in the ass on the way out, that will be the end of the door. Wonder if she paid for her parking space yet.

  3. did anyone see the news 12 interview with Mcdow a few weeks ago speaking on Stewart Cousins run for Senate…Not only did her eyes look like they were going to physcially pop out of her head, she rambled on like she was litterally smoked up on something. She’s a disgrace to the council & should be centured. She represents no one obviously except her own damn self…well you go girl! Do you! and leave the rest of the 1st district in the dust when you move on. We wont miss you & please dont let the door hit you on thew way out. I just hope Phil has enough room in the weener-bego for your fat ass and lopez’s too

  4. In my simple opinion the ethics board should reconvene and ask themselves a few very simple questions.
    I’m curious to hear the answers.
    Will the Ethics Board even bother to tackle this “mundane” issue without s directive from the mayors office?
    Somehow i doubt it, but i may be wrong.
    After watching their behavior over serious events, in my opinion it renders them all useless.
    Frankly, it’s time to stand up or sit down.
    Ms. McDow,
    i am especially looking forward to hear from you and your colleague Mr. Sansone.

  5. Phil Quiticone! phil the quitter!
    what a phucking p*ssy.
    I’m going to assume that Phil and his crew are going for the “Most Hated Men of the Decade.”

  6. Phil would be perfect for that consulting job. He is a expert on what not to do in municipal development. I wonder if hes going to be taking envelope lady woth him, after all somebody has to collect the envelopes.

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