The Ballad of Sleepy Hollow and Elmsford, Too BY I.M. Cob

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IMCob_surveillance The tribe has spoken and the winner declared.  As we said all along, Detective José Quinoy emerged as the winner of this summer’s “Survival” game.  As was expected and  predicted on this  blog, Federal Judge Karas today ruled José Quinoy would not be retried on a Federal civil rights charge.

So what does this mean for Sleepy Hollow? One would hope the village would get back to the business of day to day operations, but that is somewhat doubtful.  At this juncture, we not only have officer Quinoy fully aquitted, but remember, he also is the top scorer in the Police Chief’s exam.  One must wonder if Acting Police Chief John Kapica might actually be able to retire now. But in a world where the bizarre has become common place, Sleepy Hollow was to be found in the news earlier this week.  Officer Quinoy was a player in that story as well, but it seems there was no starring role for him.

On Thursday, August 26th, 2010, the Village of Sleepy Hollow settled a lawsuit brought forth by Duanny Mota. Duanny was the boy who was allegedly tasered by Officer Quinoy for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk back in 2007 when he was only 16 years of age.  Young Mota had originally filed an $80 million lawsuit against the village but ended up settling the suit for $200,000.   The Mota family apparently is none too happy with this pittance but was advised to settle as his court costs were ticking away like a runaway taxi meter.  Interestingly enough, during the discovery phase of the case, it appears that young Mota was not tasered by Quinoy, but was tasered by his partner, rookie Officer Paul Nelson.  One must wonder why Quinoy was the one accused of this act. Was he just being an über protective partner who fell on the sword for the rookie, or did Janet Gandolfo, lovingly known as “Big Momma”, instruct those who gave witness statements to bend the truth ever so slightly to say that Quinoy was the taser master.

Hmmm…. there might just be a shred of truth to that theory since Ms. Gandolfo also was Duanny Mota’s attorney.  But Wait…. Hold the presses… isn’t Janet Gandolfo also the village attorney?  How the heck can she represent a kid who is suing the village?  Isn’t that an ethics violation?   Holy corruption Batman…. I think that the ethics board needs to jump onto 287 westbound and check this out when they’re done with White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley’s investigation. rest assured we will be checking into Ms. Gandolfo’s activities throughout the upcoming year to see what she is up to in her village.

This is the sort of Donkey Poo that seems to go on in every municipality in Westchester.   Corruption is corruption, be it Sleepy Hollow, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, or  Elmsford, where it appears that they are playing their own game of “Survivor” with the members of the Elmsford Police Department.  For the past five months there has been an internal investigation concerning Police Officer Mark Danuff who was scheduled to retire ( at the age of 43).  Danuff, like Quinoy is a chap with a hot temper and dislike of  diversity.  His first stop with the Mount Vernon Police Department ended rather poorly after Danuff allegedly used racially offensive language against a colleague. His tenure in Elmsford seemed to be bumping along until Officer Danuff was reported to have slipped into a couple of stores after hours.  The word on the street is that he was in Technic Dry Cleaners and another store in the Staples Plaza on the border of Greenburgh and Elmsford after hours.  It is unclear as to whether he stole anything or was just “creeping around”.  Village employees who spoke with this reporter had similar but differing stories.

The “vox populi” all have an opinion. And, “Yes!”, some folks have accused Officer Danuff of stealing.  Others were quick to say that this would be covered up because one of the stores was owned by a police officer in a neighboring town and would not press charges.  Nonetheless, the Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.) request obtained by Westchester Herald / Yonkers Tribune reveals precious little of any of the original internal charges. There apparently was not enough to file criminal charges so a deal was allegedly struck. No surprise there.  But what really frosts the folks in Elmsford is the deal that was struck  allowed Officer Danuff to turn in his uniform and personal effects on May 27, 2010, but remain on the job using his accrued sick, personal and vacation time.  This allowed him to bump his salary at retirement to $91,137.00 and those extra few months accrued to a full  20 years of service.  Wow, that is enormous! In the middle of a severe recession, we have a 43 year old diversity hating creeper retiring with a humongous pension.  No wonder the people of Elmsford are pissed off.

So here we have the tale of two, teeny tiny, villages who have difficulty controlling their police officers.  Sadly enough this seems to be the norm rather than the exception.   Nothing surprises this reporter anymore.  Police officers are supposed to protect and serve but it seems all to common that they feel that their job description includes how to get over on others.  As long as they believe this to be true, we will remain vigilant to call them out on it.


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eHeziThe Ballad of Sleepy Hollow and Elmsford, Too BY I.M. Cob

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  1. Say Hey??? Besides picking Quinoy, how about big momma Gandolfo’s chubby fingers in on the appointments of X-chief Warren, loser PO’s Paulantonio and Gamble, trying to sneek in little Joe as PD Chief who all cost the holla big bucks ??? Now we have Mikey Hayes and mother hen Kolleen Hayes with her Ambulance COrp check book buying hosehold goods protected by big momma??? Justice, just give me justice! Great story. Keep going because the local rags don’t have a clue and the Journal doesn’t care.

  2. I think you all are missing the boat here. foirst of al let’s stop painting this Quinoy charater out to be a saint like lets see he’s cheatin on his wife with teenage girls, he’s harassing and brutaliizing every punk in town. I mean he ordered that rookie cop to taser the retarded kid. He more or less coerced the other guy to come to the station house after a heated phone conversation with him over quinoy sleeping with his daughter and why was he waiting out front with another cop? Big mammy has nothing to do with this ecept that she put the guy guy in who was chief 10 years before and he allowed this guy to run rampant throughout the village he was more or less the headless horseman. It was a matter of time before he got hit in the head with a pumpkin. It’s just to bad the feds sent thier worst to investigate it properly.

  3. don’t know much about Elmsford but you hit the target on Big Momma Gandolfo. Judging from her girth wasn’t a target hard to miss. Big Momma started the whole mess. She is getting paid from both ends. Check and see what was up with her and FBI Pena all to clear the way for little Joe to take over the Holla PD.

  4. the feds have come to town and have LOST TWICE, both times with malicious prosecution, once with wayne simoes and now with jose quinoy. They were on a witch hunt started by the liberal jerkoffs like the aclu and the naacp. They were found not guilty by a jury of their peers which is their constitutionally guarenteed right…..
    Wake up, the ACLU and the NAACP are a joke, people in this country are tired of their useless fiery rhetoric that does nothing except set the country back. Nobody supports these groups anymore thats why you barely hear about them anymore…..

  5. Wake up and smell the coffee. If there was evidence to arrest, The DA would put Danoff under arrest. There is not enuff evidence to arrest. Let the guy retire. If you try to fire him and lose he could be around another 10 to 15 years. He wants to go , let him go. Its good deal not some overblown story by I.M A Hack reporter.

  6. you just may be a D bag:
    it’s time to call the ACLU and bury all the corrupt bastards in the River Towns.
    yeah sure he’s innocent…as they always are.
    you dopes wouldn’t know civil liberties if it smacked you on the right side of the head.
    and it just might…

  7. The author of this article is a moron !! You claim that jose quinoy has a problem with diversity ? He’s hispanic and so are the people making allegations against him, how does that make him have a problem with diversity you jagaloon.
    You say that Jose Quinoy has a hot temper … remember the first punk resisted arrest and the other two guys came to the police station to fight him, he did not go to fight them so it would seem that they have the hot temper.
    Det. Quinoy has been found innocent of the charges that were brought against him by the government witch hunt and now it’s time to allow him to get back to police work.


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