Burning Koran Is Deadly Wrong

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Donohue_Bill New York, NY, September 9, 2010 —  Catholic League president Bill Donohue yesterday commented on reports that a Florida pastor is planning to burn a copy of the Koran on 9/11: 

Minister Terry Jones wants to show his anger at radical Muslims by burning a copy of the Koran on September 11. He is wrong morally, and he is literally endangering innocent lives. 

The Koran is embraced by Muslims who are law-abiding men and women, as well as by terrorists. Jones knows this to be true, but somehow in his twisted understanding of Christianity, he thinks he has a right to insult and smear all Muslims. Furthermore, he is endangering innocent lives—including Americans—as Gen. David Petraeus has warned. Already, there are Muslims who have taken to the streets in Afghanistan and Indonesia. 

While it would be wrong to sustain the "heckler's veto" by giving in to those who seek to veto free speech by heckling, in this instance the "heckler's veto" is moot: no one is in jeopardy of losing his free speech rights. What is being requested is a plea not to inflame passions needlessly by assaulting the sensibilities of Muslims worldwide. 

In 1998, I criticized gay radicals who burned a copy of the Bible at Syracuse University to protest an appearance by Pat Buchanan. Now we have extremists on the right seeking to stoke the flames of bigotry against Muslims. It, too, must be criticized. 

Minister Jones is more than a disgrace—he is engaged in agitprop and must be unequivocally condemned. There are plenty of legitimate ways to protest the wrongdoing that took place on September 11, 2001. Burning copies of the Koran is not one of them.

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eHeziBurning Koran Is Deadly Wrong

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  1. Moose,
    While all did not celebrate, I have yet to hear a condemnation of the events of 911 from practicing Muslims.
    I have yet to hear the moderates you speak of voice their disapproval of AlQuaida’s murderous methods.
    I have yet to hear a denial of the jihad to murder the infidels (basically everyone who is not Muslim).
    So pardon me if I do not trust the intentions of the “religion of peace”.
    The Jews were led to the gas chamber while trying to placate their captors. We should never make that mistake again.
    I might burn a Koran tomorrow just to express my frustration at the constant appeasement of these cowards and liars.
    After all, this is still America, is it not??

  2. there are plenty of moderate muslims across the world
    that did not celebrate what al queda did..you cannot
    condemn an entire religion for what “some” of its believers believe…we are trying to convince moderates in Iraq and Afganistan that the US is not
    anti muslim..it is the only way we have of attempting
    to install and or support democracies in those nations
    which may in the future become our allies not our enemies..if we show them by burning their “bible” that
    we have contempt for their reigiion you can guess how
    far our diplomatic efforts will get in those undereducated lower socioeconomic nations

  3. SO Bill, They want to build a Mosk at ground 0 based on freedom of religion, Threaten to kill Americans if we don’t. Kill americans if we burn the Koran. So we should be scared. e are not the tolerant ones?? They will use ant excuse to try and kill us and you are alright with that? They want us to hide because of there threats.These People are Terrorists.

  4. So how come we always have to worry about what the Muslims think? Why do we always have to be walking on eggshells? When some ‘artist’ smears crap on a portrait of the Virgin Mary or soaks a crucifix in pee do all of us riot? Do we behead people? Are there throngs of killer catholics burning buildings and overturning cars?
    South Park does a comedy show depicting Mohammad in a bear suit and some idiot tries to blow up Times Square. You know what? This so-called ‘religion’ is nothing but an intolerant cult comprised of people looking to riot at the first excuse. If they can dance and burn American flags when the twin towers come down, if they can confiscate and destroy bibles, some preacher can burn the Koran. They can grow up and get over it. They have the right to burn our flag and build a mosque at Ground Zero. He has the right to burn books. It’s not moral, but it’s the law.

  5. general petraus has said that burning the quoran will
    put american soldiers lives in danger in the middle
    east…clearly that means nothing to you…but it
    should…your thinking is about an inch deep and flawed at that..since when does having the right to
    do something have anything to do with whether it is right to do it..

  6. Hey donahue,
    Where were you when Muslims were beheading Americans and taping it? Where was your outrage then? Let him burn the books. Stop taking rights away from americans and stop protecting everyone else but your own.

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