Westchester County Board Of Elections Rejects Yonkers Democratic Party’s Challenge To Zisman Campaign’s Petitions

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ZISMAN-Phil-headshot-closeup2 Zisman Will Appear On the Ballot in the September 14, 2010 Primary Election

YONKERS, NY, August 5, 2010 — Phil Zisman, formerInspector General for the City of Yonkers and current candidate for Yonkers City Court Judge, has qualified for the September 14, 2010 primary election. In a decision dated August 4, 2010, the Board of Elections rejected the YonkersDemocratic Party’s challenge and determined that Zisman’s petitions contained more than the required 1,000 signatures of registered Yonkers Democrats.


Zisman stated that it was clear from the very beginning that the Party’s challenge was without merit, and he never doubted that the Board of Elections would rule in his favor. “I knew the Party’s challenge to my petitions lacked any credibility. They even claimed that my wife’s and my own signatures were invalid, when we have been registered Yonkers Democrats in good standing for almost 20 years.”

Zisman said he believed the challenge should never have been brought, and that the Board of Elections has now repudiated the Party’s attempt to knock him off the ballot. “Democrats should not fight to keep fellow Democrats off of the ballot when it is clear that the requirements to qualify for the election have been met. The voters should decide.  That’s how democracy works.” Zisman said.

Zisman will be campaigning hard throughout the City in the days leading up to the primary and looks forward to meeting as many voters as possible.

Learn more from the Friends of Phil Zisman by directing email to FriendsOfPhilZismn@yahoo.com.



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eHeziWestchester County Board Of Elections Rejects Yonkers Democratic Party’s Challenge To Zisman Campaign’s Petitions

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  1. David, the Z man offers little to the equation of judicial temperment or experience. There should be no primary and Judge Bob Cerrato and Judge Tom Daly should have been dual endorsed. After that , you pay your money and/or make the choice. Simple as a bunny !

  2. Well, then you would be WRONG. Zizzzman, as he was called on this blog, conducted a handful of investigations as IG. Corp counsel is an administrative position. As for what he did as an assistant 15 years ago, who cares. I only know he hasn’t been to Yonkers city court in God knows how many years, if ever. As for your statement he is the most experienced one running, you have to be about the dumbest person ever to post here to believe that for a second. He’s more experienced than Judge Daly or Judge Cerrato? Are you that stupid?

  3. anon must have been a target of one of IG Zisman’s investigations. I don’t know, but it seems to me that 8 years as Inspector General and a prior stint as Yonkers corporation counsel, and prior to that a stint as assistant corporation counsel, and before that substantial trial court experience for the New York City corporation counsel might lead one to believe that maybe Zisman is the most experienced candidate for city judge…

  4. This guy hasn’t been in a court in 15 years. He’d be lucky to be able to find the front door of the Justice Center. How some so-called ‘attorney’ with no practice experience in a courtroom, especially the City Court, can get away with running for judge is beyond me. Hell, even the democrats wanted nothing to do with this guy. The idea that this man could become judge is truly frightening.

  5. great news
    it means the idiots like anon above are losing
    the political machine is broken
    with god speed go Phil.
    and make sure you screw these whiny bastards in the process.

  6. Wow. Only 50% fraudulent signatures on his petitions.
    WOO HOO! What a win. What a great judge this inexperienced, do-nothing career politician will make.
    Provided judge is a no-show job, that is…

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