Petition to Victims Impact Unit – Regarding the Murder of Gregory N. Vance By John Maida

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GavelPetitions Must Be Received Prior to August 30, 2010.

Please Consider Sending Your Petition Today.

Many Yonkers residents are engaged in trying to help retired YPD Detective William Vance and his wife Isabella in their efforts to deny parole to the convicted murderer of their 24 year-old-son Gregory, in Yonkers in 1982. The hearing is scheduled for Aug 30, 2010. Both William and Isabella Vance remain Yonkers residents to this day.Many local law enforcement personnel and other service organizations are supportive of the Vance’s, remembering their plight, and empthize their pain and suffering. A New York Times article dated February 1, 1982, mentions Gregory Vance’s killer to be John Maida, then 17 years old.

The attached documents, signed and mailed by concerned citizens, to the Victims Impact Unit in Albany prior to the parole hearing for John Maida, on August 30, 2010,  may impress the Victims Impact Unit to maintain John Maida’s incarceration. John Maida was convicted of stabbing Mr Gregory Vance to death in 1982 on Warburton Avenue because he was white; his wallet, containing  only $5.00 was stolen, and he was left to die only 300 yards from his home.

Billy and Isabella Vance grieve daily the death of their son Gregory. They need Yonkersites’ help ask for people’s help.

People can rest in knowing that all information enclosed in petitioning the Victims Impact Unit is NOT shared in any manner with the inmate, assuring strict confidence.

Print out the following:

Download Letter re Maida parole hearing; and

Download Petition re Maida parole hearing



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eHeziPetition to Victims Impact Unit – Regarding the Murder of Gregory N. Vance By John Maida

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  1. Computer glitch earlier today caused a need to repost this comment by the editor. Kindly, Hezi
    Nothing more horrible than losing your child in a senseless murder. Support Bill and Isabella Vance by sending your letters to the Victims Support Unit. This is about solace and a sense of justice for the families of violent crimes. Your support is most appreciated.

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