Ratner Admits He Has No Plans To Build Atlantic Yards Affordable Housing and Office Tower

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Ratner_Bruce-300x300 Brooklyn, NY, September 28, 2010 —  For his Atlantic yards project Bruce Ratner promised a grandiose "urban room" and a tax generating office tower at the gridlocked Atlantic and Flatbush intersection at the heart of Brooklyn. he also promised to build "affordable housing." None of that is going to happen.

Instead, today the developer unveiled designs for an outdoor "public plaza” where the tower and atrium structure were promised, and told reporters at a press conference that his firm has no plans to build 15 of the 16 towers he promised to build, which would include nearly all of the "affordable” housing Ratner used to sell his plans to Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Paterson and a long list of other politicians. 

"Ratner's not-so-pretty drawings of a barricaded, exhaust-enveloped plaza—including the absurd rendered fantasy of a traffic-less Atlantic and Flatbush intersection—is not the Atlantic Yards news of the day. The news of day, which is not surprising but is very troubling, is that Bruce Ratner admitted that he has no plans whatsoever to build the affordable housing he promised or the office tower he promised. It is crystal clear that Atlantic Yards is nothing but a scam, a money-losing arena, surrounded by massive parking lots, in the middle of a housing and unemployment crisis,” said Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn co-founder Daniel Goldstein. 

"Bruce Ratner has broken every promise he has made to the public—Mayor Bloomberg, Governors Paterson, Pataki and Spitzer, Marty Markowitz, Senator Schumer, and all the politicians who rammed this debacle down Brooklyn's throat, owe the public a big explanation, and need to take this land back from Ratner since he is not going to meet any of his promises.”

There is one outstanding lawsuit challenging Atlantic Yards. The suit awaits a ruling from a Manhattan State Supreme Court judge. The case made by DDDB and its 21 community co-plaintiffs, is further bolstered by today's admission by Ratner that Atlantic Yards needs a new environmental review as it is not the project that received a rubberstamp environmental approval in 2006. The case was argued on June 30th.



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eHeziRatner Admits He Has No Plans To Build Atlantic Yards Affordable Housing and Office Tower

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  1. Nothing to be surprised at here. Ask him how much he has received in taxpayer welfare over the years. It must be a shocking number. We’ll all never forget that he got the $1 billion ridge hill land and lease for around $35 million.
    No surprise he doesn’t like poor people.

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