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  1. This day is about the victims of 9/11 and nothing else.
    Only a complete douche-bag like you would try to steer this thread away from that with your Amicone derangement syndrome.
    Go crawl back under your rock.

  2. More importantly, we should remember that there is SCUM amongst us, SCUM that terrorizes us each and every day, that laughs at us as they use us. They are not far, nor are they invisible. They go under the name AMICONE.
    They are the true terrorists.

  3. On 9/11 NYC Bn Chief Oriel Palmer was killed in the WTC attack.Chief Palmer was the daughter-in-law of Bob and Eileen Fedigan Doyle.Bob grew up on Stanley Avenue and Eileen on Fanshaw Avenue.Chief Palmer and his wife lived in Crestwood before moving to Long Island and their daughters eulogy to her father was on page one of the New York Post.The 9/11 national memorial had a actress portraying Chief Palmers daughter reciting that eulogy.Yonkers Raceway in the days after the attack was used as huge military suppy operation for NYC.Yonkers fie companies served in NYC to replace the citys loss of equipment and manpower.Yonkers fire for many months supplied equipment and manpower for the LOD funerals.Countless off duty Yonkers police and fire personnel responded to the site of the NYC attack to search for survivors.The transmitter opposite Yonkers on the Palisades originally built by the FM inventor Edwin Armstrong was used to replace the destroyed televison transmitters on the WTC buildings.

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