Kagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court

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Kagan-Elena WASHINGTON, D.C., August 5, 2010 — Elena Kagan has today, August 5, 2010, garnered the support of the U.S. Senate for her to accede as the 112th Justice of the Supreme Court.

In a 63-37 vote, Kagan, 50, became President Obama’s second lifetime appointment to the court, exactly one year after Justice Sonia Sotomayor won her confirmation to the highest court in the land. Elena Kagan succeeds the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens.

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eHeziKagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court

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  1. its always nice to see anonymous posters criticize
    the looks of those they don’t like politically why
    don’t you simply put your picture up and let the
    rest of us take personal shots at you…you can’t
    possibly be secure in your own looks if you feel
    the necessity to criticize a brilliant attorney because
    of the size of her nose..what are you stuck in middle

  2. she was speaking to the entire united states senate
    it was a light hearted moment…or don’t you watch
    confirmation hearings…my expert political assessment
    is that she will make a fine justice…and that
    elections have consequences…elect a conservative
    you get right of center judicial appointments..elect
    a liberal you get left of center appointments..
    but kagen doesn’t appear to be to far to the left
    its why she breezed through….

  3. oh how funny….
    that’s your expert political assessment?
    you actually speak to the public and claim to be serious?
    you must be kidding….

  4. i liked her answer to the question of what she
    was doing on one christmas eve…she said “like
    most jewish families we were probably at a chinese
    restaurant for dinner” it broke the senate up

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