I Will Be King; If I Can Stop Flip-Flopping on the Issues BY I.M. Cob

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IMCob_surveillance Every time I open a local newspaper or turn on the local news channel I see Chairman of the Westchester County Board of Legislators Ken Jenkins.   I swear this man is ubiquitous.   How can he actually be governing when it seems that he is always courting the media? Who is this guy? What is he saying and what in Sam Hill does he want?  He wants to be king.



Ken Jenkins, known within some political circles the “poverty pimp”, and in other circles the “demopublican” with close friends Nick, Mike and Lenny Spano and Mike, "The Consultant" a/k/a "anon" Edelman, is the Chairman of the Board of County Legislators here in Westchester County.   He was elected in a special election in 2007 to serve Yonkers’ 16th District. Alas, it seems Ken Jenkins doesn’t quite know where he lives.  He has given two addresses when queried about his residence.  One address is 108 Bushie Avenue which is within District 15, represented by Legislator Gordon Burrows.  Does Ken sincerely believe he and Gordon bear such close resemblance that nobody would notice? His other residence, where he apparently resides is to be found on Moultrie Street.  I’m already confused.  Isn’t that in violation of the Federal Election Law to reside other than where you were elected to serve?   One must infer that the Feds are too busy checking out where Pedro Espada lives to come after Ken.  Even neighbors say that he only comes to the Moultrie Street residence to pick up mail.   Ken is sure to utter another glib answer to that question. He always does.

It was in 1998 when Ken Jenkins became somewhat of a talking head when he landed a gig espousing the Democrat party perspective opposite Mike Edelman on Cable News 12 Westchester. Ever since Ken was elected Chairman of the Westchester County Board Chairman, January 2010,  the press releases he has  issued have gathered momentum.  Truly an achievement wrangling that spot away from Bill “Boss” Ryan.  Westchesterites had hoped for something a little different with Ken’s elevation to chair.  They had hoped there would be less of a tax and spend mantra from the 8th floor and a little more visibility with the County Board of Legislators and their legislative processes.    Boy we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Right out of the gate, along the rail comes the appointment of David Paterson’s alleged mistress.  Well nobody really cared about who Mr. Paterson was poking but this appointment literally became the talk of the town when her salary was announced.  Lila Kirton is paid 135K to assist Mr. Jenkins.  Ummm… we were under the impression that the county was cash strapped and would have massive layoffs and Ken Jenkins goes out and hires the governor’s former girlfriend.  No savings there!.  So instead of the taxpayer fraud that we had with Gary Kriss, we have a patronage princess that we never hear from. But we do continue to hear a lot from Ken.

Westchester County has a myriad of problems and Ken Jenkins has a lot to say about most of them.  Predictably most of his comments are made on the heels of any statement issued by County Executive Astorino.  If Astorino wants employee contributions toward healthcare,  Ken says, “No way!"

If Astorino talks about capping taxes or pensions, Ken jumps in and says that it is not a good idea, that is until he releases a press statement a few days later saying that those caps might be a good idea indeed.

One of the more laughable suggestions from the Chairman comes in the form of a proposal to abolish the County’s Board of Acquisition and Contracts.  The BoA&C has  been around since about 1937 and seems to be one of the only branches of county government to br functioning.  It works because the bulk of the leg work is done by individual departments, then sent to respective committees to earn  approval and  final signatures.  It seems  Mr. Jenkins  is pushing for the WCBoL  to take over the BoA&C.  This acid tongued  blogger believes what Ken Jenkins really does not like is that the BoA&C is no longer only controlled by Democrats.  Ken finds himself now having to share some of that responsibility with that little Republican interloper Rob Astorino.   Oh, Lordy be Mr. Jenkins, you do enjoy the whine and howl among the  “three men in a room” politics but you do not want anyone to know that you are one of those men. Quite frankly,  we do not appreciate all the drama you created about this little trio. Isn’t this what your colleagues Nick, Lenny and Mike did and do when they are making Demopublican deals?

Then there are the comments made about the layoffs at the Westchester Medical Center.  This was spun so that the good people of Westchester would think that this Medical Center is so poorly run,  that they are not a viable hospital, and that they will never be able to repay any money owed to the county.  Mr. Jenkins does  not want the average person to know that this is a privatized institution that happens to contract some services with the county and and some with the state..  It is not the Westchester County Medical Center; it is the Westchester Medical Center. WMC receives some funding from the state and the county but the county does not own it. Here again. it seems Mr. Jenkin’s beef is not with the medical center but is with County Executive Astorino and his decision to outsource inmate care, thus eliminating over one hundred jobs.

Perhaps the most troubling statements that Mr. Jenkins has made concern County government’s handling of the federally imposed Housing Settlement.  So far, HUD housing monitor Jim Johnson has not accepted any of the County’s proposals. Riding on the coattails of the HUD monitor, Chairman Jenkins has been critical of every proposal put forth by the county.  Given the fact that Jenkins is a Real Estate agent and an elected official who has veiled his own residence with smoke and mirrors is indeed troubling.  This is a real issue that the residents and administration are dealing with and its delays should not be presented with veiled references to  racism by any elected official, much less by the Chairman of the County Board of Legislators. Housing, even if it is Federally mandated, is a very personal choice to those for whom those units are intended.  They may be poor but they don’t want be pimped by county officials masquerading as a poverty pimp.

It is clear that Ken Jenkins in his own recalcitrant manner has launched his campaign to run for Westchester County Executive.  We have his budget projections when it comes to the county deficit.  We have his projections concerning layoffs.  We have Ken Jenkins arguing with Jim Maisano on News 12’s Newsmakers show, and we have Ken’s emails insinuating  himself into the race for Westchester County Family Court Judge. It is obvious that Ken Jenkins  and  Westchester County Democratic Party Chairman and Westchester County Board of Elections Commissioner  Reggie Lafayette do not want Judge Bill Edwards to win the election,  but one would hope they would know better as to where their name is on an email chain and where it will ultimately land.

Finally this week we see Mr. Jenkins at the Mt.Vernon/Greenburgh Health Center’s annual barbecue. Accompanying him were Westchester County Clerk Idoni and State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins and a few fresh faced campaign volunteers carrying a Thomas DiNapoli for Comptoller sign.  Not once did I see Mr. Jenkins reach out to any of the staff or volunteers to laud over them for serving the community in the manner in which they do.  Nor did he cast a glance toward any of the clients attending the barbecue. Suddenly it dawned on this acid tongued blogger, there was no media covering him and he was gone… just like that.

It is apparent to even the most politically unsavvy that Ken Jenkins is positioning himself to run for Westchester County Executive.   After these crucial mid-term local elections and the release of Astorino’s budget Westchesterites can count on hearing more from Mr. Jenkins.

The opening line to his announcement speech will likely be…. “I wanna be king!”

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eHeziI Will Be King; If I Can Stop Flip-Flopping on the Issues BY I.M. Cob

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  1. So Ken Jenkins has two addresses. Why bring up Burrows? He is never in his district…… He is always with his girlfriend who works where his law office is in White Plains or at her home in Hastings. He is never in his district. What a fake!

  2. Jack, we know all this. So why are you boring us with info. we already know. Your on every thread with the same tired old theme Dems. bad, Repls. good. Only wish it were that simple.

  3. July 1999 secretary of HUD Democrat Andrew Cuomo announced a two trillion dollar program to reduce the homebuyer down payment requirements.The FNMA and FMAC were told to lower their standards for buying home mortgages.You can buy shares in those companies for fifty cents now.By 2006 30% of home buyers bought without a down payment.Bill Clinton the Democrat was president.Democrat Robert Rubin was the secretary of the treasury, Robert Rubin would go on to wreck Citigroup($3.95 a share).People who bought in 2004-2007 overpaid by $150,000.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  4. Treacy has so much to say about Democrats, but I just bet he never bothered to pick up the phone and call Fiore’s office about Jenkins not living in the dist. All he does is come on this site and keep repeating the same olde b.s. over and over again.

  5. This thread is about Jenkins. So why are you people allowing this moron, Jack to turn this into first a debate on the mosque and now unemployment. He always does this. He comes on with some inane remark and when called on it he changes the subject. The man is manic about the Dem. Rpl. B.S. Just let it go already.

  6. The unemployment rate is always higher than the b.s. numbers presented to the media. They are counting temps and forced part timers who used to work full time as gainfully full time employed. They fail to count those long term unemployed who have been out of work for severla years. FALSE DATA IS FED TO THE MEDIA BY BOTH DEMS AND REPUBLICANS. It is truly a disheartening situation for all, especially those in the 45 and up age group. Just pray you never, ever have to be subjected to it. Join a political patronage club today !!!
    Arch Stanton

  7. I agree with you jack on the obama analysis, but phil amicone is a republican;
    1)amicone republican gave millions away in tax breaks to wealthy developers
    2)amicone republicasn gave huge land giveways to campaign contributors
    3)lined the pockets with no-bid contract for friends and families
    4)taxes and water rates are at a all-time high
    5)rampant corruption and patronage in city hall
    The only good amicone is a defeated one.

  8. Obama on Friday,I am for the building of the mosque,it is a constitutional right.Obama on Sunday,its their constitutional right,but its not too smart.Also the supreme comrade said the unemployment rate would be below 8% by now,its 9.5% and headed over 10% by the end of the year.You don’t hear any of the Democrats mentioning the word change anymore,the new election code word is plan,I got a plan Cuomo.Replacing Spitzers,”Everything changes on day one.” and Obamas “Change you can believe in.”The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  9. It is very disheartening when you read comments like the one Jack just posted above. I know it is very harsh to call someone an idiot, but what else can you say. The man is a useful idiot and unfortunately he’s not alone. He sees every issue through Dem. vs Repl. eyes. He just can’t get it through his head that most of these pols are Republicrats. Makes you just want to throw in the towel and give up. Just let the next generation clean up the mess. That is, if there is anything left to clean up.
    “We have seen the enemy and he is us.”

  10. Jack,
    I predict that none of the construction union members will work on this project while the contolling mob elders will throw in a big monkey wrench and if they try bringing in out of state labor, union or non union, they will never be allowed to reach the Mosque site. This project may be DOA already. Just remember who was in control at the World Trade center site before and after it collapsed.
    Jenkins: It’s not necessarily bad for a politician to be in the media spotlight often, otherwise, the voters think you are inactive. Same goes for newsletter mailings.
    Arch Stanton

  11. There are plenty of democrats that could un-seat asstorino;
    Tim Iodoni
    Amy Paulin
    Noam Bramson
    Sandy Galef
    George Latimer
    Mike Spano

  12. jenkins represents a heavenily democratic district that was crafted by andrea cousins, ken could not win outside his district, he dresses like a pimp, his legislative record is all rhetoric, he will be a gift for astorino

  13. What the heck does the ICC (mosque) at the WTC site have to do with this thread. Jack, I know it’s early in the day, but please don’t forget to take your meds.

  14. “Both sides do it” but Democrats are Hall Of Famers or should I say, Hall Of Shamers, when it comes to political corruption.Also,Wahhabi Muslim money is funding the Islamic Cultural Center at the site of the World Trade Center and Wahhabis don’t allow any other religion in Saudi Arabia including other Muslims and Obamaists Democrats are for building the mosque. The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  15. Fiore has continued the Pirro legacy of turning a blind eye to white collar crime and political corruption. She was forced to bring charges against Wilson Soto. I say forced because she had promised to cover up his blatant fraud. We are still waiting to see if she really follows up on the charges against him or allows him to cop a slap-on-the wrist plea.
    Everyone but Fiore knows that Jenkins does not live in the district he represents. Actually she knows it but continuing the Pirro tradition, teen drinking is the most important crime in Westchester.
    The Spano clan is an actual throwback to the ugly-American stereoptype of the 50s. They flaunt the laws and behave as if they live on an island with no regard for anyone else. The Spanos represent no party but themselves.
    We will never change the current situation as long as idiots like Jack will defend Republicans no matter their transgressions, no matter how they shaft the voters. And it is not a case of “both sides do it” as anyone who reads my posts can acknowledge.
    Time to wake up and call Fiore’s office and ask her why Jenkins hasn’t been indicted.

  16. Ken is a man of unlimited ambition and very limited ability. He is also a fool. He is being used by the other legislators and is too egotistical to see it. He was low man on the seniority totem pole when he was picked to be the chairman of the legislature. After the huge Astorino victory, the message was received that the public was more than a little pissed. So the gang is ducking for cover and they got good ole Ken to do their dirty work. He has become the face of the tax & spend pols. in West. Cty.

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