Candidate Ramondelli Responds to Yonkers Federation of Teachers’ Endorsement of Assemblyman Spano

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Ramondelli_Mike Yonkers, NY, October 5, 2010 — “It comes as no great surprise that the head of the Yonkers teachers union (Yonkers Federation of Teachers – YFT)  has endorsed the reelection of a 16-year incumbent and career politician in the race to represent Yonkers in the New York State  Assembly. The unfortunate reality is that union leaders benefit by protecting the status quo of tenure, inflated pensions and union rule-making. The corrupt culture of Albany is one where excessive spending thrives – and union leaders do not want to rock that boat. 

“As a former elementary school teacher, I know what reforms are necessary to help our children, and I know that the unions fight against those reforms every day. There are great teachers in Yonkers who have to work against the tide because their classrooms are not a priority to our current legislators. The children of Yonkers deserve to have an assemblyman fighting for them, not one who places more value on securing the endorsement of a union leader than they do on the future of our children.

“The only endorsements that truly matter are those of the Yonkers taxpayers and struggling families who will vote on Election Day. Those are the endorsements I seek and the only people I will be answerable to once I am in office.”




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eHeziCandidate Ramondelli Responds to Yonkers Federation of Teachers’ Endorsement of Assemblyman Spano

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  1. Wow – could there be more Spano thugs on here?
    So… how’s the whole ‘not putting signs on public property’ working out for little Mikey? Couldn’t even keep his word on that, could he.
    What’s the lawn sign plan going forward? Steal the competition’s just like you stole theior petitions?
    What a bunch of losers. This is how a 16 year bureaucrat behaves against a challenger. Precious.
    The only thing you can smell in Yonkers these days is the Stench of Spano’s Fear.

  2. Wait..I see ALL the other signs ALL over the city…Isn’t the the ‘FAMILY CLAN’ putting some of those signs up…Stop the BULL_____..This sign placements happens all over the country…Check the internet and local businesses that making money off it…

  3. grow up moron, all the signs are where they shouldn’t be and I haven’t seen the Department of Poor White trash picking up any signs.. try again

  4. And what Ramondelli will you do the protect the taxpayers from the police overtime, which is killing the taxpayer in crazy pension amounts? How are you going to stop that one?

  5. Who gives a rat’s arse about signs? This election is about pols. who have be fleecing the taxpayer for yrs. To paraphrase Treacy, the only good incumbent is a defeated incumbent.

  6. The New York State Federation of Teachers is one of the biggest special interest groups in Albany and they are against the property tax cap-these pols such as Mike Spano jump when 1199 and the Federation of Teachers tell them to-thats why he has the support of the WFP which is the left leaning group backed by the unions.

  7. The whole union, politician game is nothing more than a criminal enterprise. The Mafia were model citizens when compared to this bunch of parasites.

  8. I travel around Yonkers and see illegally posted Ramondelli signs all over. It’s disgusting that someone would litter in the community they strive to represent. That, among many other reasons, will be why I vote for Spano

  9. Get the facts straight before you make a comment. Ramondelli’s brother has told the workers to remove all political signs that are on public property.

  10. Union leaders can endorse all they want, but the rank and file are not robots who respond accordingly. Teachers should be critical consumers of society and be able to cut “through the bull.” As a teacher I will not support Spano for a number of serious reasons. One such reason is his support for the killing of unborn children. I have also witnessed how some ” caring educators” have worked behind parents backs to assist young people in obtaining abortions and the subsequent emotional trauma many of these young women experience. As teachers we are here to first protect the young – not to hand them over the abortionionists who exploit them or support politicians who betray them. I know I don’t speak only for myself on this issue. The protection of the young people I serve comes before the promise of a few extra dollars or so-called ‘job security.”

  11. It’s obvious that if Ramondelli is attacking teachers and demagoguing basic protections such as tenure, then he has completely forgotten what it was like to be a teacher. He has resorted to the Bloomberg bumper sticker mentality: to mindlessly attack teachers because it plays well with angry voters. He’s even trying the Bob Dole strategy – praise teachers while attacking their union. It didn’t work in 1996. Totally lacking subastance, Ramondelii does not deserve to be elected dog catcher.

  12. Hezi,
    why is it that romendelli keeps violating the law by posting his signs on public property? The city should be sending him fines for littering. The reason he gets away with it is because his brother DJ runs lake avenue and controls whos signs get picked up. do you notice that only romandeli signs stay and all others go? Is this the same dj that was arrested for stealing from the city?

  13. lets clear some things up here.
    1. mike spano speaks to Yonkers issues because his district is only in Yonkers.
    2. Mike Spano ran a Democrat 2 Years ago (This isn’t his first run as a dem.
    3. If Mike should run for Mayor and win – He would be replaced by a Special election.
    But you are right on 1 thing – Mike Spano will win this race.

  14. Most likely Mike Spano will win another term as our so call Assemblyman. but the sad part of this, the Voters who vote for him will again be throwing their votes away.
    (last time he ran as a Republican, only to turn Democrat after he won)…For we all know, Mike Spano wants to be Mayor of Yonkers.(just look how he post everything he is doing for Yonkers)….so why vote this liberal back in , who part of our problem in Albany. only to have him replace with another liberal (Who we don’t know who it will be)

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