José Caraballo Steps Down as President of Yonkers Firefighters Local 628

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YFD_Local628emblem Yonkers, NY, August 27, 2010 — José Caraballo, president of Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 today stepped down from his union leadership role. Vice-President Barry B.McGoey has succeeded Mr Caraballo as president. The order of succession stipulates Mr McGoey to have been next in line. A formal election process of the membership of Yonkers Firefighters Local 628 will take place on the first Wednesday of October, that is, October 6, 2010.

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eHeziJosé Caraballo Steps Down as President of Yonkers Firefighters Local 628

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  1. Wow. I didn’t think it was possible because I’m pretty ‘stoopid’, but I AM dumber for having read these posts. Congratulations. You’ve all gone viral.

  2. jose is a good man. baryy is also- i crack up when i hear about the spanos. nick spano is still in control? even 628/? remember fox worked for him!

  3. I was in the marine corps and am a veteran of desert storm moron and now i fight the front line of fire in yonkers what do you do for a living you sad sac

  4. you my friend are an A**h*le. Whats the matter you couldn’t sleep and your frumpy wife wasn’t doing it for ya so you had to come on here and post your liberal rantings to make yourself feel better.
    Don’t worry nerd, monday will be here soon enough and you can go back to your cubicle

  5. 628
    Do your self a favor. Bring Brady back.Mistakes happen. As a rep in the buisness of fifefighters unions,I know one thing. He was the only President you guys had who actually cared about your union as a whole.Personnal agendas have destroyed the Union that we all looked up to. Politics made you great, but now it has made 628 the laughing stock of the IAFF.

  6. Caraballo was pushed in to the position and pushed out because McGouy didn’t want to be in charge during a disasterous year. This Reeks of the old guard Spano connections. The Brady group wt Fokerts and Spano gave their fielty to Nicky for years and were pawns in his control of the Conservative party. This move is all about Spano consolidation.

  7. somebody should keep a tally on the retirements in Yonkers this year
    i bet we break an all time Record!
    smoke ‘m if you got ‘m boys…
    sure looks like the gig is up.

  8. Good luck to the firefighters during this transitional period. Its a tough time for all unions, never mind when there is a change of leadership at the top. Hopefully McGoey can do the job in the interim. Good luck to him and all of the firefighters.

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