DioGuardi Urges Gillibrand to Stop Spending as Unemployment Rises to 9.6%

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DioGuardi_Joe New York, NY, September 3, 2010 — Joe DioGuardi, Conservative Party nominee and GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate, today “urged Sen. Gillibrand and her liberal allies in Washington to stop spending with today's announcement from the U.S. Department of Labor that the unemployment rate rose to 9.6 percent in August.”

"Sen. Gillibrand has raised taxes, discouraged job creation and forced dependency on government," said DioGuardi.  "In her personal agenda to expand the government's role, Gillibrand supported policies that pushed the unemployment rate to 9.6 percent.  Until spending is cut and our budget restored, the American dream will stand in jeopardy and jobless rates will inch higher and higher."

Mr DioGuardi said, “While 67,000 private-sector jobs were added in August, losses exceeded gains.  The U.S. Department of Labor posted an overall loss of 54,000 jobs.  Economists expected the manufacturing industry to be the vehicle for recovery, but this sector actually lost 27,000 jobs last month, likely due to increased federal regulations, the expectation of higher taxes, and only temporary boosts of demand, often artificially and unsustainably created by the government at the expense of taxpayers.”

"Now is the time to put a CPA on Capitol Hill; frankly, we can afford nothing less," DioGuardi continued. "The bottom line is that we need jobs in New York.  Sen. Gillibrand used her appointment to the U.S. Senate to spend money we don't have, but when the people elect me as their Senator, I will repair the damage that she and other Democrats have done.  Send me to Washington and I will put New York back to work."

Joe DioGuardi, a Certified Public Accountant, founder of Truth In Government and author of "Unaccountable Congress:  It Doesn't Add Up," is the NY State Conservative Party nominee and Republican Party candidate for the U.S. Senate.

To learn more, www.dioguardiforussenate.com

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eHeziDioGuardi Urges Gillibrand to Stop Spending as Unemployment Rises to 9.6%

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  1. of course they do..do you remember jim buckley he
    won as a conservative didn’t he…when keating was
    beaten a long time ago..if the point you are making is
    that they simply are an albatross around the neck’s
    of republicans in new york you are correct…however
    this year they very well may get less than the required
    50,000 votes to remain a party and they will simply
    go away…because if lazio is the republican and conservative nominee and paladino is on another line
    as the tea party candidate..I doubt lazio will get
    50,000 conservative votes on that line

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