McLaughlin Says NY State Should Block Sale of Con Ed Property for Cordoba Mosque

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McLaughlin_headshot Yonkers, NY, August 9, 2010 — Liam McLaughlin, candidate desiring to represent the 35Senate District under Conservative and Republican party lines, commented today on the new revelations in the media that the property where the 13 story $100 million Cordoba Mosque is to be built is half owned by Con Edison.

Liam McLaughlin said "The revelations in the media that the property where the Cordoba mosque is to be located is half owned by local utility Con Edison proves to New Yorkers that they are being misled. It is now clear that the developer has not been honest with the people of New York. As Senator, I would call upon the Public Service Commission to end this debate and controversy by denying the sale of this property. I also call upon my opponent, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, who has said that this issue is beyond the purview of the Senate, to show actual leadership by demanding that the Public Service Commission stop the sale of this property to the mosque developer, Sharif El- Gamal. Senator Stewart-Cousins does not understand the role of the State Senate in these important matters and fails to perform even a minimal amount of due diligence. This issue is directly within the purview of the State Senate, and Senator Stewart-Cousins owes it to the 111 Westchester residences and 2,976 people who perished on 9/11 to do her job."

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eHeziMcLaughlin Says NY State Should Block Sale of Con Ed Property for Cordoba Mosque

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  1. Can’t wait for the 3 people who are complaining about Liam are proven wrong this year. You will be jumping on the bandwagon November 2nd, mark my words.

  2. Wow, I’m glad so many people posting here can see right through Liam’s pandering. It does seem that he can’t stay afloat financially in the private sector, so he’s doing whatever he can to get elected, even if it means trashing others. That’s how you get elected? We are not that stupid.
    And furthermore, my vote for the Mayor of Yonkers will go to the candidate who will not be supporting Lorraine Lopez. Electing Regan means she stays. So, as much as I like Regan, he can’t get my vote because of her. Wise up, Regan.

  3. Tired of it all, they’re not trying to “give back through public service.” They’re trying to take back from public service. They take and take and take.

  4. Why don’t these people just go away?
    Spencer..both of them…Mclaughlin, Amicone…
    None of them seems to be able to hold a job in the private sector, so they run for office.
    Now Amicone seems to have a place to land…good. Go fast Phil…no one is going to miss you.
    But Liam? No. We’ve had enough of him.
    Try just going to work everyday at your profession. You might like it!
    But please, stop trying to “give back” through public service.

  5. Anon, speaks of the state nearing bankruptcy during Cousins tenure. Well I have a news flash for you. It started way before she got there. Is she up to fixing the problem is another question. Judging from her tenure, I say NO. But Yonkers where McLaughlin served for 10yrs. is in no better shape. If he brings Bonnie & Clyde $pender along with him, and he will, the state will find itself in a bigger hole than BP.

  6. I guess Liam and his GOP colleagues are against mosques throughout the country because anywhere in the USA is too close to Ground Zero.
    Liam gave away Ridge Hill.
    He increased the tax burden on residents to support corporations.
    He has to focus on hate in an attempt to make people forget.
    Liam is pathetic.

  7. Wouldn’t want to be on any McLaughlin team, not even kick ball. If chosen, would decline to serve.
    As for near bankruptcies, how about Yonkers under Kathy Spring, John Spender and Liam McLaughlin.
    Personal attacks, both verbal and physical have been the McL modus operandi (intelligent enough for you) since they moved to Yonkers from the Bronx.
    You live by the sword, you may die by the sword.
    Have you ever seen their estate in Southampton, NY. Talk about white trash and ruining a neighborhood.

  8. The issue is that the NYS Senate has investigative powers to determine where the funding for this mosque is coming from. Unfortunately, they are chosing not to use them. Liam is calling on the NYS Senate to initiate the investigation.
    Why don’t you attempt to have an intelligent converation instead of personal attacks of others. This election is about what Albany, led by Andrea Stewart-Cousins, has not accomplished in the four years she has been in office. The State is nearing bankrupcy during her tenure.
    It is clear you have an axe to grind with McLaughlin. Maybe he didn’t pick you for his kick ball team… grow up.

  9. It is getting very annoying, having to wait until November to vote against this pandering demogouge.
    Besides, he must be a lousy lawyer. There is no legal basis for his brainstorm. (He must have gotten it from Kathy Spring, Miss High I.Q., herself)
    Finally, what has this got to do with solving the tremendous financial problems in Yonkers which he created as budget chairman for 10 years on the City Council.
    Maybe he thinks he’s running for Mayor of NYC.
    Typical McLaughlin/Spencer/Spring roughouse politics. Sort of reminds us of how his brothers almost beat an innocent foreign tourist to death, in their drunken rage, outside a bar shortly after 9/11. Maybe they thought he was a muslim. The same crime for which one of them spent many years in the penitentiary.
    Real classy people. Can’t wait for the vote.

  10. You must have missed the part where the victim’s families praised Liam for taking a stand on this issue and requested others to take a similar stand. You are using this forum as an attempt to make it something it is not. You, sir, should be ashamed of yourself!

  11. You know I was convincing myself to hold my nose and vote for you because Andrea Cousins does not deserve to be re-elected. However, now I must hold my nose and vote for her. You are trying to jump start you pathetic campaign on the ashes of the victims and families of the 911 massacre. To see you up at the memorial with that flag waver, John $pender…and oh yes, we know he served in Vietnam. You are bottom shelf all the way.

  12. Yes Liam – we should always ignore the First Amendment when it causes some pain. Even if the pain is feigned.
    I remember when JFK had to overcome extreme prejudice because he was a Catholic. If he were alive, he would castigate you for your disgusting position just to gain political advantage.
    You are pathetic.

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