Letter to the Editor: Open Letter to New York State and Local Government Retirement System BY Alan Smith

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Letter_to_the_editor_image red face characture typing Yonkers, NY, August 24, 2010 — The Yonkers Board of Education (YBoE) has not posted their agenda online for the meeting this Wednesday, August 25, 2010. The agenda will be contracts for certain YBoE retirees in violation of Retirement System guidelines specific to school districts (see below).

New York State and Local Government Retirement System

Employer Reporting Unit

Attn: Post Retirement Employment

110 State St

Albany NY 12244


August 10, 2010.

Dear Sirs, I am writing regarding an abuse of the pension system by the Yonkers Public Schools.

The pension laws enacted by the State of New York this year put a limitation on retirees for School Districts and BOCES employers.  According to the law, retirees of School Districts and BOCES Employees must wait a year before returning to work in the same or similar position.

So how can the Yonkers Public Schools continue to employ individuals who retired at the end of July in the same positions they were in before at all levels of the district-from administrators to secretaries.

My wife has two friends who lost their jobs (one a teacher, the other one a clerical worker) and they are very upset that while they are out of work, some people continue to work and draw salaries and pensions from the Yonkers Public Schools.

I hope that you will look into this matter expeditiously. Are they going to get even bigger pensions because of this?


Alan Smith


cc: Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo


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eHeziLetter to the Editor: Open Letter to New York State and Local Government Retirement System BY Alan Smith

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  1. If you compare other districts agendas with the YPS, you will notice that very little information is given out by Yonkers. Teachers who come up for tenure are clearly noted in all districts except Yonkers. The YPS has a cloud of secrecy as we have seen in the BOE books. Typical of Bernie Pierorazio….he doesn’t want anyone to seee the shell game.

  2. I wonder if the spokeswoman for the schools who retired and was rehired will craft an answer for the BOE on this one. How many “consultants” do we need???

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