Malpass Criticizes Gillibrand for Taking Money from Ground Zero Mosque Investors

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Gillibrand_Kirsten Malpass_David Questions Senator's Support of Project 

New York, NY, September 9, 2010 —  U.S. Senate candidate David R. Malpass (R-NY), yesterday criticized Senator Gillibrand for accepting political contributions from one of the investors behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque. Mr. Malpass called into question her support of a project that is opposed by most New Yorkers. [Reference is made to My Fox New York reporter Charles Leaf’s September 7, 2010 article, “Mosque Property Investor's Political Contributions".] 

Senator Gillibrand received a $500 contribution from Hisham Elzanaty, an investor who helped fund the purchase of the site to be used for the project, on June 1st, 2010– just weeks before the proposal became public. Mr. Elzanaty has also donated $6,000 to the Holy Land Foundation, a Muslim charity that was shut down by the federal government in 2001 for funneling money to Hamas. Gillibrand is the only current New York elected official who has received a contribution from Mr. Elzanaty. Although she said she would donate the funds to charity after being pressed by reporters, Mr. Malpass noted that she has refused to donate $29,000 in contributions she's received from embattled Congressman Charlie Rangel. 

"An overwhelming majority of New Yorkers are against the proposed Ground Zero mosque project, yet Senator Gillibrand has offered her unquestioning support," said Mr. Malpass. "The fact that she accepted a political contribution from one of the project's investors–mere weeks before it faced public scrutiny– just doesn't pass the smell test. How many other special interests have bought and paid for her support? Especially with an issue as sensitive as this, New Yorkers deserve better."

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eHeziMalpass Criticizes Gillibrand for Taking Money from Ground Zero Mosque Investors

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  1. Though the efforts of the NYC marxist Democratic Party congressional delegation and their supreme leader Barack Obama the Maoist communist terrorist Lori Berenson will be soon free to come back to America from a Peruvian jail.After a quiet period, she will be appointed to a professorship in a leading university to indocrinate students in marxism.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  2. Senator McCarthy was right and so were his fellow anti-communists, democrats Jack and Robert Kennedy,Harry Truman and Scoop Jackson.Todays Democratic Party is controlled by Communists.How do you like your Health Reform Bill and the stimulous money that just morphed into pork barrel spending?The only good democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  3. Have you no decency Malpass? This is McCarthyism at its worse. First of all its guilt by association. Secondly, the investors in the mosque are not guilty of anything other than trying to exercise their religious freedom.

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