State Comptroller Thomas P. Dinapoli Statement on VLT Contract

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Dinapoli_thomas-side Albany, NY, september 7, 2010 — "Contrary to news coverage, my office is not holding up approval on the Video Lottery Terminals (VLT)  contract.

"Even though my office has not yet received the executed contract with the appropriate approvals and signatures, we have been actively reviewing the VLT procurement, including the draft contract, since the Division of the Lottery awarded it three weeks ago.  During that time, we have been in contact with Lottery to address a number of questions and concerns.  Late last week, we received a new, revised, unsigned draft of the contract from Lottery.  

"The VLT contract involves hundreds of millions of dollars.  It’s a 30-year license that carries the future of New York’s racing industry on its back. Both the Attorney General’s office and my office are conducting a thorough review of this document.  

"After nearly a decade of false starts and broken promises, including three years under the current administration, it’s understandable, if reports are correct, that someone on the Governor’s staff is frustrated and anxious.  But given the checkered history of this deal, I must take every step to ensure the taxpayers are safeguarded in this contract.  It’s New Yorkers’ money; it’s my job to protect it.

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eHeziState Comptroller Thomas P. Dinapoli Statement on VLT Contract

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  1. no the comptroller was pandering to union members in
    order to assist them in gaming the system…when it
    became an issue largely because of andy cuomo unfortunately and not rick lazio who also appears to
    be afraid to tackle the issue, the comptroller got called out on it…his excuse was that he was just
    apprising public employees of their rights…but doesn’t the comptroller have an obligation to minimize
    pension abuse not foster it

  2. Excuse me, has there been an honest fiscally plausible rationale for the Comnptroller’s website (since modified I understand) which purportedly offered “overtime padding” advice to stimulate retirement pensions ?

  3. “It’s New Yorkers’ money; it’s my job to protect it.”
    but you have no authority to act!
    just like Yonkers– you make your comments and we still get raped by an “inept” administration.
    so as the old song goes…Take Your Job and Shove It.
    there are many who can point you in the proper direction, if you need.

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