Lazio to be Nominated for a Judgeship BY Hezi Aris

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New York, NY, September 27, 2010 — New York State Conservative Party endorsed nominee Rick Lazio will this Wednesday be nominated for a judgeship. NYS Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long today advised that after discussions with Mr Lazio, a consensus was agreed upon between Mssrs Long and Lazio that recognized the only way to effect a distinct change upon the political climate was for Mr Lazio to step aside and thereby permit the NYS Conservative Party to endorse the republican designee for governor, Carl Paladino.

The endorsement of Carl Paladino for governor would deny Democrat designee Andrew Cuomo and easy win against the split sentiment shared by Republican and Conservatives whose philosophy is more akin than with those of the Democrats. A united Republican and Conservative candidate will be more formidable in challenging the Democrat and Independence Party supported Cuomo.

The New York Tea Party continues to support their candidate Steven Cohn  under the newly validated party designation.

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eHeziLazio to be Nominated for a Judgeship BY Hezi Aris

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  1. Hey commie guy, this smells like good ol’ republican CORRUPTION, but your mind does not have the capacity to think. You are part of the 99% brain washed by party crap. You keep believing your brand of crap and they love you for it.

  2. Gillerbrand was also involved with Cuomo at HUD in the sub-slime mortgage scheme producing the mortgages for Robert Rubins buddies on Wall St to securitize.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  3. Cavallo should give the Independence line to Romondelli if not – Than he shows his true colors once again. The bus is leaving dr – get on now or don’t try talking to us after the election.

  4. both the conservative and indpendence parties are hoping to garner 50,000 votes as an appendage
    to either paladino or cuomo…its the only way
    they can stay in business..mike long admitted as
    much when he was asked about lazio leaving the line
    frankly whether or not either of the major candidates
    win no one should vote for them on any other line
    than republican or democrat and maybe we can get rid
    of these minor parties who are in the business of
    political extortion

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