Yonkers Receives More than $200,000 to Complete Flood Mitigation Project

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KLEIN_Yonkers Flooding Mitigation Funding Grant Elected and Community Officials Join Residents to Announce Final Funding to Alleviate Chronic Flooding Problem

Yonkers, NY, September 29, 2010 — Deputy Majority Leader and State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) joined President of the 2nd Precinct Community Council Lorraine Palais, President of the Hyatt Association Larry Wilson, Councilman Dennis Shepherd and Yonkers residents to present a grant to The City of Yonkers for more than $200,000 on Wednesday to be used for the final phase of necessary flood mitigation.  

“Severe rainstorms are not just an inconvenience for many residents in Yonkers but produce flooding which causes horrendous damage to homes and property. I am pleased we are able to provide the necessary funds to alleviate this problem and prevent any further flood destruction in Yonkers,” said State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester) Flooding has been a chronic problem in Yonkers for many years and has caused extensive damage to homes and property. Specifically, the money will be used to implement the final and essential reconstruction phase of the storm drain infrastructure in the area of southeast Yonkers including Abner Avenue, Kimball Avenue, Kimball Terrace and the surrounding area. 

"I am thrilled that help has finally come to southeast Yonkers and that Senator Klein working with the neighborhood, the Hyatt Association and other Yonkers Elected Officials in a bi-partisan way was able to finally solve a severe flooding problem that has been going on in our city for years,” said Westchester County Legislator Bernice Spreckman. 

"Every time there was a rainstorm there would be severe flooding in the area of Abner Ave, Maple Place and Kimball Ave. We thank our public officials including Mayor Amicone, Councilman Shepherd, County Legislator Spreckman, Assemblyman Spano and especially our State Senator Jeff Klein for helping us," said Larry Wilson, President of the Hyatt Association and Resident of 96 Kimball Terrace.

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eHeziYonkers Receives More than $200,000 to Complete Flood Mitigation Project

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  1. Last I looked Cousins represented Yonkers, so where is she in Lord and Taylor buying new scarfs, and ducking the press so she doesn’t have to answer any questions as to why she did nothing the past three yrs in office!

  2. Isthis the same Sen Klein who tried to charge $50,000 for business to come up to Albany and sit in on meetings, but only if you ponied up the $50,000. Is this the same Sen Klein who voted for MTA surcharge tax, the 4% clothing tax hike, the same Sen who voted to take away your Star Rebate check, hike your DMV fees and in in April 2009 voted to extend and add over 50 taxes on the resident’s of NYS-yes it is the same tax and spend Sen Jeff Klein who was also part of the Sen Pedro Espada debacle in June, 2009. If you look closely at the check it says Sen Jeff Klein as if it is own money when it should say taxpayers of NYS-nothing more than election pandering and ignorant just suck it up.

  3. Is that the same Larry Wilson the Landscaper who is all for those dirty, noisy, loud leafblowers. It’s amazing in Yonkers. Everyone has a slot. I guess he slotted right in after Shepherd was selected for the council.

  4. A flood of state spending to reelect the spenders, who than have to raise taxes to keep the merrygoround going.The only good Democrat is a defeated Democrat.

  5. Why does the STATE have to pony up 200K to solve what is obviously a YONKERS problem?
    This is an example of everything that is wrong with government today- the locals can’t run things properly, so the rest of the people wind up paying the freight.

  6. oh boy…
    lesnick and amicone aren’t in the picture!
    and another big check!
    gee i wonder where it came from!
    has anyone in Yonkers ever heard of something called

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