The Hezitorial: Amicone and Pierorazio to Step Down to Protect Their Pensions By Hezi Aris

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EHezi_Hezitorial The Hezitorial dated September 12, 2010, spoke to “The Catalyst Behind the Charter Revision Commission’s Referendum May Be an Impending Indictment of Mayor Amicone [By Hezi Aris]  was scoffed at by many readers. That is the way it is in Yonkers; demean, ridicule, do whatever it takes to deflect attention from the issue(s) at hand. At the writing of The Hezitorial, the incredulity of the excessive use of power wielded by  the Executive Branch of power, that is, Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, through his minions, that is Yonkers Corporation Counsel staff,  to allegedly prod  the Charter Revision Commission to sidestep protocol to benefit Mayor Amicone’s succession plans to have Yonkers Deputy Mayor William “Bill” Regan be his future appointed designee became evident despite Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr’s inability to find, much less be given the opportunity to discern the missing email that would have proven the issue. Yes, the email requested by various individuals of Corporation Counsel asking mayoral staff to make notice of a meeting the day after it taking place never surfaced. Even the Freedom of Information Law (F.O.I.L.) requests have been eviscerated and morphed beyond their intention by the maniacal hubris of an allegedly untouchable City Hall run amuck. 

Adding icing to the cake baked by the editor, that’s me, is the latest revelation. Yes, you heard it here first, though many Yonkersites are already in the know, Yonkers Public School Superintendent Bernard Pierorazio will be stepping down within days of Mayor Amicone’s abdication from the Office of Mayor of Yonkers. The boys don’t care about the city or its children; that was both a ruse and a ploy. Like two peas in a pod, the respective jobs to which these Peter Pans were elevated proved to much for both. But more than that, it relates to Yonkersites’ demand for transparency in government, specifically where and how taxpayer funds are spent. 

To that end, former Yonkers Inspector General Phil Zisman began the process of delving into over the 50 percent of annual funds disbursed by Albany, through the City of Yonkers, to the Yonkers Board of Education (BoE). Over 50 percent of the funds received are allocated to benefit the Yonkers BoE. The investigation was typically Yonkers. City Hall called for a circling of the wagons to make the process more difficult for I.G. Zisman; he had come into disfavor. City Hall claimed to promote purview of the Yonkers BoE, but did nothing to enable the process for I.G. Zisman who afforded none in the public privy to his request for transparency. The Yonkers BoE fought him tooth and nail, going so far as to sue the Yonkers Inspector General over the right of his office to have purview of the financial status of the Yonkers BoE. Mind you, every member of the Yonkers Board of education trustees are appointed by  the Mayor of Yonkers. Mayor Amicone’s ploy that there is a limit to his sway over the Yonkers BoE Trustees has become a stale and deceitful lie. Even so, the fight was won by Zisman’s argument before the court. The Yonkers BoE spent over a million dollars to deny the Inspector General access to their financial books. The Yonkers BoE claimed their books were audited. Were the audit credible, the Yonkers BoE should have had no difficulty in allowing the Yonkers Inspector General to conduct an audit of the financial books. 

It was after the Yonkers City Council vetted present Yonkers Inspector General Dan Schorr’s credentials, winning a plurality of votes,  that a ruling giving the Inspector General purview over the Yonkers BoE was acclaimed by the court. 

While this was going on, two members of the Yonkers Boe Trustees, Marlin Wiggins, CPA, and Debra Martinez stepped down without affording Yonkersites a rationale to their exit. The editor has learned that Mr Wiggins’ decision was postulated over his concern that he might lose his Certified Public Accounting (CPA) status were he to continue being made aware of the alleged  misconduct undertaken by the Yonkers BoE for which he admonished the BoE but could not state his position publicly. 

Before their stepping down, Yonkers Board of Education President Bernadette Dunne, vying for a fourth term in office, was denied her wishes by her friend and Mayor Phil Amicone. Mrs Dunne oversaw all that went on within the Yonkers BoE. She presided over the transfer of taxpayer funds received from the City of Yonkers (CoY) to the Yonkers BoE. She knew how much was received and how and where it was allocated from the inside, including, and in particular the Yonkers BoE Welfare and Pension Fund. But Mayor Amicone needed to rid himself of his friend. Her Achilles Heel is her personal pride. To question her demeanor is to be flooded with all the sordid stories she could tell. Mayor Amicone knew that and cast her to the curb, not to be heard from since. She may be aimlessly walking the halls of Manhattan College not knowing where to have her classes held, and no longer getting teachers to conduct the courses for which she got paid by the efforts of of others who went unpaid. Nice gig, but no longer. Ouch.

Then another snag. The Yonkers BoE has now made it clear that despite the ruling of the court regarding the Yonkers Inspector General having purview over the Yonkers BoE, he does not have access to the Yonkers BoE Welfare and Pension Fund; the assertion being that it is a separate entity. Yonkers Corporation Counsel Mark Blanchard advised a few weeks ago that his office will have concluded bringing forward the legal challenge to that premise by mid December. A nice ploy, no longer bought hook, line, and sinker by Yonkersites. It seems Mayor Amicone, Inspector General Schorr, and Yonkers Corporation Counsel Blanchard are all in cahoots to await time running out to get this issue resolved. Mid December within days will bring us the Joys of Christmas, the New Year celebrations, and the vacation days many take during the first two weeks of January. Conveniently, the issue will not go before the court until at the earliest mid January 2011. Judging by the length of the so-called resolution is the next legal skirmish, earning a ruling over having or not having purview over the Yonkers BoE Welfare and Pension Fund will take CoY from half a year or more to obtain conclusion. Perfect. This will allow the plot to unravel as it was originally told it would.

Mayor Amicone will abdicate as divulged months ago herein. He will do so to protect his pension. Bernard Pierorazio will do the same despite working under a contract worth over $265,000 per annum. Why would they each step down when each could earn so much more, you say? Mayor Amicone earns $165,000 annually. If either was to be indicted prior to receiving their pension, they could lose it. Mayor Amicone deserves to depart CoY destitute for bringing Yonkers into its present decay with no prospects for success under his aegis. Superintendent Pierorazio likewise for his inability to translate a methodology to educate a student population that is relegated to be less than they could have been.

So what did they do? What are they afraid of? Yonkersites know! But let’s protect the boys. This just couldn’t be, could it? No need to believe the editor; allow father time to make  the chess board moves they have designated for themselves. They are all so deep into this quagmire and plot they can no longer extricate themselves from the script they have written. 

Now you know the rest of the story. It is good for Yonkersites to be on the same page. 

So when will they step down?

Bernard Pierorazio’s move is an indictment of Mayor Amicone. No loyalty there or is  his behavior indicative of a weak backbone?

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eHeziThe Hezitorial: Amicone and Pierorazio to Step Down to Protect Their Pensions By Hezi Aris

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  1. Mangone was a student of Al Pirro ?????? Didn’t he get locked up by the feds not too long ago? Could he be the one who’s snitchin?

  2. what is troubling about the case is of course that
    if a bribe was paid it had to be paid by someone
    with an interest in the the longfellow case we know who that was …look at the allocution
    of mangone..but we can only surmise who paid it in
    the ridge hill vote change case..but why should any
    developer profit if a zone change was the product of
    a fixed vote..and particularly so if it is shown
    that the developer was the payor…doesn’t make sense
    to reward illegal conduct..of course to get the
    testimony that the US attorney needed he had to confer
    immunity presumably on someone..even so it is not
    fair to the public that a project like ridge hill
    which would not have been approved gets to be built
    on a bought vote that is what is wrong with this
    whole scenario. If the developer was involved there
    should be a way to stop the project in its tracks

  3. Think about it. It was probably the developer who turned in Mangone, and was told by the FBI to make the payments by way of building the case. Notice the indictment and subsequent pleading informations from the US Attorney does not mention the developers by name, only as #1 and #2.
    Idiotic felons the likes of Mangone and Jereis play with fire like kids with matches believing they’ll never get burned.

  4. I’m not a lawyer but this story sounds more like an extortion of the developer to pay a bribe.Is there a criminal difference and a different punishment than say a developer just offering a bribe on his own volition?

  5. Anthony Mangone, slimey as he is, was merely a student and beneficiary of Nick Spano, Jeanine and Al Pirro, and their corrupt crowd. Arrogant and cocky as they come, Mangone, who never shouild have been permitted within a thousand feet of the Board of Elections couldn’t quite stifle his smirk as he and Reggie LaFayette and the whole ugly crew from Judge Spolzino on down screwed Andrea out of her victory in 2004. Len Spano Sr. showed up 90 minutes too early in his unlawful County car driven by his nephew who had been pulled out of the County Police handgun retrieval unit;
    every bit of it arranged by Larry Schwartz.
    If the FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office are finally about to earn their pay, all of the above slimeballs and Andy Spano, together with no fewer than 40 more Westchester self-servants, election fraudster Ken Jenkins key amongst them, will finally be coming down.
    Let us not forget that Jeanine Pirro gave Mangone immunity to testify falsely against Dennis Wedra at a trial in which he admitted on cross-examination that he had fraudulently signed 166 Green Party ballots for his boss Big Nicky Spano. She then got him a job with hubby Al’s former law firm. And, then, in 2004 Jeanine once again worked with Mangone by going up to Albany to use Joe Bruno to reach a corrupt judge on the day before the Bogus 259 ballot envelope count that Mangone couldn’t keep a straight face for.
    The little A–hole was laughing because of the cynical 18-vote outcome: Nicky, his two parents, and 15 siblings. Think about it folks. We were there, and kid you not. The amount of election fraud that re-elected Nick every two years, and elected Janet DiFiore, particularly in Yonkers in 2005, should send them all away! That’s, of course, only if the Feds are serious.

  6. Lawyer Mangone pleads guilty in Yonkers public corruption case
    By Timothy O’Connor • • November 29, 2010
    Lawyer Anthony Mangone said today that he paid “tens of thousands of dollars” to a go-between to bribe former Yonkers Councilwoman Sandy Annabi.
    Mangone, 37, of Purchase, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to public corruption charges stemming from the investigation into the city council’s handling of the Longfellow School project, a housing re-development plan involving two shuttered city schools.
    The one-time protege of former state. Sen. Nicholas Spano, R-Yonkers, also pleaded guilty to tax charges in a separate case, admitting that he hid more than $120,000 in income from the IRS in 2006 and 2007.
    He faces up to 45 years in prison when he is sentenced in the two cases March 18.
    Annabi and former Yonkers Republican Party Chairman Zehy Jereis have pleaded not guilty in the case. They were indicted along with Mangone on Jan. 6. Their charges also include accusations that Jereis and Annabi conspired to sell her vote on the controversial $630 million Ridge Hill project.
    Annabi was a vocal opponent of the project but switched her vote allegedly at Jereis’ behest. Federal prosecutors said Jereis paid Annabi $160,000 in bribes between 2004 and 2008. Annabi’s vote was decisive in getting the council to approve the project.
    In the Longfellow School project, Mangone said he gave $30,000 to Jereis in 2006 to give to Annabi to change her vote on the project. Mangone represented the developer in the project, Milio Management.
    “I told my client that he would have to pay the cash to Sandy Annabi to get her to switch her vote,” he said.

  7. let me splain something to you…mangone was caught
    actually paying a bribe…I am sure he cooperated and
    told the feds whatever he knew..but there is a big
    difference betweeen paying money which he apparently
    did and the case against annabi (and believe me i am
    not sympathetic to annabi or jeries) but the governments case against annabi is complicated…it
    alleges that she took money and other things before
    the vote in anticipation of some future thing that
    she would do to pay it back.that is a very difficult
    case to prove..for example letsay that jeries was in
    love with annabi and he gave her money and paid for
    her rent etc…then came the vote on ridge hill..
    can you really prove that whatever he gave her pre
    vote was a quid pro quo..and thats the problem

  8. He would NOT lose his pension if convicted. The convicted felon Alan Hevesi is cashing a 75K pension check while behind bars. Do some research before posting.

  9. In terms of the “Feds” and the BOE, they are NOT coming unless it can be shown with facts, and not Hezi’s innuendo, that Federal money is being used in an illegal manner. That is the only way they will be interested. Otherewise it is the State, and we are stuck with the piece of garbage DiNapoli, which you liberals re-elected. You will recall the wimpy “audits” he has done in Yonkers. In other words if the money is non-Federal, we are sunk.
    If you have real SPECIFC documented PROOF of fraud with Federal money, go to this page:
    Also post it here and it can be passed on up the food chain in the Inspector Generals Office.
    Hezi, if you have documents proving BOE fraud with Federal money, post them. They will get to the right person.

  10. if he is stepping down then that has to mean 1 of 2 things. That he is about to get stomped on by the FEDs where he could get publically embarrassed while in office or 2-he’s a giant puss with no balls or backbone and has lead Yonkers down a trivial path to ruin and THINKS he can just run from this?
    btw, if convicted, he loses the pension. state law.
    that is why the people on the 2nd floor in city hall kept saying he was filing bankruptcy! – – – its called “asset allocation”

  11. Anonymous is correct. The law protects both their pensions. This is why this article is suspect. What are your sources? Why did Martinez leave? She wanted to be president.

  12. I think their pensions are locked in, as long as they worked the prescribed number of years in their tier. It should not matter if they get indicted during their term.

  13. Hezi,how about looking into the shenanigans of Fill and company as it pertains to the YFD.Fill, in order to spite the unions is purposely costing the city upwards of 10 thousand a day in overtime in order to keep the men laid off and demoted.Since the cuts took effect,there have been numerous retirements and their spots have now gone unfilled.His strategic move of demoting the covering officers,(the officers that cover vacations and medical leave) now assuredly means filling any spots with overtime.This includes the last batch of retirements.With personal days now having to be used or lost means there is a bastion of spots to be filled.Thanks to fill,all on overtime.When presented with the info to his finance department ,they agreed the numbers were correct,and that it would be a no cost item to bring back a certain amount of men,and in fact would reduce ot costs, which he is conveniently blaming on sick leave ,even though that has not changed in 8 years.Fill was most recently heard making the statement,i don’t care what it costs,i’d rather die than bring back any firemen.

  14. Hezi-
    What proof do you have that either of these officials are going to resign, let alone resign together? And what proof do you have that either will be doing so to protect their pensions? This is just another in a series of BS “Amicone is getting arrested soon” articles on your blog.
    It doesn’t mean it won’t happen- but it would be nice if your article contained the least little fact to back up your assertions. You fail to remember that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
    Try putting some in your next piece.

  15. The reason why readers scoffed at the Hezitorial dated September 12, 2010, spoke to “The Catalyst Behind the Charter Revision Commission’s Referendum May Be an Impending Indictment of Mayor Amicone [By Hezi Aris] was because there was no evidence to suggest that an indictment was impending – just the opinion of the editor. The same is true of this article. What evidence suggested that Pierorazio is even thinking of retiring? I scoff again.

  16. There have been no internal or external discussions of Bernard Pierorazio stepping down other than a pledge he made spring that he “would rather resign than eliminate pre-K on his watch”. Fortunately the council added $1.4 million back and Pierozio made additional cuts to salvage Pre-K in the wake of decreased state funding but the BOE budget is too low and many programs including a lot of art, music and phys ed. has been diminished but not absolutely eliminated. They need more money – and are hoping for a better distribution from the state if they go back to divvy up Educational stimulus money.

  17. If the Feds choose to examine the books at the BOE, I would love to see pooroozios face when the feds lead him away in handcuffs when he says they cant audit the books.Could it be true that development money is being funneled through the BOE and parking authority and then into simeones pockets? Its going to be very interesting, but the feds dont need a invite to conduct a investigation.

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