Fundraising Invitation to Benefit the Joe DioGuardi Campaign Effort

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You are cordially invited to join
 Mayor Phil Amicone
 former Mayors John Spencer and
 Angelo Martinelli
at a fundraising reception
in support of
Joe DioGuardi
Candidate for U.S. Senate (NY)
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
$500 per person
Includes a signed copy of Joe’s book,Unaccountable Congress: It Doesn’t Add Up.
 Peter Kelly’s X20 Restaurant
Yonkers Waterfront
71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY
R.S.V.P. to
Ed Sheeran: 914 963 1100 or 914 260 7938 /


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eHeziFundraising Invitation to Benefit the Joe DioGuardi Campaign Effort

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  1. Cool. May be when Phil drives down main street he’ll actually realize how many business HE DROVE OUT!
    Did anyone hear that Phil will be starring in a remake of an old TV show…
    Its called the 8MILLION DOLLAR MAN!

  2. This event has to be the perfect for FEDS to come in and kill about a dozen birds with one stone correct?
    Storming the castle as they say.
    The comedy in Yonkers doesn’t stop!
    Ya think Spencer was smart enough to stay clear from Amicone if he intends on running for Mayor again…
    John. Use YOUR phuckin head. Not Phils.

  3. How’s this for some poetic justice. Sheeran loses his gig at some bank and Martinelli puts the arm on $pender to hire him. The taxpayers get tired of $penders shenanigans & pass term limits to get rid of him. Sheeran gets to stay earning the big $ retires with a nice pension. Gets hired as a consultant collecting big $ while $pender is selling light bulbs. Ain’t karma a bitch!!

  4. So a restaurant on the taxpayer refurbished Pier, is hosting a political fundraiser for someone who is too old and has nothing new to bring to the table. Sorry but when you get to be told to spend your 401k by the government it’s time to RETIRE.
    Interesting it’s been run by Sheeran, a city haul insider who made a fortune off the public tit.
    His giveaways as well as those of his cronies, Martinelli, Spencer and Amicone are not forgotten. These 4 men alone must have cost the city millions upon millions in lost revenue down at the IDA.
    Hopefully our spies will let us know who else from this bourgeois club will show up and pony up $500 for the book he’s hawking.
    This is nothing more than a “friends and family” rally and networking event.
    How much per year is the city subsidizing this restaurant? Love to know.

  5. Spencer and Amicone at the same venue. Add to the mix that snake oil salesman Ed, I’ve got a golf course to sell ya, Sheeran. Hmmmm “something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Hold on to your wallets folks.

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