Waterfront Deal in Yonkers

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Adler_standing before the cube Commercial real estate broker Paul Adler facilitated the deal.

Yonkers, NY, August 29, 2010 — Reporter John Golden of the Westchester County Business Journal wrote “Waterfront Deal in Yonkers”, in the August 27, 2010 edition of the weekly. The opening line reads, “A Yonkers manufacturer and his development partners have acquired a prime redevelopment parcel on the city’s waterfront at a bargain price in a deal that had been cloaked in secrecy.” Read the balance of the article online. Come back to get the historical perspective revealed in "The Hezitorial" written in the February 19, 2010 edition of the Yonkers Tribune: “Brownfield Cleanup Program to Transform Yonkers Waterfront Property By Hezi Aris”.

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eHeziWaterfront Deal in Yonkers

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  1. Between Paul Adler, Mcfarlane and Spano there seems to be an awful lot of value missing….
    and yeah it’s a bad economy…that’s it Phil…

  2. Good points Vinny the question is what is D. Shepherd doing about all the problem you cited-apparently nothing but lip service comes from him-another problem is all the day laborer’s that flood Yonkers Ave from Midland to Trenchard St-they block the storefronts, throw their garbage in the streets and sit F/O houses and apt’s along Yonkers Ave-Liam McLaughlin did absolutely nothing to rectify the problems mentioned and Amicone’s waterboy Shepherd seems either overwhelmed, incompetent or does not care yet Mr Shepherd voted to raise the properfty taxes once again for the people in his district along with raising the income-tax surcharge and water rates just like Amicone wanted him to do. What has Yonkers Raceway done to better the exterior of their property in such a way that it become more appealing to the resident’s whose properties surround the track-not a darn thing yet these are the same people who for years ddumped human and animal waste into the Bronx River and who subsequently had to pay a 9 million dollar fine.

  3. Shemesh was said to have imposed a “gag order” to prevent parties from disclosing the deal. Even Yonkers City Hall officials have been left in the dark about the purchase, according to a source.
    1-thats what Yonkers is…1 Giat “GAG ORDER” (no tranparency!
    2-Bull SHEEEEET on this one…Phil and the crew know all that is going on downtown. They are responsible for sunning Mcfarland out of town. this is more Amic-rap

  4. more waterfront crap. Lets turn our attention to south east yonkers where the bulk of the city taxes are paid by the hard working people of the area. What we have is a run-down and seedy looking sections of yonkers avenue i.e Kimball Theater property, The old exxon gas station and the area along yonkers reaceway with its rinky dink fence and still remaining parking garage wall. To hell with the waterfront!!!!

  5. all Mcfarlane “development” in Yonkers is worth something like 25 cents on a dollar with the same shady cast of characters involved.
    i’d follow that money….

  6. in time the waterfron will be section 8 and be no different then it was 20 years ago. good job phil! what a terrible administration.

  7. So let me get this straight, the taxpayer paid or will pay up to $60 million to clean up a private property which was bought for $5-6million.
    The best part of this story is that City Haul have no comment. Developer Fill is usually bending over backward for every developer in town and shouting out loud and gets every media outlet to cover these stories. Are these ones not part of the friends and family in-crowd?
    Not one mention of how much more in tax breaks and giveaways will be up for grabs when these folks swing by the IDA.

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