McLaughlin’s Accusation of Big $pending by NYS Senator Stewart-Cousins is Baseless BY Hezi Aris

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StewartCousins_Andrea McLaughlin_Liam headshot Yonkers, NY, August 23, 2010 — Liam McLaughlin, Republican and Conservative Party candidate for State Senate (SD-35) today issued a press release blasting incumbent Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins for her addiction to spending; asserting she had spent $652,486 this year and demanding a full accounting of how the funds were spent. The so-called “wasteful” spending charge derived from the August 22, 2010, Journal New article in which the cost of the Senator’s staff and related expenses relating to the operation of her district office was divulged. The sum total is correct. The assertion of the sum spent as “wasteful” is ludicrous and nothing more than a deceitful political  ploy.

Liam McLaughlin said "This is a slap in the face to the taxpayers of New York and her constituents in the 35th Senatorial District. In these tough economic times New Yorkers expect their elected officials to spend their tax dollars wisely, yet $enator $tewart-Cousins thumbs her nose at fiscal restraint by being one of the most wasteful elected officials in the region. Sunday's exposé in the Journal News is proof positive that $enator $tewart-Cousins is out of touch with the hard working taxpayers of Westchester County."

Senator Stewart-Cousins said, “Serving over 300,000 constituents, I have  reduced office expenditures for the 35th District to nearly half of those of her predecessor.” [Editor’s Note: In just six months, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins’ predecessor, Republican Nick Spano,  spent $566,488 on office expenditures, which is almost equivalent to the spending by her office in the past year.] Further, Sentaor Stewart-Cousins states, “I have maintained one of the highest quality constituent services operations at one of the lowest costs to taxpayers, demonstrating my commitment to government efficiency and savings.”

But Mr McLaughlin's harangue continues unabated: "Senator $tewart-Cousins is your typical big spending liberal Democrat. Whether casting votes in Albany for higher taxes and spending or running up bills in her district office, one thing is certain Andrea $tewart Cousins loves to waste your hard earned tax dollars. While average New Yorkers are tightening their belts in these tough economic times, $enator $tewart-Cousins continues to spend faster than a college student with a credit card."

Additionally, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins advises she “serves as the Chair of the Local Government Committee, which has considered 443 bills and passed 137 pieces of legislation that impact more than 10,000 local government entities.”

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eHeziMcLaughlin’s Accusation of Big $pending by NYS Senator Stewart-Cousins is Baseless BY Hezi Aris

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  1. Still waiting for Mama Mclaughlin or that Hag, Kathy Spring, to identify even ONE public service accomplishment that Liam can claim as his own after all of these years of taxing us to death.
    Mom, Kathy, Liam and the whole bunch are the biggest waste of government money.
    Wishing you happiness and good health while wishing your total demise from poitics & government, we remain sincerely yours.

  2. Wow you rather have more of the 16 yr. incumbent, he didn’t even go to college, i’m sorry he’s still attending. Why wouldn’t one rather have a new guy in Albany, why would you continue to have a career politician there? Hasn’t his family made enough $ off the hard working taxpayers.
    p.s- I too would want more of the 16 yr. (18 yr. if you count since 1992), if I had invested interest in his re-election such as, his family.

  3. Looks like Liam’s “friend” Amicone, didn’t give his campaign one red cent. That’s what he thinks of you Liam, for being his waterboy.

  4. Well, can we all agree that Liam at least is supporting the right candidate for assembly, Mike Spano! I would rather have 2 more years of Mike Spano than Mike Ramondelli and his 3 stooges Joe Dalli, Dave Tubiolo, and Devon O’Rourke. Mike Spano in November!

  5. Yeah, you guys/gals are right! He had no trouble
    with “big spending” when his good friend and mentor,
    Spencer ($pender) was squandering taxpayer $$$$

  6. Thanks “Tired”
    Furthermore, after 12 years of gorging himself at the public trough, Liam doesn’t have a single accomplishment that he can point to as a public service.
    I dare anyone, including Ma Parker to tell us of even one accomplishment that is Liam’s.
    Plenty of private service accomplishment for family & friends including Mark Constantine (his buddy who was lawyer for City Council, not knowing his ass from elbow), yet not a single public sevice accomplishment.

  7. Mclaughlin and his family were poverty level before he brought the riches of City government into the family.
    His whole existence for the past twelve years, either as a waste of a City Council Member or as a do nothong, know nothing asst. Corp Counsel has been from taxpayers money.
    His car, cell phone, credit cards, gas, health insurance, etc have been paid for by us taxpayers.
    To boot, his wife received a $100K plus job as a secretary and his two brothers got jobs as garbage men (one of whom took a forced retirement in order to go to prison for beating a foreign tourist near death in a typical Mclaughlin drunken rage)
    Lord only knows what else John Spender put in Liam’s pocket over the years like the bogus legal fees that Liam earned as “Counsel” (???) to Spender’s senate campaign.
    Liam is the personification of government waste.
    Much of our money pumped into his pocket and nothing in return except a doubling of our real estate taxes. He didn’t have the decency to even try to serve his constituents while he raped the city coffers.
    These press releases are the work of “skinny bones” John Spender and his haggard wife, Ms. Spring. They envision themselves as political geniuses while we know them all to be great dunces.
    They are the ones who have brough the City to ruin through their wasteful ways.
    This Republican will vote for the Dem, this year, despite great philosophical differences, she has a modicum of class and common sense.
    Liam and his ilk have none or neither.

  8. McLaughlin is just another shovel ready pol. Shoveling the bull sh** with every press release. He had no trouble supporting his best bud, Johnny $pender and Mayor Amiconeeee. What makes his record even worse, is that he was the budget chair. Unfortunately, because of this bad, bad choice by the Repl., Andrea will not be a “defeated Democrat.”

  9. When they call the roll in the Democratic Party controlled state legislatures,the Democrats don’t know whether to answer present or not guilty.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  10. Wow. Tweedle dum and tweedle dummer. No real choice in this one. I will just pass by this line on election day. Mabye I will write in Joan Gronowski!

  11. How could Liam have the balls to say he is a fiscal conservative?? My property taxes went up, up and away during McLaughlin 10 years on the city council. He was also behind the bullshit of the failed waterfront and Ridge Hill projects. As a republican, I cannot vote for McLaughlin, I can only vote for the lesser of two evils which is Senator Stewart-Cousins.

  12. McLaughlin is laughable. Just like Nicky and Spencer were fiscal conservatives so was he. He voted for every property tax increase including the income tax surcharge when he was on the council. If his tax and spend democrat friend Amicone, wanted more taxes he voted YES.
    If he thinks that we forget his arrogance and the way he pissed on taxpayers when he was on the council, he sadly mistaken.
    Don’t get me wrong, Andrea is another one of those tax and spend democrats, but McLaughlin, a fiscal conservative, no way Jose.

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