The Spoof: Justin Bieber Soaks Twitter Birds with Water Balloons NYC BY Gail Farrelly

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Farrelly_Gail Friday, September 10, 2010

Twitter, the social networking service, was in a tizzy for a while yesterday. But it wasn't because of mechanical problems. No, Siree. The trouble was caused when singer Justin Bieber threw water balloons at a pack of twitter birds, soaking and frightening the little birdies and causing delays in the delivery of "tweets" (messages) being carried to various destinations in cyberspace. 

"It was a completely unprovoked attack," said a soaked, shivering little birdie, as he worked to dry himself off at Twitter headquarters. Wiping tears from his eyes, the bird added, "What's this guy's problem, anyway? He thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. But he's just a little twerp with an OK voice and a chip on his shoulder. Didn't his mother teach him how to behave in public?" 

Bieber may wish that his mother HAD taught him how to behave, at least around the Twitter birds. The headline of an article on the website reports that "Justin Bieber Takes Up Three Percent of Twitter Traffic." How eager are the water-soaked Twitter birdies going to be to provide excellent service regarding all those Bieber tweets? "Sabotage is not in our plans," claimed one of the Twitter birds. But then he winked and added, "Although accidents DO happen." 

Stay tuned for updates on the saga of Bieber and the birdies. 

Gail Farrelly is the author of three mystery novels. The latest is "Creamed at Commencement: A Graduation Mystery." One of her  short stories is published online: "Get Yourself a Face"  (about a Mafia princess who buys herself a face transplant and a lot of trouble). Her story "Even Steven" was a finalist in the 2007 Derringer Award competition. 

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eHeziThe Spoof: Justin Bieber Soaks Twitter Birds with Water Balloons NYC BY Gail Farrelly

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