Ramondelli Asserts Spano Flip-Flopped on MTA Issue

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Ramondelli_Mike Yonkers, NY, September 2, 2010 — Mike Ramondelli, the independent business man running for the 93rd State Assembly seat on the Republican and "Cut My Taxes" lines, today criticized eighteen year incumbent Mike Spano for flip-flopping on the MTA issue and trying to mask his disastrous legislative record of raising taxes.

"Mike Spano helped perpetuate dysfunction in the MTA by voting to increase taxes and provide additional funding for the mismanaged authority, despite revelations of waste, fraud and abuse,"said Mike Ramondelli.

Mr Ramondelli finds it curious of Mr Spano to now calling for an audit of the MTA. Ramondelli suggests Mr Spano is being spurred to do so on the heels of an announcement of NYS Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. 

“This is nothing more than an attempt to help divert attention from the truth: Mike Spano has a failed record of standing up for taxpayers," continued Ramondelli.  

Ramondelli said, “the hypocrisy that exists in the matter is further exacerbated by the fact the he [Mike Spano] also voted for a budget this year that increases taxes, fees and fines on hardworking taxpayers by $1.4 billion, despite failing to rein-in excess government spending.”

"He isn't fooling anybody. Mike Spano's record speaks for itself and political grandstanding won't help mask the fact that he is a fierce advocate of government waste. He has spent two decades serving as an Albany politician and a lobbyist and has delivered nothing to taxpayers except for heartache and grief."

“Where was Mike Spano a year ago when his fellow Westchester Assemblyman Greg Ball was demanding an audit of the MTA?" Ramondelli asked, "The MTA payroll tax costs Hudson Valley taxpayers well over $150 million dollars a year, money that could be staying in our community creating jobs and helping struggling businesses and families.

Ramondelli said that while he fully supports auditing the MTA, “It is the election season hypocrisy of  incumbent Assemblyman Mike Spano that I am highlighting. We need open, transparent and financially responsible state government 365 days a year, not just two months before Election Day," Ramondelli concluded.

eHeziRamondelli Asserts Spano Flip-Flopped on MTA Issue

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  1. @Fact Checker: Thank you for posting part of the MTA TAX BILL which was also co-sponsored by Mr. Spano under the direction of SHELLEY SILVER! While the State legislature did include a provision for a forensic audit (which allows DINAPOLI’S AUDIT RESUEST to go forward); Spano and the rest of the clowns failed to enforce their own legislation by not following thru with their request for the Audit. It took the State Comptroller over a year (only because election happens to be this year… it would have taken longer) to carry thru the full extent of the Metro Tax Legislation.
    Once again thank you for nothing!

  2. ramondelli you are NOT independent , you are a long time republican hack, your campaign is being runned by amicone and co. THATS NOT INDEPENDENT.

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