Yonkers Police Department Blotter – October 5, 2010 BY Detective Sergeant Patrick McCormack

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Yonkers, NY, October 5, 2010 — The City of Yonkers Police Department has recently developed a “Larceny from Automobile Prevention Program” to combat vehicle break-ins.  The program is aimed at target hardening vehicles to deter larcenies form parked automobiles.  Yonkers Police Officers on patrol will be regularly checking parked vehicles to determine if there are unlocked doors, open windows, or valuables left visible inside of parked vehicles.  Electronic equipment (“GPS” devices / cell phones /accessories), packages, bags, or other valuables are easy targets and are an open invitation to thieves looking to commit this crime.  If officers observe any of these conditions to be apparent in a parked vehicle, they will be leaving a notice on the vehicle documenting their findings.  The notice will be folded and left on the windshield of the vehicle with the words “OFFICIAL NOTICE YONKERS POLICE DEPARTMENT” in red ink.  Motorists are urged to lock their vehicles when parked on the street, in driveways, or in parking lots.  Please see the attached notice. 

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eHeziYonkers Police Department Blotter – October 5, 2010 BY Detective Sergeant Patrick McCormack

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  1. This is just a terrible idea, albeit borderline unconstitutional. Why do we as Americans want police officers looking into our cars for no reason whatsoever under a guise that they are “protecting us”? If people don’t want to lock their doors that is THEIR choice. If people want to leave valuables in their cars, that is THEIR choice. The government should not be so intrusive as to go this far.
    I understand that cars come with less 4th amendment protection because of their inherent ability to move and the fact that they have windows, but the last thing we as citizens need is police officers ordered to look into cars to protect the public.
    Please look into aborting this policy.

  2. What’s next? asking the YPD to go and make sure everyone leaves their porch light on?
    How about some personal responsibility?
    If you are stupid enough to leave anything valuable in your car in this city than shame on you.
    Is this what our Police Department has come to? Give up and hope law abiding citizens hide their valuables?
    Nice way to live
    This City,
    This Mayor,
    and this so-called intelligent Police Commissioner

  3. Just think how mad someone is going to be when they see this notice on their windshield and their GPS was stolen. They are going to blame the police for seeing something and not taking some type of action. Maybe the police should be focused on preventing the crime or catching the criminal instead of passing out papers. I wonder if the Police are keeping track of how many notices each officer is handing out. I don’t even think NYC passes out these notices

  4. Do the cops even have the time to be looking for vehicles with valuables inside? I can just see the cops on the west side stopping enroute to a report of shots fired to put a notice on some cars windshield.

  5. How about trying to catch the criminals committing the crimes instead of wasting time putting pieces of paper on windshields? Whoever thought this one up is a moron

  6. I agree with the last post.
    This must be a nypd policy.
    Lets face it the YPD is now
    the NYPD NORTH, just the way
    the PBA wanted it.

  7. Which brainchild in the department thought this program out? They just made it easier for thieves to target parked vehicles. Prior to this thieves had to physically examine every vehicle they intended to target, now the YPD has taken the guesswork out if it, by placing these notices on vehicles, they are announcing that there may be something valuable inside the vehicle. Now all the thieves have to do is ride up and down the streets looking for the cars with the notices.

  8. Amicone cuts the Police and then sends out a notice to taxpayers ” You and your property are not safe in Yonkers , so please take care of yourself.”

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