Hall Statement on Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Announcement of New Paperless Claims Processing System

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Hall_John Carmel, NY, August 9, 2010 —  Congressman John Hall, Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs, issued the following statement in response to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) announcement of its new Paperless Claims Processing System.

“I am pleased that the VA has announced it is taking the next step towards its new paperless claims system.  Adopting this technology is long overdue and marks significant progress in remaking the VA into a modernized service organization focused on veterans’ care.  I’m confident this new system will help the VA speed up the process of delivering benefits to veterans, as well as include safeguards and quality checks to ensure that the correct decision is made the first time. Those who have served our country so valiantly deserve to receive their benefits quickly and efficiently. This pilot program will receive vigorous oversight by the House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee in order to make sure the new system will deliver significant results to our veterans.”

The VA currently reports a backlog of more than 550,000 disability compensation claims, and a recent study by the VA Office of Inspector General found that the error rate for veterans’ disability claims could be as high as 25%.  Last Congress, Rep. Hall introduced and Congress passed legislation (PL 110-389) which required the VA Secretary to implement comprehensive information technology reform.  This pilot project is the result of that requirement.

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eHeziHall Statement on Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Announcement of New Paperless Claims Processing System

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  1. It must be noted that this is only a pilot program and in this day and age the chance that it will eventually fade away is very strong.

  2. When my husband Andrew was terminally ill in the Bronx VA, Lisa DeMartino in Congressman Hall’s office did yeoman duty in helping me with his care. I cannot say enough about the involvement and timeliness of response of Congressman Hall and his staff to my request for assistance for my husband. I met Congressman Hall at a conference at Marist in Poughkeepsie and was fortunate enough to personally express my thanks to him. He’s a treasure for all those who served and serve this country in our military.

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