The Hezitorial: The Price of Seduction BY Hezi Aris

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McDow_Patricia Yonkers, NY — The assertions and subsequent confirmation by Yonkers City Hall of not billing Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Patricia McDow for parking /  storing her BMW sedan within the Buena Vista Parking structure managed by the Yonkers Parking Authority (YPA) demands further introspection. The first telling of the acid-tongued bloggers’ assertions were revealed in a June 28, 2010, Hezitorial entitled “Yonkers City Hall Deceives City Agencies to Cover Up Mayor’s $800,000 Blunder BY Hezi Aris”. In that writing, the ability by the YPA to manage the financial largesse of the quasi-government agency prudently was questioned. The discovery of Ms McDow not paying and the YPA not billing for services rendered runs contrary to the tenets delineated  within the YPA‘s Code of Ethics which states in part, “(4) use or attempt to use his or her official position to secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for himself, herself or others;… 

In a letter addressed to the editor, dated September 8, 2010, YPA Deputy  Executive Director /  CFO Joseph Dalli  wrote, “I have concluded my review of the facts concerning the alleged parking/storage of a BMW sedan without license places and an expired registration in the Buena Vista parking structure. Although no prior invoices have been forwarded to the owner of the said vehicle, I am now in the process of calculating these costs and will be forwarding this bill to the owner for payment of these changes.”

There is only one situation that can logically explain this circumstance having taken place. It is totally illogical for any thinking person to conclude this situations occurred because of an oversight by the YPA and the forgetfulness of Ms McDow. A logical deduction suggests Ms McDow was advised that she could store her BMW in the city facility devoid of a license plate and devoid of an inspection sticker in the Buena Vista Parking facility at not cost to her. Therein lies the disgust and distrust of government fiat.
The use of the Buena Vista Parking facility to park / store,Ms McDow’s BMW took place under the aegis of Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone and Deputy Mayor William Regan. Mr Regan is also the Chairman of the Yonkers Parking Authority, making him privy to every action taken under his umbrella as head of the quasi-governmental agency.

Despite the formal demeanor demanded  by the YPA’s Code of Ethics not to “secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions," Yonkers City Hall and Yonkers Parking Authority, have become embroiled in alleged illegal conduct by Wiliam Regan,  the dual office holder of YPA Chairman and Yonkers Deputy Mayor.

Did City Hall plot to seduce Ms McDow to accept free use of the parking / storage facility? Once Ms McDow parked her BMW in the facility, did City Hall thereafter exact her vote on issues promoted by City Hall rather than garner her supporting vote by voting on the validity of their argument and vision? Can Yonkers City Hall be trusted to divulge the truth? Is there a paper trail of the circumstances that led to this debacle of mistrust and disgust? Will Ms Dow divulge the name and / or names of those who cajoled her to enter into this arrangement?

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eHeziThe Hezitorial: The Price of Seduction BY Hezi Aris

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  1. WOW
    I’m flattered
    In addition to the IG: Lesnick needs to be taken under a microscope to see if he has a brain in his head. after-all he is the city council president.

  2. Every vote she took, must now be looked at in a new light. Especially all of those concerning development and those that supported the wrong Mayor.
    Schorr where are you?
    Where are the FED’s?

  3. who’s gonna throw who under the bus now. At tonight’s city council meeting, she’ll be the pink elephant in the room. Sort of like Annabi when all that stuff was going on. Everyone will be really polite and civil, but there will be a sense that something is heavy.

  4. She’ll say it’s her boyfreind’s car and she didn’t know he parked it there etc etc?? Get ready for the cover up, which may be comical.

  5. come to think of it the resignation of both Lesnick and Schorr should be called for over their actions on this single issue.
    It appears they may have abdicated their responsibilities to the offices they are appointed to.

  6. Of the opinion: unless this city council member has another source of income (certainly not common knowledge) the salary of a part time city council member does not warrant a luxury waterfront apartment and a BMW parked in a garage.
    Someone should foil her financial statement as required by her position on the council.
    Lesnick should understand his job as demanding a full investigation= which should have happened back when this was first divulged.
    Schorr–as stated earlier should resign.

  7. Yes, if a package was left in the waiting room of the Yonkers train station the police and their sniffing dogs would be called. So no one going in and out of that garage thought to bring attention to this car?

  8. Hmmm. Did it every occur to anyone that a BMW is a very expensive car? Does McDow have the income for that car? This situation is all about self serving officials. Many officials, elected or otherwise, feel entitled to many favors, some more than others. It’s a real problem. Do any of them remain humble in office? Ever? I don’t mean lip service, it has to be the real thing.

  9. If the Yks. PD, the Mayor, the City Council are not responding call HLS. You can’t leave a pkg. unattended so why a car. BTW has anyone checked the trunk?

  10. Has anybody seen or heard from Zizzzzman? You know- the world’s greatest IG and best judicial candidate ever?
    Maybe he can ride to the rescue on his tiny white gelding and save us all.
    Or not.

  11. The DMV has no jurisdiction in this matter, first the vehicle has to have multiple unpaid summonses against it. We know that Dalli or Harnett will not order their employees to summons it because they do what the city council and mayor want them to do. These two department heads have no balls. What does the other council members have to say on this matter? Seems to me, by their silence they condone it!

  12. It’s supposed to be investigated by the Inspector General. If Dan Schorr doesn’t investigate this, he should resign or be terminated. The City Council should call for his removal. Oh, I forgot, McDow is on the Council, so forget about the Council doing anything.


  14. Is the car STILL parked there unregistered?
    If so someone should march over to DMV and they will be happy to fine her. I dont think they are too happy about unregistered uninsured vehicles being on public property.

  15. It is simple, She parked the car and left it. She told them it was her’s and they left it. Now we see and we pay for it. Typical Yonkers. Simple. No great favor’s, No need, Just common entitlement.

  16. Hezi,
    You should send in a FOIL request for all those City managers and other employees that get the special privlage of free parking at the City garage. If the YPA has financial problems then everyone should pay.

  17. Hezi,
    I bet if you FOIL for her city car odometer reading, the mileage is quite high. Obviously, her city car became her personal car while her BMW was put into FREE storage. She will never, ever, pay the Parking Authority for storage out of both her arrogance and a ghetto sense of entitlement. Any car sitting for 6 years unused is shot beyond repair–every seal is rotted by now, among other major mechanical problems. HA !HA! HA!
    Many thanks for your tipster coming forward on this.
    Arch Stanton

  18. The Yonkers IG has an obligation to do a full investigation into this. Too many unanswered questions. The 2 main ones are 1) who allowed this freebie and what did McDow have to promise to get it? Seems to me the Mayor gave this benefit to gain a friend on the City Council. Someone at the PA knows the facts. Schorr should put them all under oath.
    Mr. Schorr you must report on this or resign as a utterly useless hack and an embarrassment.

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