Senator Stewart-Cousins Introduces Legislation to Eliminate Inactive Public Authorities

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StewartCousins_Andrea Albany, NY, September 28, 2010 — Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins yesterday announced she has introduced legislation (S8165A) to eliminate 118 public authorities and agencies that are no longer active. The 118 authorities, located across New York State, include defunct industrial development agencies, community development agencies, urban renewal agencies and various other public authorities.

“This legislation reduces the size of government, eliminating more than 15% of the public authorities in the State of New York. This is an important step in curbing excessive spending and hiring practices of public authorities and agencies. They operate as autonomous organizations without accountability, and create a huge financial burden on taxpayers,” said Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District – D/WF).

For several months, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins conducted an extensive State-wide audit to identify the inactive authorities and agencies. Many of the authorities were created for a limited purpose and have been inactive for many years; or were never activated even though they were authorized to operate by the State Legislature.

None of the 118 authorities or agencies have any outstanding debt or other obligations.
In March of 2010, Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins voted to pass the Public Authorities Accountability Act to bring greater accountability to the over 700 New York public authorities. For the first time, public authorities will be subject to oversight by the Legislature, the Comptroller, the Attorney General and an Independent Authorities Budget Office.




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eHeziSenator Stewart-Cousins Introduces Legislation to Eliminate Inactive Public Authorities

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  1. this is an obvious case of the senate dem committee
    coming to her aid because they know she can lose..
    so they allow her to introduce legislation which
    makes it look like she is somehow and efficiency
    expert..when in fact she was silent when pedro
    espada was dictating the shots..and takes orders
    from malcolm smith…one party rule has got to stop
    the assembly is still going to be democratic..and
    the way its going cuomo is looking good unfortunately
    the least we can do is make the senate republican
    so there is a check on both the next governor and
    shelly silver

  2. ASC voted to take away the Star Rebate check in the budget passed in April 2009-in that budget she also voted to extend and add over 50 taxes and fees-she voted for the MTA surcharge- she voted to raise your DMV fees(just look at what it now costs to re-register your MV-she voted to raise the clothing tax by 4%-she was also a part of the Sen Pedro Espada debacle-ask her about Sen Parker, Sen Kruger, Sen Smith, Sen Sampson, Sen Espada, former cohort who is now in the can Sen E. Gonsalez, Sen Klein(wanted to charge $50,000 to attend mtgs in Albany) Sen V. Montgomery, Sen Eric Adams all or most are currently some type of investigation.

  3. Funny how for the past 2 years she was a mute and near election time its all systems go!A typical politician.Please let me keep my lifelong,recession proof,benefits paid cushy job paid for by the people I allegedly represent.

  4. Well Andrea – the IDA’s which are “inactive” do no harm—–the problem is the IDA’s WHICH ARE ACTIVE.
    you are are of Yonkers–aren’t you?
    just wonderful “subject to oversight by the Legislature”
    yet another failure of legislation and logic.

  5. So let me get this straight – she has introduced legislation to eliminate herself, as she is certainly inactive.
    Her perfomance in the debate tonight frankly stunk. She read from cue cards and her performance was wooden.
    I never knew about the birthday cards she sends out at taxpayers expense. Outrageous.
    Her scarf was kickass however. From the Lord & Taylor fall collection.

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