Mike Spano Teams up with Yonkers 9/11 Responders

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Spano_Mike-August 2010 Urge Passage of Critical Health and Compensation Measure

Yonkers, NY, September 21, 2010 — Assemblyman Mike Spano (D,C,WF-Yonkers) joined with emergency responders who put their lives in danger and sacrificed their health during the tragic events of 9/11 to urge the federal government to pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010 (H.R. 847, S.1334).

“We were all affected by the tragic events of September 11th,” Spano said. “But these heroes who rushed to ground zero are now suffering greatly from their brave, unselfish acts. We can’t stand by and let them be left without access to the benefits they deserve.”

The $7.4 billion legislation – that would extend and improve the protections and services to individuals whose health was directly impacted by the tragic events of Sept. 11 – was originally scheduled for a vote in Congress sometime this week, but now appears to be delayed.

Spano has a history of backing state legislation to aid 9/11 emergency responders. He sponsored and passed into law Jimmy Nolan’s Law (Ch. 440, 2010) – named after Yonkers 9/11 responder Jimmy Nolan – which extends the time that 9/11 workers can file a workers’ compensation claim for injuries suffered during the recovery and cleanup of the World Trade Center site because many of their illnesses didn’t come to light immediately. However Spano says thousands of responders, many of whom are Yonkers residents, continue to battle health and financial problems, and is now calling on the federal government to pass critical 9/11 legislation to provide them with the additional assistance they need.

“Jimmy Nolan’s law has allowed thousands of New York ’s emergency responders whose health was directly impacted by their work at ground zero to get the help they deserve, but many, like Jimmy Nolan, continue to suffer and require further assistance,” Spano said.

“The federal government continues to delay the passage of this critical legislation which would provide our 9/11 responders with the additional assistance they deserve for their tremendous sacrifice. I stand here beside those who put their lives on the line to protect us, in calling on Congress to put politics aside and do what’s right by passing this bill into law today. This is an issue of protecting the well-being of those who selflessly came to the rescue of our citizens in our darkest hours and we need to do everything we can to show these brave men and women, and their families, that our appreciation for their sacrifice will never be forgotten,” Spano said

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eHeziMike Spano Teams up with Yonkers 9/11 Responders

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  1. why did the city fight against compensating the heroes
    why did they pay their own politically connected law
    firm 124 million dollars
    why didn’t they simply allow that money to go into
    the total payout bringing it to 836 million
    had they done that at the very beginning the fee
    that the plaintiff firm would have gotten would
    have been about 12% or half of what it is now
    adding another 75 million to pay the heroes..so
    because the city refused to pay in the first place
    instead of getting almost a billion dollars the
    heroes were forced to hire lawyers to recover..
    doesn’t say much for mike bloomberg does it

    THE CHARGE…you said so yourself…
    and there was a comment made in a follow up article
    which you conveniently omit..oh and by the way
    when i brought this blog to the attention of
    my friends at the firm they unanimously said that
    they thought that 3 million would be fair as compensation for the flogging i have been taking
    so thank you so much…oh and by the way how much
    work did this other tort firm do..did you know
    they solicited ground zero firefighters to join
    the suit so they could get their share of the fee..
    did you also know they piggy backed on the main
    firm and relied on the worby firm to fight the city
    which paid its own lawyers 211 million to stop the
    ground zero workers from collecting..oh and one more
    thing 150 million minus 400,000 is 149, 600…
    the governmentgets 40%..you really think that any
    firm would pad a bill for that kind of money when
    the are going to receive 149 plus million…no one
    believes it..and the judge won’t either

  3. it’s amazing, all these instances of lawyers making “errors” in billing are always in favor of them. You never hear of a lawyer under-charging a client.
    It makes you think…
    I guess they don’t teach math in law school

  4. Lawyers for ailing 9/11 Ground Zero responders padded expenses, court papers charge
    BY Jose Martinez
    Tuesday, August 24th 2010, 4:00 AM
    Lawyers for 10,000 sickened Ground Zero workers padded their expenses by $400,000 – billing for flacks, lobbyists and so-called experts, court papers filed Monday charge.
    The law firm of Worby Groner Edelman & Napoli Bern was accused of bulking up its bill to circumvent the 25% contingency fee agreement on a $712 million settlement hammered out for ill workers.
    “No World Trade Center responder should pay any of these costs,” said Andrew Carboy, whose firm represents 700 workers, most of them firefighters.
    Carboy’s firm, Sullivan Papain Block McGrath & Cannavo, filed papers in Manhattan Federal Court yesterday, laying out its rival’s questionable billing practices.
    The court papers contend that Worby Groner Edelman & Napoli Bern wrongly portrayed more than $220,000 in lawyers fees as costs for scientific and medical experts.
    “This is not the case,” Carboy wrote in the court documents, explaining that one of the so-called experts lost his medical license and was deemed a “threat to public health.”
    A spokeswoman for Worby Groner Edelman & Napoli Bern did not return calls.

  5. bill padding is fraud..definitely but that is if you
    do it intentionally with knowledge…if you do it
    because you have missapplied funds in a civil suit
    and a judge corrects it it is not fraud..stop
    attempting to blame me personally for what attornys
    may or may not be doing in new york city…if they
    overcharged it will be corrected…10,000 cases are
    being handled..their are bound to be mistakes because
    para legals handle most of the paper work the attorneys
    don;t and by the way not to justify it in any way
    with that many cases 220,000 is 20 dollars per person
    so it does not appear to me to be intentional even if
    there were mistaken expenses does it…with a legal
    fee of 150 million who needs to steal..

  6. you are assuming that there was 200,000 misplaced
    expenses based on the allegations of another personal
    injury firm…since I am not involved in the litigation
    at all I have no idea about it…but before anyone should conclude that there were any erroneous expenses why don;’t we wait to here what the judge has to say..
    and if any monies were misappplied or billed out which
    belong somewhere else then they will be rectified..
    so your brilliant question is really not a question
    it is a conclusion you chose to make without there
    being any indication that any monies were misapplied
    kind of like asking someone when he stopped beating
    his wife…ie the question is loaded

  7. So Mike, just to clarify, where was the $200,000+ coming from? The taxpayers or the 9/11 victims fund? Did your “firm” overcharge the victims or was it just added on so the taxpayer had to pay more? I haven’t seen one post that supports your idea that by questioning an unethical bill padding charge you in turn are denying 9/11 victims their settlement. Nobody here is stating that. You are just trying use that as a diversion tactic to justify your thievery. So where was that misappiled, unintentional $200,000 coming from? Please just answer the question…

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Dems add a backdoor immigration tilt to this legislation?
    Did they not add an amendment that gives citizenship to children of illegals if they have been here for more that 6 years??
    That is why it is so hard to do the right thing here, nobody wants to deny the 911 responders compensation, but to do so offers a free pass to illegals.
    What BS, the Dems must think we’re stupid. Isn’t “illegal” still illegal, the lines are so fuzzy.

  9. edelman stated he was not an equity partner in either
    of the two lawfirms and therefore will not be entitled
    to a share of the recovery if any..of course if posters
    keep flogging him he may very well decide to bill
    his firm for the public relations effort to make
    sure that the facts are knows and the inaccurate allegations are corrected

  10. we are still sending your comments to our clients
    to let them know that there are some who want them
    not to recieve what they deserve..you will be helping
    us to get to the 95 per cent mark because our clients
    will realize that this settlement is a great one
    approved by the court and the special master..as for
    the allegations of the other plaintiff’s firm which
    you seem to have no problem with ..they do the same
    tort work that we do…why don’t you wait for the
    judge to make a finding unless of course you know
    it all

  11. Typical bone head…. So I took some extra, Nobody wanted to help them anyway, So we stole a little extra, So what’s wrong with stealing a little extra….

  12. some people are ignorant you are one of them
    the city did not want to pay any money at all..so
    that would make you happy..thats really great 9/11
    responders get nothing because you dont like tort
    lawyers..even thought english common law has alway
    recognized that those who cause injuries are responsible for them.what a dunce you are..if it wasnt
    for the lawsuit those who responded would be getting
    nothing..and i am personaly going to send your comments
    to all of our clients ..ashole

  13. Edelman, you should take the $30 million you scammed from the families of the 9/11 heroes and go by a conscious. You certainly don’t have one. The money was misapplied? Totally unintentional? Only because you got caught! We know what you are and so do you….Tort lawyers are the scurge of our society. The ends justify the means, Mike?

  14. I heard that Ramondelli likes to give his girlfriends surprise beatings. The guy looks creepy enough to do it in my opinion.
    ps – Spano’s wife is hot!

  15. and let me tell you why he is a jerk..because
    he is quoting one personal injury lawfirm to
    attack mike edelman…when he has no idea at
    all about the case..he fails to realize that without
    the attorneys there would be no money for compensation
    even with the zadroga bill its just for expenses
    so what he is really saying is that he doesn’t want
    first responders to recover because the city refused
    to pay a dime..but they did pay their own defense
    team 211 million dollars which could have gone
    to the heroes…the allegations are nonsense …that
    220 thousand dollars were misapplied..if they were
    it was totally unintentional .why would you do that
    if your legal fees are 150 million…so the poster
    is not hooked up to reality and has a thing against
    tort lawyers..so this is what i will do ..take
    my 30 million and spend it making sure that public
    employee unions are estopped from ripping off the

  16. Hey Mike, you can do the famalies of the 9/11 heroes one better and submit legislation that prohibits the overcharging (bill padding) of legal fees by slip and fall “lawyers”. If caught overcharging the “firm” should forfeit any and all fees that they are charging. This would discourage them from bill padding, which effects every single taxpayer out there, and put faith back in our legal system. It would also curb many of these frivilous law siuts brought on behalf of the careless. Something to ponder on your road to City Hall….

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