The Hezitorial: Resurrection in Yonkers By Hezi Aris

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EHezi_Hezitorial The Grim Reaper’s name was invoked. He was to be welcomed to Yonkers in the most audacious and auspicious manner. He was beseeched to enter the City of Hills on November 2, 2010, Election Day. The demise of incumbent Assemblyman Mike Spano was extolled to all who would listen. The litany of verbal assertions spoke of the impending death of an accomplished  Spano scion. The crescendo of doom was unrelenting. The basis for doom was expressed by political stalwarts throughout the realm. Pummeling the irrepressible Assemblyman  Spano were the Grim Reapers’ tools and fools. The cadre of slayers lined up in what they foresaw was the end of days for Assemblyman Spano. Counted among them were Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone, Yonkers Deputy Mayor William “Bill" Regan, former Yonkers City Council President Vincenza Restiano, former Yonkers City Councilwoman Dee Barbato, Yonkers City Council Minority Leader John Murtagh, Yonkers Councilmen John Larkin and Dennis Shepherd, Yonkers City Republican Committee Chairman John Jacono, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, Westchester County Republican Committee Chairman Doug Colety, and Westchester County Independence Party Chairman Dr. Giulio Cavallo. On a lower rung of importance were those who also assisted in the assault on incumbent Assemblyman Spano; people like Jim Castro-Blanco, Esq., Anthony Merante, Justin Tubiolo, and Hugh Fox, Jr.

They came together to invoke Assemblyman Spano’s demise. Yet the bloodletting they lusted to bring about escaped their ability. They were smitten by their own plotting to end the political career of Assemblyman Spano which was to conclude when Assemblyman Spano garnered 64 percent of the vote required to win re-election. 

When those delineated above entered the Grim Reaper’s Funeral Home, they were each respectively shocked to find a political presence within the casket they had hoped had been assigned to another. Woes of feigned tears immediately dried upon recognizing the politically dead challenger Mike Ramondelli in repose. It was only then that each would fleetingly recognize their own political mortality. 

Yet in Yonkers, with sufficient time, even those who recognize reality will go on to ascribe to denial and delusions of political grandeur. In so doing, they each attempt to deflect Yonkersites’ attention from the prize of first earning the respect of the electorate. Assemblyman Mike Spano won office by bringing disparate parties, people, and agendas into his tent. He did it with a smile, respect, and a compassionate heart. Yonkersites showed him the love.

The savvy Yonkers’ electorate saw past the tricks and games. They elected the person best suited to represent them before the New York State Legislature

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eHeziThe Hezitorial: Resurrection in Yonkers By Hezi Aris

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  1. this article explains exactly why yonkers has got
    it wrong…the middle class is disappearing yet
    political hirees are pulling down 6 figure salaries
    and the people who are being asked to pay for it
    no longer have the financial secuirity in their own
    lives to afford it..and that includes the cars and
    the phones and the gas…cuts in pay at the very least
    are required to demonstrate that the elected officials
    get it…I simply do not understand why they can’t or
    won’t demonstrate leadership…

  2. YES! Mike is going to put on his cape and fly off the dome of “city haul” to save you. Oh look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane no it’s little Mikey Spano!

  3. thats all folks ur time has run out looking at the bush league campaign astorino and amicone ran and the rest of the haters mayor race will be a walk in the park for SPAno!!!!

  4. Anyone catch Rich Halevy at the county budget hearing Well I guess the 700,000 that McCow got the Hudson River Museum wasn’t enough. If they need to raise money they can put on an exhibit about the famous parasite pigs of Yks. and make Halevy exhibit #1.

  5. Your right. they think little Mickey is going to save them. It kind of reminds me of that old cheer. Spano, Spano he’s are man if he can’t do it Murtagh can. Murtagh, Murtagh he’s are man if he can’t do it Spencer can and on and on down the list of shit heads.

  6. anyone catch Blamicone’S comb-over get bown-over on
    Cg. 78… hilarious!
    Can’t wait till you are long phuckin gone Phil.
    You totally crushed Yonkers and the biggest PIG in the neighborhood!
    Your family must be proud.

  7. Like a previous poster said, who cares! You people act like this is Camelot. Oooooh, Oooooh, I’m for Mickey Spano. Oh no he not the “one” it’s Spencer. No, no no I’m on the Murtagh team. The place is in shambles and you people are still cheerleaders for the parasites that did this. As soon as I can find some suck to buy my house, I’m out of here. With thinking like this, things are only going to keep deteriorating.

  8. by the way if you do the math eg create a formula
    with x equal to what mike spano would have gotten
    had he run in the whole city of yonkers the result
    would be 6,000 votes more than any of the democratic
    judicial candidates got.and probably even more than
    that since in the judicial races there were 6 candidates and only two in a race for mayor…
    but simple math only knows how to cast aspirations
    on motives to protect his beloved conservative line
    rather than engaging in a thougtful analysis based
    on electoral experience…its always easier to
    write about the time of day someone posts or that
    someone is a “power groupie” or that someone lost
    a congressional election 30 years ago then it is
    to face stark political reality…looking backward
    never is a good idea…and that;s where some
    conservatives get stuck

  9. joan doesn’t go for out of office pols being given govt jobs – she’s on the record with that one – even tho she is a former yonkers employee herself, should will not return to any form of govt job when she leaves office

  10. Thank you Mike for clearing a lot up for “SIMPLE” mat
    Mike Spano does not have the west side of the city (very democratic) pal – school 10 etc. the fact that he won with over 60% of the vote says a lot. Lesnick should not get involved in this race. Dems dont like him and the guy is just not well liked throughout the city. The dems need to put someone up that can win and that person is Mike Spano.

  11. Yup. Spreckman & hubby will be my new Harbormasters. The other 50 will be the first inhabitants of the tax-free Carnival Boathouse Hotel docked next to his buddy XO.

  12. it is interesting that people like yourself always
    revert to a personal attack when the facts you
    are arguing become proven argued that
    the fact that evan law got as many votes a mike
    spano proved that spano was not a force to deal with
    you forgot that spano ran in an assembly district
    that was 2/3 the size of the city and that he still
    got the same number of votes a a city wide candidate
    so you proved the opposite of your own thesis..extrapolating out mike spano would have gotten
    almost 40% more than in law by your own calulations
    you also forgot that the judicial race had no issues
    and that notwithstanding the albany dysfunction an
    anti incumbancy fevor mike spano still trounced his
    opponent and finally your forgot no doubt conveniently
    to point out that mike’s assembly district is more
    republican then the rest of the city that he is not
    in..which would make him even tougher to beat..but
    your personal attack on my for being interested in
    power is basically an indication that you need to
    see a is called projection…remember a groupie is someone who hangs around others uninvited
    becausde they are famous..all the people you mentioned
    called me for my asssistance either paid or unpaid
    depending on when..I had the pleasure of working for
    one of the great DA’s of all time carl vergari and
    wound up as his chief administrative aid…developing
    the victim witness project which turned into the domestic violence what you describe as
    a power groupie is someone who others decided had
    the political acumin and strategic ability to advise
    them and they were willing to pay for that advice so
    that would be the oppposite of a groupie…you on
    the otherhand are clearly annoid that no one seeks
    your counsel and there is a reason for that which
    I need not discuss hear…but back to the main point
    which is that mike spano will beat chuck lesnick in
    a primary…easily…and if he chooses to run for mayor
    the republicans can have all the lines they want ..he
    will still be a formidible candidate in a democratic
    city and there isn’t a thing you can do about it
    as for my congressional race I did indeed lose..55-45
    which considering I was 29 at the time running against
    richard ottinger who ran for the US senate was a good
    showing…have you offered yourself for public service
    ever? I thought not…but you seem to want to exclude
    all thsoe outside of yonkers from commenting on yonkers
    politics dont’ you…you want the forum to be dominated
    by your own opinion…very secure arent you…maybe
    I shouldn’t have an opionion on Iraq..I dont live their

  13. Mike, you must be truly disturbed by the mathematical facts that are put foward if you stayed awake until 3:31 a.m. to write your last nonsense.
    When you finally wake up, here are the additional unrefutable facts.
    Mike Spano did not run ” in just one little itty bitty part of the city..” That is a bold faced lie, not unexpected from someone so adept at the practice as you.
    The 93rd AD contains 224 election districts of the City’s 316. That is 71% of the entire city.
    When that type of percentage becomes “little itty bitty” I’ll force myself to stay up until 3:31 a.m. and write nasty coments on this blog.
    The balance of the election districts lean mostly republican. Only a small part of the 9th ward is in the AD. In any event the AD is typical of the cross section of the city.
    Ergo, the same conclusion, Mike Spano is no democratic powerhouse. He’s about as strong as Evan Inlaw and Ed Gaffney, definitely not as strong as Tom Daly. He’s no force to be reconed with, except in the mind of people like you.
    Which brings us to the question. Why are you, as a Hastings resident so madly involved in promoting Mike Spano for Mayor of Yonkers to the extent that you stay up in the middle of the night and write comments at 3:31 a.m. That’s not normal to most of us.
    What’s your interest in Yonkers? Is the answer – POWER?
    Do you own major real estate holdings in Yonkers that bring you concern about their value and the ever rising real estate tax rates? Probably not.
    Are you concerned about the crime that is creeping into our neighborhoods, because it could directly affect your wife or son in their neighborhood? Definetly not, you live on a Golf Course in Hastings and never live the day to day of Yonkers.
    Do you care about Yonkers schools? Probably not at all.
    Your only interest is POWER.
    You’ve been a “power groupie” for your entire political life. First Carl Vergari (a good man), then Martinelli, Pirro, Spano and now Jeanine Rose and others. Always hanging on to someone in power but never putting yourself out foward for public debate. (You couldn’t possibly believe that your “pat each other on the back” news 12 discussions are truly a debate that would direct attention to you personally or direct criticism at you personally or at your level of wisdom.)
    There was one time that you did place yourself forward in a Congresional race some 35 years ago. You lost miserably and never tried again. Guess you got the message.
    In any event, hope this doesn’t give you any more insomnia.

  14. looks like simple math got it wrong…when you don’t
    have the facts on your side then you resort to name
    calling …most things can’t be said in one sentence
    unless your ability to communicate is totally lacking
    and that’s all you can put together..i am still waiting
    for simple math to tell me how he can compare a city
    wide judicial race with six candidates to an assembly
    race in one part of the city with two candidates

  15. Dear God
    this isn’t complicated
    Didn’t you ever learn to say anything that means something… simply… in one simple sentence?
    political subterfuge
    nothing more.

  16. before you go assuming who is drinking and driving
    which is a pretty nasty illusion since you have no
    basis in fact to believe it just as glen beck had
    no basis in fact to assert that george soros as a youth
    was helping the nazi’s…but I digress…the number of
    votes mike gets on the democratic line when there
    are other lines available is irrelevant..the percentage
    that he wins by in republican areas is relevant.the
    first is irrelevant because what you fail to mention
    in typically misleading fashion because you think you
    are bright but are really not….is that gaffney ran
    IN THE ENTIRE CITY OF YONKERS…mike spano ran in
    one assembly district…so what you have really proven
    is that running in just one little itty bitty part
    of the city….and a part that contains the 9th ward
    a bstion of republican strength since frank adamo was
    ward leader gave mike spano as many democratic votes
    as ed gaffney running on the dem line in the entire
    city…would you like to change your opinion based
    on the new math….or do you insist that a comparison
    of the returns from the entire city to one assembly
    district to attempt to prove that mike is just another
    democrat is conclusive of how he will do in a contest
    for mayor

  17. I heard that old man cirasi that low ball wannabe was trying to strong arm votes but people were just laughing at him, then they brought him back to his nursing home.

  18. If you think there were no coattails, perhaps you’ve had too many cocktails and we do hope that the law is enforced against you and anyone else who may drive after too many.
    In any event, here are the cold hard numbers. You know math is difficult for lawyers because there is a certain answer to each problem, not subject to the typical bullshit that lawyers profit from.
    Dem line vs. rep line:
    Inlaw received 3239 more than Wood
    Gafney received 2751 more than Cerrato
    Spano received 4050 more than Romandelli
    Considering the matchups, any dope, including you can see a 3000 to 4000 coattail effect.
    Now here’s the bad news for the two Mikes:
    Gaffney (unknown first timer) 15033 dem votes
    Inlaw (the same) 14504 dem votes
    M Spano (big shot) 14555 dem votes
    Ergo, M Spano is as popular as Evan Inlaw, less popular that Ed Gaffney.
    Not such great Mayoral timber, I think. Especially in a race where his mental simplicity will shine.

  19. lesnick is not liked among his own party, the democratic district leaders know lesnick is a SLIMY-SNAKE.. castro blanco nearly beat him city wide.. lesnick cant win dog catcher..

  20. Lesnick will win the convention and the primary. Mike and the Spano troops will knock them selves silly trying to get that line. The other lines will be closed to him.
    Fox will win C line and never give it to mike.
    Cavallo hates the Spanos and will never give it to mike.
    The Republicans need to find someone to unite the party.
    People have been buzzing about Castro-Blanco running and against Lesnick for Mayor. CB wins this rematch and he wins and wins big.
    Unfortunately he tells people that he isn’t running.
    Tougher road for Murtagh or any other candidate.
    Will be an interseting season.

  21. Totally agree with ” Simple Math”..first Mike need to win a primary. and if Joan Gronowski is on the ballot, I think she has the best chance of winning for the Democrats.(Unless if Nick Spano see the threat, and tries to promise Joan a post in his brothers administration)What Yonkers needs is someone fresh,someone who does not have ties to unions, or special interest groups. ALso,,if Mike does become Mayor,not only will he have to get his ideas pass the City Council, he will also have to get them pass the “Spano Council.” also one will see the empolyment of city jobs, be mostly giving to the spano family.

  22. simple math is simple…and that is being kind..
    cuomo didn’t have coatails..the republicans failed
    to find a candidate to get more than 34% of the vote
    and democrats so overwhelm republicans that with
    a vaccum at the top of the ticket there was no reason
    for non party voters and moderate suburban republicans
    to come out…but they did come out to send nan
    hayworth to washington…the conservative party leader
    was desperate to keep his line so even he endorsed
    paladino…and left lazio behind…the threat that
    mike spano will never have the conservative line is
    someone blowing smoke up your behind…mike doesn’t
    need the conservative line to win in yonkers…just
    as it didn’t help andy spano it won’t help the republican..we are past allowing the conservative party
    to dictate the election which is what simple math is
    trying to convince you of…in a local contest people
    will pick the person they have confidence in whatever
    lines they may have…and if simple math would do his
    math and stick to his premise that first time democrats
    like gaffney almost beat bob cerrato then he certainly
    should realize that mike spano as a former republican
    who won and now as a democrat who won by a huge
    margin would as a city wide democrat be a force to
    reckon with


  24. There is no such a thing as the conservative party. They don’t run candidates never have never will. And to those who think Chuck’s got a chance forget it. He has been a failure from before day one. Oh! don’t get me wrong he has a tight group of dem. trolls who think the sun, moon and stars shine out of his ass. But he’s not the one with the ability to protect the taxpayer, as just like Lame, who lost there has never been a budget that he didn’t like.
    Nope it’s gotta be somebody else and after 16 years of republican disaster it’s time for new blood.

  25. The democrats won across the board because of the Cuomo coattails.
    For example, in the City Judge race, democrat Gaffney (first time candidate, relatively unknown)got approx. 2800 more votes on the dem line than republican Bob Cerrato (incumbent, popular, well known name in Yonkers) got on the rep line.
    That’s the coattail efffect.
    Mike Spano gor approx 1300 votes on the Conservative line, which he will never have again after the party reorganizes on Dec. 1.
    Spano (powerhouse family, well funded) defeated Ramondelli (first timer, underfunded, a little goofy) by approx 5000 votes, city wide.
    Take away the coattail effect and Spano’s down to aprox 2200 vote victory margin.
    Take away the Conservative votes and give them to the opponent (2 for 1 exchange) and Spano loses the election against a relatively weak candidate.
    Next year the elections are strictly local (no cottails). Despite the comments of the members of the future spano administration, on this blog, Mike is no shoe in for the Mayoralty. Besides, as stated by someone else, he’ll have to win a Dem primary first.
    If the Reps put up someone clean, with a fresh message, other than the current list, they can win. Don’t know if that person exists or if he or she would wallow into the mire of Yonkers politics.

  26. If the campaign was a general election in the 93rd Assembly District Spano would win. But he cant beat Lesnick in a Democratic Primary and he cant win without the Democratic line.

  27. its clear that Mike Spano will be the next mayor, the 93rd assembly dist is a republican leaning dist, mike spano got 60% percent of the vote, he is the clear choice for mayor..

  28. no one cares about puma. poor john murtaugh (big head) he was with dee at the monument today. She couldnt even look at mike spano. Very sad dee …you were threatened by asstorino and you let him intimidate you. thats too bad.

  29. if murtaugh is finished who the hell are the republicans in yonkers going to nominate for mayor
    it cannot be regan..he has all of amicone’s baggage
    and none of spencer’s charm…it cannot be larkin
    he is a cannot be barbato…she is
    too far removed so who can it be…john spencer?
    the republicans have a big problem they have no
    successor to amicone….

  30. with all due respect i get the jokes..but at 75
    it can’t be any fun to be on a carnival cruise
    ship with no hot water and no edible food you have
    to feel for these seniors..they didn’t cruise out
    of ny .they had to fly to california to pick up the ship..i have been on carnival twice…we took our
    son and his friend..its a disaster so many people
    its like a city ..and if you are stuck in the ocean
    without any amenities it can’t be pleasant so the jokes
    are great but at 75 and over it poses some risks

  31. lets face it guys the board of legislators is
    a throwback to the 1970’s…what this county needs
    is not a bunch of self rightous individuals representing either densely populated areas down
    county or sparsely populated areas like croton but
    it needs a manager ….the entire structure of county
    government is is set up for either a guy
    like andy spano with a democratic majority that spends
    wildly or now with a conservative county exec, its set
    up to have fights on virtually every issue because
    those who have their eye on the next county election
    want to position themselves as guardians of the
    downtrodden…just a hire a f’n manager who knows
    how to run a business/government perioud

  32. Can you just imagine what it must be like to be on the buffet line with Spreckman and her band of seniors. One of the most dangerous places in the world is standing between seniors and a buffet table.

  33. You’ve made the case on why county gov. should have been abolished a long time ago. Just another place for a bunch of parasites to feed off the taxpayers.

  34. There has to be something wrong with the people in the south east area. Spreckman, Liam and now the dope of all dopes Dennis Shepherd.

  35. When is Spreckman ever in White Plains doing her work-she is either at the Claremont stuffing her face or a cruise-people keep voting for this 1 dimensional drain on the taxpayers money

  36. You have to wonder if she was present for this meeting or for the Monday night meeting. At 75 it’s time to hang up the hat and pass the seat down the line. Do I hear McLaughlin?????
    They all should not get paid if they are not present.Clock in and clock out. Cruising is not on any agenda that I can see.
    Who cares, you right, this is a shit town, it don’t matter who’s in charge it’s all the same old shit.
    Tuesday, November 9, 2010
    10:30 AM
    Generational, Cultural & Ethnic Diversity—Hon. Bernice Spreckman, Chair; Contact: Rose Vinci (995-8434)
    Joint with
    Sub-committee on Hispanic Affairs & Immigration—Hon. Jose Alvarado, Chair; Contact: Rose Vinci (995-8434) or Franchesca Diaz (995-4070)
    * Robert Cisneros, from the Empire Justice Center, will be presenting “Empire Justice Center in Westchester County: Building and Sustaining Our Immigrant Community”

  37. Who gives a $uck about who the next mayor of $hit town is! Being the mayor of Yks. is like being the captain on that cruise ship that fat ass, parasite Bernice Spreckman is strained on.
    Hmmmm wonder who paid for her and hubby’s ticket.

  38. you certainly don’t have to be a newsmaker or
    a news 12 genius to figure out that in a city
    where democrats overwhelm republicans…and one
    in which both mike spano and stewart cousins just
    coasted to victory in a supposedly anti incumbancy
    year..that the republicans in order to beat spano
    or whomever the democrats nominate have to think
    outside the a businessman with no prior
    political baggage…know of anyone?

  39. the people have spoken SPANO is still strong in yonkers and he didnt have a couple strong dem districts give him the keys now this race is over before it even started and regan hows no shot amicone has been in control 4 16 years its over and so r the republicans murtagh and castro blanco have ruined it!!!

  40. This is the only was the republicans have a chance. They are all conflicted a million ways with their love/hate affair with the SpaNO’s. But the way they have a chance is if Fill, steps down and anoints Regan preferably after the budget. This way they can tell all those in City Haul and BOE, Fire, Police and DPW and their friends and family that they better vote for Regan. He will keep their jobs. He’s like the devil you know as opposed to the SpaNO you don’t know, even though you know him anyway, as a flip flopper. This is the only way a republican can win. Oh they can masquerade as a race but this is the only possible way a republican can win.
    The best is going to be Chuck Lesnick kicked to the curb by the SpaNO’s. It’s what he deserves for ignoring the small number of voter who put him there.

  41. murtagh used ramondelli to run against spano because he didnt have the balls himself murtagh ur done in yonkers u burnt to many bridges fella SEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  42. Edelfarce< Your love of the Spanos blinds you to the truth. Mike Spano would be a terrible Mayor. The Republicans were too busy pissing on each other's legs to see the train roll by. Woe un to the Democrats if the Republicans finally get their act togather. Too bad that it won't happen as long as Jacono and Tubiolo (Spano fans for many years) are in charge.

  43. Back to reality.
    Amicone Regan and Co. will not only lose bad in the #’s BUT they will also lose bad when they are ripped to shreds by every one running against them. If you don’t think that the names mentioned – love ’em or hate ’em are not scripting their plan to tare Phil and Bill new Ahole you are nuts. And the material is right in fron to four faces and if you pay attention more than the avg. citizen the material gets even juicier…
    So my vot will be for Regan to run so I get to watch reality TV at its best and watch that Fat peice of shit be revelaed to everyone! Its going to be a nasty train wreck. And unfortunately Regan’s EGo is o big that he wilol drag his family (most likely his daughters) through this mud. Rather than just counting his losses and retiring from what ever planet he lives on.
    Spano is the next Mayor. You don’t have to be a political genius or one of the half ass News 12 anchors or “newsmakers” to know this.
    And like I said love ’em or hate ’em Mike is a solid guy… so bye bye Phil. Thanks for Phucking us these many years – we are just waiting for you to quit.

  44. all the local political figures are loath to
    attack the police and fire unions…not to mention
    the teachers unions..over the years these groups
    have accumulated tons of power by contributing to
    the campaigns of those they favor, making phone calls
    and doing mailers etc…of course in return they
    have received contractual provisions that no private
    business would ever agree to….so even candidates
    like ramondelli shied away from saying what even andy
    cuomo was saying…but its really not the high overtime
    that is hurting the budget its the pension and health
    care cost obligation that is baked in as the result of
    the deals made when times were good and no one was
    looking…as for rob astorino it really doesn’t make
    any difference at all what he attacks..the county only
    accounts for 18% of your property taxes ..all the
    rest is school and city town or village…and of that
    18% 60% or so is state mandated which means even
    if the county didn’t exist you would still have to
    pay it through your local city town or
    lets do a simply math problem..joe’s property taxes
    are 10,000 a year eg 800/month…the county is responsible for 18% of that which is 1800 a year or
    150 a month….rob just lowered taxes by 1% and he
    is certain to get plenty of pushback from ken jenkins
    on that score…so 1.0 per cent of 150 dollars a month
    is one dollar and fifty cents…that is what he will
    save you by cutting taxes.and if you paid 20,000 a year you will save 3 bucks a monty in fact. if he slashed county services to zero…(remember 70% is mandated from the state) he would be saving you (.18×150)30 bucks a month and if you pay 20,000 in property taxes 60 bucks a month but of course he cannot
    cut the entire budget can he…but even if he could lower your taxes by 10% a very large tax cut indeed
    you would save 15 dollars a the answer to
    lower taxes does not lie with the lies
    with the city town or village AND THE SCHOOLS

  45. Hezi, can you write an article without it reading like bad Harry Potter fan fiction? I could forgive the terrible writing if this story had a point.
    Basically you’re trying to rub the GOP’s nose in the fact that they lost. Fair enough, I guess. But is that news?
    I took the liberty of re-writing your article so it makes sense….
    “Republicans lose election! HAHA! I love Mike Spano.”

  46. Look at the math Moose. 92% of the time incumbent win. So the 3 out of 4 returning to albany proves the point. FYI McLaughlin and Ramandelli were never real contenders. Liam lost by almost 10,000 votes or 10%, Spano won by 20% of the vote 5,000 more votes then Ramandelli.
    Actually the big loser was Amicone as his boys lost big time.
    On the taxes I’d agree with you people complain but actively do nothing to reduce the taxes. Interesting Astorino at the county level goes after soft targets, but does nothing to tackle the high OT of the county police dept. When are the pols. going to standup and tackle this issue? Why are the scared to do so?

  47. guess it really hurts u amiclown people knowing mike spano will be the next mayor u threw everything u had at him and got ur asses kicked wow it sux to be u guys

  48. yur times up does not explain why westchester returned all its assemblyman and apparently 3 out of 4 state democratic senators to albany….there were REAL
    choices. the district are not that badley gerry
    mandered voters clearly don’t care how much they
    pay for services in fact they probably like to brag
    about being the highest taxed county in the nation
    including bragging about all the school superintendents
    receiving 300,000 a year in the lower hudson valley
    even though the school districts may have as few as
    4000 students…people like their own little dinky
    police departments and their own town judges and
    their own boards of ed…they like it and they dont
    mind paying for it as they have demonstrated over and
    over again

  49. Say what you want, This story is dead on. Mike Spano is a force in this city. As far as the Spano – McLaughlin love fest. The Spanos are a big family and a few of them are good friends with Liam, No secret there.

  50. It’s shit said 92% of incumbents win in elections in the US. This is because we continually vote for these assholes time and time again. This happens for 3 reasons.
    1. We are stupid.
    2. We are not given any REAL choices.
    3. Most districts are gerry mandered so an opposition candidate can never win. Just look at the 4 county reps. for Yonkers.

  51. hezi’s analysis is not wrong…people lined up against
    mike spano for lots of reasons none of which reasonated with the voters..some republicans didn’t like nick’s supposed influence..some didn’t like that
    mike switched parties etc…but voters don’t really care.plenty of westchester officials have switched
    and gotten re elected vinny restiano and janet difiore
    are both examples…what voters care about more than
    party affiliation is whether they view the person
    as representting their interests…and with regard to
    mike spano he won as a republican and he won as a democrat…the percentages are irrelevant..59-41 is
    a blowout…and the fact that so many people lined
    up against him only makes him appear stronger as
    he positions himself for you may not
    like it but that is the political reality which hezi
    is correct on…and with regard to mr zherka he is
    aligned with cavalo and cavalo endorsed ramondelli
    so hezi isn’t doing anyone’s bidding..its his own

  52. Drinking the Spano cool aid Hezi?
    They feed the numbers to you and you bite.
    The real #s are 59%-41% with a little over 4% voting for mike spano on the conservative line (a line he never should have gotten)
    The plurality was really in line with Stewart Cousins v McLaughlin and was more a result of a vacume at the top of the ticket and the messed up new ballot system.
    Hezi, please stip sipping, leave the Spano living room and clear your head.

  53. Hezi is now bought and paid for by some restaurant (Sazon) that is actually a “Gentleman’s Club” owned by his Master, one Sam Zherka.

  54. Wow Hezi you have hit a new low with this load. perhaps you didnt bother to attend the “after party” at Rory’s last Tuesday. That was the love fest between Liam McLaughlin and the Spano clan. Surprised? The back slapping and gladhanding that went on for hours was disgusting. The fix was in and the Spano “family” was in the middle of it.
    So stop with how nice Mike is. It was fixed for him by la familia.

  55. Hezi:
    Did you join the denizens of people too fearful and too ignorant to think beyond the cadre of Spano-Zombies?
    I think I answered my own question.
    Just how much does Nick & Co. pump into printing that toilet paper you inherited called “The Westchester Guardian”?
    Only Sam Zherka and the Doctor know…

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